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China Shou Life Insurance Company ontving een bedrijfsevaluatie van een niveau voor 6 opeenvolgende jaren

People’s Network Changsha op 24 februari, Onlangs, heeft China Insurance Industry Association de resultaten aangekondigd van de Juridische Personen van 2020 jaarlijkse verzekeringsmaatschappij, China Life Insurance Co, Ltd. (hierna aangeduid als "China Shou Life Insurance Company") heeft opnieuw een Dit is het bedrijf won de evaluatie van een niveau voor het zesde achtereenvolgende jaar. Het […]

Beijing’s first patent license intellectual property securitization project officially launched

People’s Network Beijing June 2nd (Zhao Zhuqing) June 1st, "Zhongguan District Guarantee – Changjiang-1-10 Intellectual Property Asset Support Special Plan" started in China Technology Exchange (Beijing Intellectual Property Trading Center )hold. It is reported that as the Beijing’s first patent license intellectual property securitization project, the program has been approved by a batch of storage […]

Blow water: mobile teenage palace into the campus ignited children’s science dreams

The students made ejection cyclones. In order to improve the scientific quality and practical ability of adolescents, the science knowledge is integrated into the campus. On November 11th, the "Flow Juvenile Palace" "Mobile Juvenile Palace" in Hengshui Miao Autonomous County enters the sixth elementary school in Rongshui Town and leads students to enter the magical. […]

Quanshui Town, Pubei County: Do a good job in "three micro-lists" to stimulate the new vitality of party organizations

Since the reunion of the "two committees" this year, the party committee of Quanshui Town, Guangxi Province, focused on improving the cohesiveness and combat effectiveness of the grassroots party, actively exploring the integration of action learning law into the promotion of grassroots party organizations to promote "Three Listings" is the starting point, effectively improve the […]

The first lesson of school, Xi Jinping put forward new requirements for young cadres

In the autumn school (National Administrative College), the Central Party School (National Institute of Administration) opened on September 1st. General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, President of the State, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Xi Jinping, published an important speech at the opening office. "The young cadres have a great era. […]

Satisfied customer satisfaction as the only standard for inspection work

Yang Huihui, 32 years old, member of the Communist Party of China, assistant engineer, using electric inspection technicians, currently the business class of Linyi Power Supply Company Hedong Customer Service Center. Since the participation in the work in 2008, Yang Hui has always remembered the marketing service concept of "starting from customer needs, finally customer […]

People’s Net review kinetic energy, China’s economic thick high quality development advantage

The new crown pneumonia epidemic causes a huge impact on the global economy, and China is the first to resume economic growth. -%,%,%,%, this is the growth rate of growth in my country’s domestic production (GDP) in 2020, highlighting the kinetic energy of China’s economy. In the first three quarters of 2021, my country’s domestic […]


“We are now going to conduct an extended search,Bring your climbing tools、Bows, crossbows, and insect-proof snake powder are borrowed from us!” Mountaineering tools、There is no shortage of crossbow police,It’s mainly used to prevent insects and snakes.。 Worm on the mountain at night、There are so many mosquitoes,Scarier than wild boar,The police force brought those spirits、Mosquito repellent […]