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Fang Fang took a sip of water,Big eyes blinked twice and said:“What else?Idle,I am not as beautiful as a parent,tender,Not considerate,Can’t do anything yet,Only fists”When the girl talked about fist,Also made two gestures。

Xia Jian helplessly shook his head,She understands that Fang Fang is eating Zhou Li’s jealousy,This woman’s mind may not be too small, right! Xia Jian’s Thoughts:“How about you being a bodyguard for me for a month?One month is over,Let’s choose from both sides” Chick,Fang Fang squirted out the water he drank in his mouth,She laughed:“Stop […]

“Yes……Yes……”Lin Zhaoda’s teaching looked at Zhu Minglang,I have no energy to speak。

Zhu Minglang only found out,There was a shocking claw mark on Lin Zhaoda’s chest.,This claw mark almost pulled out his internal organs! “I have some ointments!”I wish Minglang go in a hurry,I want to plug the terrible wound for Lin Zhaoda。 “No……useless,I can’t live,I can’t live。Be careful,There are others……There are others here,Very strong,Very strong……”Lin Zhaoda […]

Chen Dayuan watched Chen Xiu’s fight and he was jerky、It’s even more of an action. Later, I have to stand for a long time thinking about the next action,Snicker:“It turns out that his martial arts talent is so bad!”

After laughing at Chen Xiu,Suddenly I remembered Ge Hong and Liu Dunyue who had cleared customs,Anxiously thought:“No way,I can’t compare with this crane,Clear the customs quickly,I must beat them by the third level!” Chen Dayuan’s talent is always comparable to Ge Hong、Liu Dunyue is a little worse,But it’s not mediocre,After studying with Master Qingyun twice, […]

“The other is,Pingdu City is located in the transportation hub of the eastern part of our province,No matter from the agricultural development,Or tourism development,All have unique geographical locations,You said that such a place does not develop,What else can be developed?”

Hu Huiru talked about these things,Talk freely。She said the truth,Let Xia Jian listen attentively。So that the car stopped,She doesn’t even know。 It seems that I am really out of date,Just thinking about how to have a small abacus in my heart,It seems that there is still a big gap between him and the boss of […]

And this time,He Jin has been sandwiched by Chen Guanfeng and Jiang Xiang,Almost no chance to receive the ball。

If you continue to entangle,The ball is about to be lost again!A trace of panic flashed in Geng Tao’s heart,Had to look confused,Hope to find a helper。 Defender Zhu Ming was stared to death by Jiang Baima,Can’t even get in the three-point circle。 Buddhist archer Wu Song runs blindly on the sideline,Wu Siyuan, who is […]

Because they don’t know,what is happening。

“Wei Leader,I have something to tell you,Don’t know it’s convenient??”Gao Yu looked at Wei Guoqiang with a serious face and said,He is also anxious。 “come in。”Wei Guoqiang said lightly,As long as there is no big situation,Even Gao Hao can’t help him。 This is also a very realistic situation,Some capable people,Don’t panic。 Because the local security […]

They don’t understand this truth,That’s why I thought those people would betray him,But I don’t know that that’s the perfect flaw trap for the Dragon Department。

So their assassination plan failed,Began to turn to Mingsha。 The Ye Family was the force that was known to help complete the task,But they are also participating in the hunt for them,If they don’t know,I’m afraid ghosts don’t believe me。 From disbelief at the beginning to despair later,The high-levels of those imperial capitals suddenly disappeared,They […]

now,Inside Legend Pictures’ panic,The average employee does not know that the company has been targeted by Tuoba evil,I just feel that many senior executives suddenly asked for leave,The progress of many projects in the company has also been suspended。

They don’t know what happened,I only know that there is a feeling that the mountains and rain are coming and the wind is full,The atmosphere in the last few days is obviously something wrong。 “Star Lord?Star Lord is here!”In front of Legendary Pictures,An employee suddenly yelled。 Many young employees ran out,Take a closer look,It really […]

UFIDA (600588): 2Q results are pleasing; NCC rolls out quickly to accelerate substitution

UFIDA (600588): 2Q results are pleasing; NCC rolls out quickly to accelerate substitution U2’s second-quarter results in 2019 are in line with expectations UFIDA’s second-quarter results in 2019 are in line with our expectations: revenue reached 20. 6.1 billion, an annual increase of 6. 7%. Net profit attributable to mothers was achieved 4. 00 ppm, […]