Three kinds of stuffy things make love bubbling

Three kinds of stuffy things make love bubbling

First, I like to bend corners to confess that they are sullen lovers in the primary stage of love.

Don’t expect them to say directly to you: OK, we will meet again next week.

You can only hold your breath and ponder over his “um” with different tones, and then guess the affection she (he) wants to express.

  Last week, when I was celebrating a friend’s birthday, I met a very desirable girl.

She is a friend of my friend’s girlfriend.

We talked well.

Towards the end of the party, I just wanted to ask if I could take her home, but she suddenly said to me, “I’m glad to see you, but I still have something to do, so I have to go first.

“Then she stood there, stared at me for a moment, and turned away.

  At the time, I thought she was meaningless to me.

But the next day, my friend took me N times to find me-N times to post her phone number.

My friend blamed me and said, “You girls don’t understand such obvious hints from you, it’s been alive for so many years!

Ask her out soon!

“To be honest, I’m a” hot “of the rectum, I really can’t understand the” sao “games that guess and guess.

  I quickly made an appointment with her.

The dating atmosphere was very harmonious. After the end, I sent her to the door of the house. Just when I wanted to hold her hand, she gently let go of my hand.

I gradually returned home, but at this time she took the initiative to call and asked me if I arrived safely, so that the feeling was beyond words.

I thought I had a show again, and immediately launched an attack again, inviting her to take a day trip to the suburbs with me on the weekend, but she did not expect that she immediately changed her attitude and said that she would think about it, and then talked to me in the office intentionally or unintentionallyThe man pursuing her: he, 1.78 m, IT elite; he, who runs a Nissan, has a small company of his own-God!

Does she mean anything to me? I guess it’s a big head!

  Coping with Dafa, I’m afraid this is the most annoying one in the “suffocating type”, especially when the other party in love belongs to the “hot group”.

However, as long as you understand the other person’s “sad mentality”, it is easy to crack her (his) psychological code-this is completely a “pretentious gesture”.

在闷骚恋人的词典里,“下个星期‘可能’不行,”其实就意味着――“我太喜欢你了,但这么快就表现出我的感情,恐怕会让你觉得我太随便,So you have to set up the shelf first.

  Second, love Dafa emerges endlessly. The sullen lovers in this area have more or less a stable and professional job. They are used to carrying out their own living arrangements according to harsh schedules, even those with cleanliness or obsessive-compulsive disorder.Tendency, so often people feel “Mune” and “Unfriendly”.

However, once they are in love, they often can pull out a whole set of “love Dafa” in their pocketbooks, which brings love to a new level.

  My new boyfriend, who is also my colleague, was once the first place in the unit to be recognized as the “funny old king of five”.

My initial impression of him was that he exercised morning and evening every day and insisted on cold water bath all year round. He is very gentle and considerate to women aged 8 to 80. But if you want to get closer to him, you will feel like you are close to the iceberg.―Peaceful, but cold.

  A unit meeting three months ago, as usual, female colleagues joked about him, but he just smiled politely.

But when I was leaving, he handed me a purple soft leather diary with a silver ribbon on it, and told me to go home and open it again.

When I went home to open this special “gift”, I found that there was a record of my every move in the unit until one year ago, and even for example, “She drinks coffee and needs two milk, but notI was moved to tears because of all the details of “sugaring sugar because I was afraid of being fat”.

  Because of this diary, I accepted him.

Day by day, I found that he was not as “impersonal” as people thought.

He has a lot of “boring” hobbies, some love audio, DIY speaker components, and personally burned a love album to me; fever cameras, machinery, digital, SLR are all fine, often sneak shot me,Wash it out by hand and give it to me; he was even fascinated by the roof garden. The first Valentine’s Day gift after his love turned out to be a rose planted by him, and carried it in front of me with a full bag of newspaper-originalEveryone saw him wrong from the beginning.

The love of sultry lovers can be really fascinating sometimes!

  Congratulations to Dafa, you have found the most romantic lovers in the world!

Their steady flow of love tricks and “suffocating” temperament can definitely bring you extraordinary love surprises.

However, please pay attention, because the intention of these people for love will also be very high, they often require the same return-love requires the management of both parties, now, the moment to test your time!

  Third, if you do n’t love, a love is an amazing and concrete manifestation of a sullen type of lovers who are in the tackling stage of love. When they ca n’t hold on for a long time, they often burst into a love universe, reborn, and perform a “shocking” romantic comedy.

Don’t be scared, at this time, accept or not, it depends on your ability to bear his sultry index.

  After “matching” with a good colleague, I accepted an invitation from an IT man in the office next door.I didn’t expect that during a full hour of dating, the words popping out of his mouth were not as many as the peanuts on the table-he was the typical stuffy jar of “you ask him ten sentences, he only answers one sentence”.

  I’ve been dating a few times, and I find that I ca n’t accept him anymore-before watching a movie, he has to check the background information; ask him to ask for something, he is more timid than a little girl; go out with him to pass the fountain, musicThe lights are ringing. I just had a feeling of love. I expected him to have a romantic hug. When I looked at him, I found that he was kicking the pebble on the ground dumbly-I don’t like such a “boring” man, soI found a colleague and wanted to “reject” the IT man.

But the colleague said, “Don’t look at him now being introverted, you will know the other side when you are familiar!

After repeated persuasion from my colleagues, I finally agreed to give the IT man a “stay in hospital” period.

  A few days later, it coincided with the company’s participation in the annual meeting.

That night, when the emcee reported that he was going to perform, my eyes were about to fall.

It was a song “The Moon Represents My Heart”, which he played and sang. He copied the guitar from college days, a black suit, a red rose on his chest, sang a thousand times, and pulled the microphone in the emotional office.In a few poses, he was so handsome!

At the end, he didn’t go straight down from the stage, but stood in the center of the stage, holding the microphone deep in the sentence: “I dedicate this song to Xiao Min in the advertising department, I hope she can accept my most sincere expression-“Let the light help me find me out of the crowd, and I took out the red roses on my jacket and walked towards me-when the whole company cast their envious eyes on me, I suddenly felt that God, I am in love!!

  Dealing with Dafa People who love this kind of “sultry” lover generally also like to encounter surprises. In their eyes, life must consist of countless adventures.

Of course, it is undeniable that when a huge love surprise explodes in front of you, few people will have the ability to say “no”, but after all, love will fall back to life, a surprise can’t last a lifetime, so continue to run inRight.