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Thirty thousand years have passed,He almost forgot how to introduce himself,Oh yes,Need to shake hands。

“Wu Xing,Nice to meet you。”Su Xiaoli didn’t expect this handsome guy to be so active,Very gentleman’s hand,I suddenly felt that I was going to be captured,There are stars in both eyes。 “I am also glad to meet you。”Wu Xing smiled。 “Wow,This smile is so warm,Ok,And this feel,Softer than mine,Don’t know how to maintain it。” Wu […]

“He didn’t use any magic on me,He just told me,If I continue to stay at GE,My achievements will never surpass Li·Alcoca……”

Never surpass Lee·Alcoca…… Caroline finally realized where the problem was,I also know why my husband has such a big mood swing。 Yes,If the husband takes over the chairmanship of General Electric step by step,There is no doubt that he will be considered outstandingCEO,But that’s it,Just like GE has servedCEOsame,Respected,But only respected,But it is absolutely impossible […]

Chen Geng is satisfied:“right now,We can talk about the price。”

Beyond Chen Geng’s expectations,Nicholas·Malinkov did not immediately discuss the price of the transaction with Chen Geng,But asked Chen Geng:“Mr,Do you know the republics of the former Soviet Union,Which country is the messiest??” “Uh……”Chen Geng is really not sure which franchise republic is more messy,He thought about it,Tentatively asked:“Ukraine?” “Do not,Are five countries in Central Asia。” […]

Ye Shu recovered from his surprise,After hearing Xu Xian’s question,Looking at the three demons in the live broadcast,Said with a wry smile。

“Nothing,This time,Let me try。” Ye Shu’s voice falls,Go offline,Facing this finger phantom,He needs to go all out。 “This time, Ye Shu is here,The Monkey King group members and other group members may be able to successfully complete the task。” Jingtian watched Ye Shu go offline,Said with a smile,Since there is a Tier 5 boss, Ye […]

Yunxiang is by Qin Feng’s side,He looked at Qin Feng and asked:“boss,It should be impossible for those guys to be caught,But how can the impact of this be eliminated??”

What Qin Feng considers is revenge,Because in his opinion this kind of thing cannot have a big impact,But Yunxiang is different,He is very clear that this kind of thing has not been handled properly,What kind of storm it will turn into。 “Tell the truth directly,Then offer a reward of 100,000 yuan,Who will catch someone by […]

As long as you nod,Everything can be done for you,Your son is young and promising,Always in such a small place,That’s too bad。

The beauty did not introduce her name,She took the things out directly。 But this also represents an attitude,That is she thinks these people are not qualified to know her。 This thing is also normal,Because of her status,How much skill is needed to climb up。 Whether it’s in bed,Still under the bed,That’s all kind of ability。 […]

And this time,He Jin has been sandwiched by Chen Guanfeng and Jiang Xiang,Almost no chance to receive the ball。

If you continue to entangle,The ball is about to be lost again!A trace of panic flashed in Geng Tao’s heart,Had to look confused,Hope to find a helper。 Defender Zhu Ming was stared to death by Jiang Baima,Can’t even get in the three-point circle。 Buddhist archer Wu Song runs blindly on the sideline,Wu Siyuan, who is […]

For Evincent,He just threw away the garbage he didn’t want,But for many ordinary people,What they usher in is a disaster they never want to face。

Such news never goes public,But some responsibilities,Those in power will silently bear。 Ease and depression are mixed with each other,It’s just that recently it may be more depressed。 But Evincent is very happy,After all, his happiness is based on the unhappiness of others。 “Can we still find that group of hackers??” Ivincent did not participate […]

what happened?What happened just now?

How did Wang Ce’s knife break??Where did the knife mark on his body come from? next moment,Wang Ce’s second heavy sword strength began to explode,Turn into a white wave,But was easily crushed by Lu Menglin,No fart。 Before even the second heavy sword strength broke out,Wang Ce has already been cut off his saber,Got a knife […]

Chapter one hundred and ninety-nine Fault

After listening to these allusions,Lu Menglin and the planes team all looked at each other。 They never thought,Human gathering point of this plane,There are so many unspeakable hidden。 No wonder the population in this small city is so sparse,It turned out to be due to lack of water,Can’t feed too many people。 “you guys,You can […]