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Zheng Tiancheng saw two beautiful eyes and got all the time.,He nature knows that he is also unwelcome.。

I immediately laughed:“I still don’t drink it with you first.,Someone waiting for me over there?,The most important thing is that my light bulb is a bit bright.,Will be troubled。” Finish,Zheng Tiancheng has directly rushed to Zhao Wuji.。 Meet,I haven’t waited for Zhao Wuji,Zheng Tiancheng took the lead in opening。 “You really make sure that I […]

“no problem,When you speak,This time passes really fast,Hongyu is going to college“Xia Jian said and glanced at his watch,I found it was past six。

“Come on, Hyemin,Go down and watch everyone get off work,Then lock the door from the outside,I’m sitting in the office waiting for Rong Sisi to come back“Xia Jian said with a smile,He knew that Wang Huimin had to rush to cook for Hongyu after get off work。 Wang Huimin responded,He closed the office door and […]

Although he is the friend of Duan Yu,And from state,Do not affect Duan Yu inheritance,But Chu Deirers don’t want Duan Yu, no more peaceful life.,Encounter this change。

Last time,Duan Yanqing probably feel this distance,No someone chases up,Some deer is expected、With gentle……Good end put him。 “Who is your mother??” Chu Deman:??? Although Duan Yanqing will never have any changes,Belly language is always a secret meaning,But at this time, the look is clearly somewhat.……Warmth? “Cough,The predecessors were wrong.,I am not surnamed,I have nothing to […]

Chapter 38 Bloodstone Society

In the desolate rolling mountains,Sparsely populated,The rock of the mountain is a kind of strange rock with a light black luster。 This is the realm of life,On the west side of Ruishan Mansion, the southernmost tip of the ancient continent,More famous【Black Jones Mountain】,The mountain is completely composed of black jade。In the world of life,Heiyu is […]

The power of annihilation is the rough chaos‘destroy’The underlying rules,and‘Conservation’It’s no better than‘destroy’difference,This logic completely compound the earliest logic of chaotic land and chaotic rough stone,It seems that the anxiety before has passed a little bit。

Dull on the wall‘Eye of Prophecy’Suddenly become agile,It’s like a sleeping person just wakes up,It’s just that the expression is quite weird,Suddenly a cold snort came from my eyes,That withered claw hand released the boy,“Want to anger me?You did it successfully,But I suddenly stopped being angry,What can you do?” “Let me ask you,Why seal the […]

“Let’s go to the restaurant,Many choices。”Hui suggested,She knows that Chen Wenjin doesn’t want Xiao Gao to spend too much money,And Xiao Gao doesn’t want to eat too routinely,Choose what you like in the restaurant,And put it together at a table,The price is not too expensive,Couldn’t be more suitable。

Unanimous vote。 Eat the whole layer,There are a lot of people at this time,But there is still room,Later,That’s congestion。 This is also the benefit of eating earlier,The evening meal can be followed in advance,Anyway, I had a late night snack,Time is fully connected,And avoid the crowded situation。 A group of people turned around to see […]

“We are not asking this,It’s about awards related to your profession。”The interviewer smiled at Naihe,Continue to wait for Chen Amei’s favorite answer。

A-mei Chen’s cheerful smile immediately ossified,Thought for a while,Said:“You mean computer,This one,I have not、Haven’t won an award yet?” “Oh,I seem to understand。it is good,you can go now,Next person。”The interviewer said。 Chen Amei took a few steps,I went back to the interviewer,This kind of bold and straightforward questioning of the examiner is rarely seen among interviewers。 […]

Once this sentence comes out,Lu Menglin immediately understood,Why when entering the city,The entrance fee they paid,Is paid with clean water。

“The commander was sent by the host country,If he died,Without password,We will soon face the dilemma of water shortage。This gathering point will soon be deserted。” When Zhong Ming is talking,The officers behind were all downcast,Face as gray,obviously,They all know this。 “You can’t contact Ye Korea,Let them open the sluice again?”Among the crowd,Linguist Mi Xiaochong is […]

“Ha ha,You use fighters for air combat without authorization。This has also had a serious impact on the security of other countries。This is a big crime!A major crime against national security!”

“Oh?Then what are you doing The penalty will be there?They are wanted internationally,Why not deal with them?”Qin Feng still keeps smiling,Because he doesn’t think there will be any punishment for the poisonous generals。 “Ha ha,You’re right,They are wanted,So we cannot punish them through formal channels。But you are different,You are an official!” “and many more,You seem […]

“We owe him too much。”The king said to himself sincerely。

“perhaps,But he is the one you like,It’s a matter of course to experience these。” The white-haired old man is thinking how to comfort the monarch。 “Hope,If he is still willing to set foot in the middle domain,Mr. Trouble, help more,It’s time to solve some things。” “Yes!” Except for the most mysterious place in Dahua Country,And […]