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China Releases ? Business Department: China-Africa Trade Algemene Balance China heeft nooit opzettelijk opzettelijk afgezegend Surplus

China Net 17 november (Reporter Peng Yao) De achtste ministeri?le bijeenkomst van het China-niet-samenwerkingsforum zal eind november op Senegal worden gehouden. Het nationale nieuwe kantoor hield een persconferentie over de 17e, en de plaatsvervangend minister van Ministerie van Koophandel zei dat van het perspectief op de lange termijn, China-Afrika-handel over het algemeen in evenwicht is. […]

De voorvoet is een coach Harbor Tongji vrouwelijke voetvlag vecht tegen de vrouw B-competitie

Harbor Tongji Vrouwelijke voetvlag vóór de nationale voet Wu Bing Ren Coach, wint de Battle Female B League deze krant (Reporter Chen Hua) gisteren, bij de ondertekeningsceremonie van de Samenwerkingskaderovereenkomst van Tongji en Shanggang, Shanghai Harbor Tongji University Women’s Football Het team werd formeel gevestigd en debuteerde voor de eerste keer. Wu Bing, die in […]

Accelerate the pace of reconstruction after the disaster, ensure that the masses are safe and warm

Original title: Accelerating the pace of disaster recovery and reconstruction to ensure that the masses are safe and warm, and Liu Guo, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Liu Guozhong, to the Blue Ot County, and resume the reconstruction work. He emphasized that he must go to study the important instructions of General Secretary […]

Village Village Party Members Unveiled

"People’s Daily" November 2, 2021, the 12th version screenshot this newspaper, November 1, electricity (Pang Qiping, Wang Wei) "I claim 1 list, lead the masses to develop the characteristic planting industry. "Recently, the scene of" Village Village Office, Party Members "event in Guangxi Tang Town, Pinggui District, Guangxi, said that Zhao Mu, deputy secretary of […]

The latest road conditions are caused by foggy weather, and the high-speed station in Hebei is closed.

  Tang Cao Express (S41): Tang Cao Express: Due to the fog, Caofeidian Wetland Station, Caofeidian Station, Fengnan Industrial Zone Station, Nanbao Development Zone Station, Caofeidian Industrial Zone Station Tangshan Direction.   Coastal Expressway Caofeidian Branch (S51): Cao Cao Expressway Beijingha to Coast Section: Due to the fog, Dong’an Village Station, Lezhuang Station, Zhangzhou West Railway Station, […]

Shanghai will awake more than 100 "sleep space in the doorstep", which is expected to fall in June next year.

"Microreprement" will take advantage of the community pilot to more public places, achieving better looks more better to use more than 100 "sleep spaces in the doorstep" It is expected that the end of June next year, Shanghai is exploring from the top floor design Providing basic security home Baby Meshan Meiyuan Village, Basketball Lovers, […]

Tangshan Smart Market Supervision Platform Realization Drops

  The reporter learned from the Tangshan Market Supervision Bureau that the bureau continued to deepen the Internet + smart supervision reform in the field of food safety, and built a smart market supervision platform. As a supervision subject, all the city’s food production operations are all incorporated into the platform to implement supervision. As of […]

Maybe I don’t want to be forgotten,Or maybe always want to tell a winner,Zhu Minglang seems to be able to hear the mourning of the ancient sword on the continuous sword mound。

A huge cloud,Slowly blocked the strong sunlight。 Jianzhongling began to sink,There is a strange mist all around,Covers everything in Zhu Minglang’s vision。 I don’t know if it’s my own illusion,Zhu Minglang saw the long steps behind him,The woman with a simple picture in the sword spectrum flew out! Every step,There is a simple shadow woman,They […]