Ye Shu recovered from his surprise,After hearing Xu Xian’s question,Looking at the three demons in the live broadcast,Said with a wry smile。

“Nothing,This time,Let me try。”
Ye Shu’s voice falls,Go offline,Facing this finger phantom,He needs to go all out。
“This time, Ye Shu is here,The Monkey King group members and other group members may be able to successfully complete the task。”
Jingtian watched Ye Shu go offline,Said with a smile,Since there is a Tier 5 boss, Ye Shu, to help,This task should be completed smoothly。
“I can’t imagine it,A finger phantom can shuttle in the chaos,It’s terrifying。”
Sedum said with emotion,He dare not walk in the chaos now,And a finger phantom,Can even shuttle in the chaos,Conceivable,The owner of this finger phantom,How unfathomable the strength has reached。
“Shouldn’t it be said that Chaos is really dangerous??Like the hapless Tier 4 body that Ye Shu said just now,Taken by this finger phantom to travel through chaos,I am afraid,This fourth-order body repairer’s heart is broken。”
Nezha said with a smile,really,Don’t go out without strength,Maybe there will be a sudden attack,You can easily kill yourself。
“in fact,I am also very curious about immortal cultivators,After I have traveled through this public plane,Just go to the world where Ye Shu is located。”
Xu Xian said with a smile,He is curious,On the way he traveled,What kind of people will you meet,Or what kind of thing,Filled him with expectations。
“what,Teacher, have you already started traveling in other worlds??”
Nezha heard his teacher Xu Xian was visiting the public plane,Curiously asked。
“Read ten thousand books,It’s better to travel thousands of miles,Anyway, I have nothing to do in my own world,It’s also time to travel to other worlds。”
Xu Xian said with a smile,He was already curious about other worlds,Plus,He really has nothing to do now,Traveling to other worlds can also increase his knowledge。
“I really envy the teacher, you can travel to other worlds,If one day,The teacher came to my world,Be sure to inform the disciples,The disciple must have a good time with the teacher。”
Nezha said with a smile,Some teachers come from afar,Unhappy,He also wants to hear his teacher’s travel experience。
“Yes,Mr. Xu Xian, if one day,Come to my world,I’ll definitely entertain Mr. Xu Xian。”
Jingtian also said with a smile,Most of the group members in the chat group are usually very busy,therefore,If someone from the group comes to his world,,He will do his best as a landlord。
“There will be a chance。”