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Ba Jin and Russian Literature – People’s Political Consultative Conference

Author: Yu Ping (Heilongjiang University Lecturer) Because of the distinct revolutionary and combatability, Russian literature has deeply influenced the writers in China for the May 4th period, and Ba Jin is an ignored one.Ba Jin’s Russian literature is an enlightenment reading, indicating that he has been influenced by the Russian literary creation in the ideological […]

Beijing Winter Olympics Technology Highlights is expected

Original title: Beijing Winter Olympics Technology Highlights During Beijing Winter Olympics, the road to all venues and connecting venues in the 2nd place will implement 5G full coverage; the Winter Olympics will achieve "100 meters, minute" Accurate meteorological forecasting; Will Cloud Transport Technical Tournament will cooperate with Olympic Broadcasting Service (OBS) to provide "Bullet Time" […]

China bracht 100 kortstondige professionele marketeers uit in het tweede kwartaal, koerier, restaurantkelner

Originele titel: China Vrijgegeven 100 kortetermijnprofessionele marketeers in het tweede kwartaal, de koerier, de koerier, de ober van het restaurant nog steeds vermeld de eerste drie – China New Agency, Beijing, 21 juli (Reporter Liang Xiaohui) China Werkingstraining Technisch begeleidingscentrum Vrijgegeven "2020 seconde De nationale werving van 10 tekorten in het kwartaal. Volgens de rangorde, […]

De Organen van de centrale staat worden behandeld als "twee studenten"

Oorspronkelijke titel: de Centrale Staatsorganen worden behandeld als "twee leren en één" afleveringen van partij- en overheidsorganen, partijleden, en de meest geconcentreerde, kracht en verantwoordelijkheid. In het bijzonder zijn de Centrale Staatsorganen, bijna alle kaders en werknemers partijen, cultureel niveaus en het beleidsniveau is relatief hoog en het niveau is ook relatief hoog. Deze kenmerken […]

Tianjin North Performing Arts Group Art Propaganda Skillers went deep into the sea, Wuqing carried out the wind

  Xinhuanet Tianjin December 11th (Reporter Zhou Runjian) In order to learn from the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, promote the cultivation of literary and art workers to live in depth, the people, and feel the new conditions generated in the process of the people. , New changes, from December 8th […]

CITIC Bank Changsha Branch meet te verdiepen "Ik doe praktische dingen voor de massa"

People’s Network Changsha op 22 februari van dit jaar, CITIC Bank Changsha Branch verder te bevorderen "Ik doe praktische dingen voor de massa", maatregelen uit te voeren warm hart service, en proberen om praktische dingen te doen voor de massa, en send warmte. Voordat de Lente Festival, CITIC Bank Changsha Branch Sales Department, Liuyang Branch, […]

The Chinese national folk dance in the contemporary development of cultural confidence

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation requires the prosperity of Chinese culture," proposes to "enhance cultural consciousness and cultural confidence". The Chinese nation creates and has accumulated colorful cultural art treasures in the process of thousands of years of history. It is still very charming today. For the […]

Zheng Tiancheng saw two beautiful eyes and got all the time.,He nature knows that he is also unwelcome.。

I immediately laughed:“I still don’t drink it with you first.,Someone waiting for me over there?,The most important thing is that my light bulb is a bit bright.,Will be troubled。” Finish,Zheng Tiancheng has directly rushed to Zhao Wuji.。 Meet,I haven’t waited for Zhao Wuji,Zheng Tiancheng took the lead in opening。 “You really make sure that I […]