Women’s menstrual health care three no

Women’s menstrual health care “three no”

Guide: Menstruation is one of the special periods for women. Some things should not be done during menstruation. It also affects women’s health. There are three taboos for women’s menstrual health, one is not angry, the other is not eating irritating food, and the third is not singing.
Therefore, women’s menstrual care should pay attention to the “three nos”: no anger: women with premenstrual tension syndrome are emotionally agitated when menstruation is approaching. At this time, care should be taken to control negative emotions, and not to fret easily to protect the throat.
Do not eat irritating food: pay attention to the combination of work and rest, avoid upper respiratory tract infections, do not eat irritating foods, such as pepper, pepper and coffee, strong tea, etc., quit smoking and alcohol.
Not singing: For patients with large menstrual blood volume, it is best to stop practicing and singing during menstruation, otherwise, the diaphragm and abdominal muscles contract during pronunciation, causing abdominal pressure to increase, which is not good for congested pelvic cavity.
Even if the normal voice is good and the menstrual voice does not change, the time, tone and intensity of singing should be properly grasped. If there are actors with chronic laryngitis, nodules, and vocal cord bleeding, they should stop practicing during menstruationAnd singing.
During menstruation, changes in sex hormones in the body cause mild edema of the vocal cords, dilation of submucosal blood vessels, severe vocal cord thickening, relaxation, congestion, hoarse voice, dull sound, weakened laryngeal muscle tension, laborious singing, and difficulty in producing treble.
At this time, if the vocal cords are excessively fatigued or the pharynx moves too much, the vocal cord capillaries will easily rupture, causing vocal cord bleeding and hoarseness.
Once the menstruation is clean, the sound returns to normal.
According to medical statistics, about 62% of women will experience the above changes during menstruation.
However, there are some women who have better pronunciation during menstruation than usual. Such special cases are actually an illusion.
In fact, the vocal cords of such people often have some defects, such as the vocal cords are not tightly closed.
Due to congestion, edema and other phenomena during menstruation, it has been compensated, and the tone is better than usual.
However, this abnormal phenomenon is short-lived. If you use your voice excessively during menstruation, it will also cause damage to the vocal cords. You should also pay attention to the above three nos.