After two gunshots,A car chasing Li Tianxing shifted,Then roll over。

Only one car left,Li Tianxing suddenly felt that the plot in the movie did not seem to be as complicated as he thought。
Fortunately, He Guo is banning guns,As good as what Huaxia did,Otherwise I will be in danger today!
Li Tianxing has not had time to extend this idea,There was a lot of gunfire in his activities。
Li Tianxing doesn’t know much about guns,But just listen to the sound,He can infer that the opponent is using a submachine gun,And also installedisoundiDevice。
Head down,Just show one eye and follow the road。quickly,The vehicle behind chased up again,about this point,Li Tian Xingguang can confirm by listening to the voice。
Five bullets eliminated a car,Li Tianxing glanced at the pistol in the passenger seat,I think I should ask God to be more reliable!
Yu Guang saw that the car that had caught up with him was already close to parallel with him,Li Tianxing doesn’t think about other things,A few more shots directly at the car。
Li Tianxing thought silently,I still have a bullet,That’s for myself,Li Tianxing can’t have the skills of the older generations,But you must have the integrity of the older generations!
Li Tianxing is hypnotizing herself,Li Tianxing was startled by a violent impact。
Li Tianxing didn’t know that when he was thinking about it,,What did Yao Yao do,But now only Yao Yao and his two cars are driving side by side,It feels so good。
You can see the smile on Yao Yao’s face,It’s like saying to myself:You don’t really think we don’t care about you?
Li Tianxing pursed his mouth and said nothing,A light hits,Li Tianxing shouted immediately:“They caught up again,Be careful!”
Buried his head under the steering wheel again,But Li Tianxing did not miss Yao Yao’s wonderful operation。
Those pictures that only appear in movies,Li Tianxing witnessed it today!