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Maybe I don’t want to be forgotten,Or maybe always want to tell a winner,Zhu Minglang seems to be able to hear the mourning of the ancient sword on the continuous sword mound。

A huge cloud,Slowly blocked the strong sunlight。 Jianzhongling began to sink,There is a strange mist all around,Covers everything in Zhu Minglang’s vision。 I don’t know if it’s my own illusion,Zhu Minglang saw the long steps behind him,The woman with a simple picture in the sword spectrum flew out! Every step,There is a simple shadow woman,They […]

When Wang Huimin heard that Xia Jian was unwell,,Came here busy,Concerned:“what happened,You show me,I can still help you solve small problems”

Xia Jianzheng hesitated,Hongyu touched him lightly and said:“Go over and let my mother give you a pulse,She’s half a local doctor“ Xia Jian walked over dubiously,Sat on the edge of the kang,Wang Huimin took a pillow,Under his wrist,Gave him a serious pulse。 Xia Jian did not speak,Thinking in my heart,Since you know your pulse,I see […]

“Assistant Ma,do your stuff,We can just take a look,If there is anything,We always find you!”

“it is good,Then I won’t disturb the three Yaxing。” After the horse rushes away,O Sheng said, throwing the golden chips in his hand:“This dragon king is generous,Give us such a big gift the first time we meet。” Chen Xiu and Li Lili both looked at her strangely,Don’t understand what she said“Big gift”What is it。 Ou […]

So many needles,Xia Jian has never felt the pain like today。He gritted his teeth,Silent。Wang Huimin is getting a needle,Whispered:“I can’t help but yell out,Not so exciting,The poisonous gas in your body won’t break out,So it can’t achieve the full discharge effect”

Wang Huimin said,Two fingers fiercely,A silver needle almost stuck into the meat。suddenly,Xia Jian yelled,Opened his mouth sharply,A mouthful of blood spurted into the basin under the bed。Suddenly an unpleasant smell came out。Guo Meili couldn’t help covering her nose。 “Drain away,Change another basin of water”Wang Huimin said,Two fingers pressed Xia Jian’s Mingmen point。Xia Jian snorted,Then climbed […]

Ye Shu recovered from his surprise,After hearing Xu Xian’s question,Looking at the three demons in the live broadcast,Said with a wry smile。

“Nothing,This time,Let me try。” Ye Shu’s voice falls,Go offline,Facing this finger phantom,He needs to go all out。 “This time, Ye Shu is here,The Monkey King group members and other group members may be able to successfully complete the task。” Jingtian watched Ye Shu go offline,Said with a smile,Since there is a Tier 5 boss, Ye […]

Murong’s father quit,This guy,Why do you want to grab someone’s son-in-law for no reason??

“Humph!Murong Old Man,do not forget,Your girl is about to add it to the kid named Bei Baili Hongtu!” “Let’s not mix the feelings of juniors,Let’s go,Remember to come to Kyoto!” Real dragon waved his hand,Left this place with these guys。 ———— Chapter nine hundred and ninety two Planning before parting Watching the back of a […]

Lin Yang looked at the big butler who was stunned in place,Immediately said with an unhappy face:“how?Did not understand,Do you want me to repeat it for you,Do whatever you want!ten minutes,If you go by one minute early,Don’t blame me for letting you roll up!”

Lin Yang didn’t move when he saw the housekeeper,Yelled out immediately:“Not going out yet!” The butler ran out in a panic。 After the butler went out,Lin Yu just returned to his original seat,Then asked inexplicably: “father,Since Lin Feng and his family have arrived at the door,Why wait another ten minutes,I asked the butler to call […]

To this,The government also closed one eye,Very tacit and no harassment。

but,With the regularization of the antique market,Old Su thinks,That place will not exist for long。 “It’s messy over there,Be careful everyone,Don’t be stolen。”Old Su remind。 He has been there many times,The wallet was stolen several times,Very depressed。Cash in wallet,It’s nothing,But some of the cards inside,It’s a bit troublesome。 Not only a thief,People who touch porcelain […]

Q2 fund’s total share shrinks by 650 billion shares

Q2 fund’s total share shrinks by 650 billion shares Original title: 650 billion shares shrunk in the second quarter. Fingers bucked the trend. Source: Shanghai Securities News reporter Wang Jiongye ○ Editor Wu Xiaojing’s second-quarter disclosure of public offering funds ended, and fund purchase data reflecting market investment preferences were also revealed. According to the […]