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“We are now going to conduct an extended search,Bring your climbing tools、Bows, crossbows, and insect-proof snake powder are borrowed from us!” Mountaineering tools、There is no shortage of crossbow police,It’s mainly used to prevent insects and snakes.。 Worm on the mountain at night、There are so many mosquitoes,Scarier than wild boar,The police force brought those spirits、Mosquito repellent […]

“United V- Specializer,Don’t the Hurricane Action Team and the Killing Action Group don’t work??”Fu Ying Xue asked,

“Snowman,Not a matter of people now,But we need a chance to be in one hit.。” “Is this Ding Mun Village action greet with special high school??” “Even if there is a action, it is also called the special class before action.,And the insider is then one or two people,So we have no time to prepare […]

Zhang Zhiqiang finally opened his eyes,Glancing at an exaggerated clock on the opposite side,“Not in a hurry,Where are the brothers?”

“As previously set,Meet at the National Highway Huiyuan Intersection。”Ahao’s respectful answer。 Zhang Zhiqiang nodded,Keep asking:“Two places,How did you arrange?” “I take people to Fukuyama,Ayi goes to Yunshan。”Ahao weird,Just reported yesterday,Brother has no reason to forget so quickly。Although I think so,But he answered truthfully。 Zhang Zhiqiang frowned and thought for a moment,“Need to change,Let a car […]

Seeing Li Ming,Pop up with one finger,A hole in the sky will bring the dharma body of the King Sparrow into it。

Unexpected,Li Ming looked at a place in the void。 He faintly felt a sense of voyeurism,But this feeling of voyeurism is completely different from the one I encountered before,Without a trace of threat or malice。 —————————– Daomeng Palace,The leader of the nine major factions of the Dao League。 Not established,No sect,But far surpasses the other […]

Again,If you don’t fight,I must see a little color to Liao Wenjie.。

“Don’t transfer topics,You learn these easy-to-feel,What restrictions?” “have。” Liao Wenjie replaced a serious face:“The biggest limit is talent,This is not a problem that you can solve。” Finish,He lost his dead fish eye Conan,Located in the middle of the house,Complaining the bachelorstone is too trouble,Want。 Conan is a problem,Know that Liao Wenjie will not answer,Still asked:“You […]

But even though my heart is broken,Millhouse knows better,Orchards that need pesticides,Definitely the biggest weakness of this property,No matter who wants to buy this property,As long as I find this weakness,Don’t catch the bargain,Then I’m sorry。

“Mr. Millhouse,I’m going straight,In order to ensure the health of my employees,In addition to this health center,I want to put around5Bought acres of land,And you need Mr. Millhouse to use your energy to help me change the land use,As for the price……I only give you60Ten thousand U.S. dollars。” Before Chen Geng’s voice fell,Millhouse almost jumped […]

But Anthony·Fokker is Anthony after all·Fokker,Falkland-United Aviation Technologies is able to、McDonnell Douglas and other giants can also firmly occupy a place in the market,Anthony·Fokker is a great contributor,Although Kelly·This news from Hicks made Anthony·Fokker’s eyes are black,But not too much,Rubbed the eyebrows,After finally calming down,Anthony·Fokker said flatly:“I have to see Fernandez。”

Hear Anthony·Fokker’s words,Jack·Schwarzer froze for a moment:He did not expect to be in Fernandez·When Chen expressed his refusal so clearly,The chairman has to make the last effort。I was moved and surprised for a while,Can’t help but say:“Mr. Fokker,Fernandez·Chen has made it clear that he doesn’t want to cooperate with us,You also……” “Why would I be […]

Passing by a boutique,She couldn’t help but went in and bought a doll。Mother Luo knew that the little girl had been greedy for a long time,But the sensible girl dare not ask。

Populus euphratica bought a few catties of fruit。 When they return to the village,Almost everyone in the village knows such a news,Luo family sold 800,000 copper coins,Everyone came to ask Luo mother。 After confirming that Luo Mu really got 800,000,,They envy,And some people are happy and comforted:“look,Good day is coming?” They don’t bother Luo’s mother […]

but,Under normal circumstances,Lu Menglin believes that the incoming person should not be of the level of Venerable Secret Medicine,Because the Venerable Secret Medicine has a high status in the Secret Medicine Group,Usually they are stationed on the turf they control to suppress all parties,Rarely move easily。

Not to mention just for a transaction,The chance of Venerable Secret Medicine dispatching is not too high。 “Report chief instructor,About the specific content of the transaction,The intelligence department did not make it clear,They only said it was a weapon deal。”Combat staff。 “Arms deal?Trading weapons with arcana?Or use something else?”Lu Menglin asked in surprise。 The combat […]

Xiaoxiong Electric (002959) 2019 Performance Express Commentary: Multi-category Strategy Implementation Achieved Effective Growth Performance

Xiaoxiong Electric (002959) 2019 Performance Express Commentary: Multi-category Strategy Implementation Achieved Effective Growth Performance Matters: The company releases the 2019 annual performance report, and the company’s total operating income in 201926. 92 ppm, an increase of 31 in ten years. 92%, net profit attributable to mother 2. 600,000 yuan, an increase of 40 in ten […]