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Aid Xinjiang Red Shandong Aid Management Cadre: Desert Hinterland Australian Lobster Try Now

As a result, the Yun Yidong began the water quality of these ponds, and the water temperature data tracking and monitoring. He was surprised to find that the conditions were in line with shrimp farming requirements, so they launched the white pearl shrimp, Roche Maimi, Claw shrimp, Aquatic varieties such as Australian crayfish are evaluated, […]

2020 Henan BBP 549.707 Miljoen Yuan Henan Provincie Per Capita Disposable-inkomsten verhoogd met 3,8%

Originele titel: 2020 Henan 100 miljoen per Capita Disposable inkomstengroei% □ Top Nieuws · DaHe Dagelijkse Reporter Wang Xinchang Correspondent Gao Gengmao’s Totaal Financieel Totaal Inkomen miljard All-jaar Voedselproductie 10.000 ton All-Year Urban Nieuwe Werkgelegenheid Personeelsjaarlijks Online Detail Billion Feng Shuai Table Report is 2020 is een zeer buitengewoon jaar, hoe is het ‘transcript’ in […]

China @ 四川 | Giant Panda National Park Nature Education: Move the classroom into the forest

  Xinhua News Agency, August 28th: ??Nature Education in Giant Panda National Park: Move the classroom into the Forest Xinhua News Agency, Yang Sanjun, Zhang Hailei travels along the mountain road, with the number of the road, Panda Forest International Explore the school appears in front of you. This is a natural education camp in the […]

Better! Continuously enhanced Zhongli Economics and trade highlights China’s opening up

  On November 16th, the guests talked at the 14th China-Latin American Entrepreneur Summit Cooperation Exhibition. Xinhua News Agency, Tang Yu, Xinhua News Agency, Chongqing, November 18th (Reporter Zhao Yufei, Wu Yipeng, Ding Yinghua) There is a very embarrassment in China and Latin America and the Caribbean under the Chinese and Latin American and Caribbean. Not […]

Slim County "Five Focus" is the party construction to lead rural homage environment rectification enlargement

Shuixian insisted that the people’s environmental rectification as the current key work, adheres to five "focus", and actively promotes the depth of party construction and human environmental remediation, and strives to accelerate the promotion of human residential environment rectification, so that rural increase " The value of "temperament" and "quality". Focus on the party building […]

The European Pharmaceutical Administration is recommended to approve two new crown drugs.

Reading: The European Pharmaceutical Administration recommends that the EU committee approves two monoclonal antibody drugs for the treatment of new crown viruses. Xinhua News Agency, November 12 (Reporter Wang Xiangjiang) The European Pharmaceutical Administration recommended that the European Commission approved two monoclonal antibody drugs for the treatment of new crown virus infection. These two drugs […]