Lin Yang looked at the big butler who was stunned in place,Immediately said with an unhappy face:“how?Did not understand,Do you want me to repeat it for you,Do whatever you want!ten minutes,If you go by one minute early,Don’t blame me for letting you roll up!”

Lin Yang didn’t move when he saw the housekeeper,Yelled out immediately:“Not going out yet!”
The butler ran out in a panic。
After the butler went out,Lin Yu just returned to his original seat,Then asked inexplicably:
“father,Since Lin Feng and his family have arrived at the door,Why wait another ten minutes,I asked the butler to call them in?”
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Eight Look for help
Lin Yang listened to Lin Yu’s question,Smiled and shook his head,And said patiently:“Silly daughter,You don’t understand this!”
“Although I agreed to let Lin Feng and his family come to your grandpa’s sacrifice,But this does not mean that I have admitted his identity as an illegitimate child。So some face to give,Still have to give,otherwise,If we are too enthusiastic,It’s easy to make a few of them mistakenly think that we have now accepted their identity。”
Lin Yu,But also unconsciously raised the corners of his mouth,Yes,Why didn’t she think of it?
I always want to give them a blow,I believe a few of them will have a great time here these days“Happy”。
Thought of here,Lin Yu laughed unconsciously,Then Lin Yu didn’t forget to give his father a thumbs up,Then said:
“father,You really deserve to be my good father,I seem to be far from you?I will learn from you in the future!”
Lin Yang heard Lin Yu’s fake compliment,Also laughed loudly,Said:
“You damn girl,I don’t know you yet,Our Lin family doesn’t take you seriously,Still learn from dad,Are you here to make dad happy?”
“Dad knows,In your eyes,Now only your boyfriend,You,If you really want to make Dad happy,Just ask your boyfriend to come home quickly,Only in this way can we give Lin Feng and his family a harder blow!”
At this moment,Lin Yu heard Lin Yang mentioned his boyfriend,The sweetness in my heart is even better,To know,This boyfriend is one of her most proud things in these years。
“father,Don’t worry,He promised me,I will definitely find time to come today anyway。”Lin Yu said confidently。
“That’s good!”Lin Yang nodded relievedly。
The father and daughter in the room talked happily,But Lin Feng’s family who has been waiting outside in the car is not so calm。
The first one who is not calm is definitely Liu Chunlan,Liu Chunlan asked angrily:“Lin Feng,What do you mean by Lin Yang??We’re all at the door,He didn’t even let us in。”