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De provincie Shanxi financierde rechtstreeks 15,8 miljard yuan in de eerste drie kwartalen

  Originele titel: [Nieuwe gegevens Nieuwe punten] De eerste drie kwartalen van onze provincie rechtstreeks van 158.3 miljard yuan op 16 november, de verslaggever die is geleerd van het Shanxi Gedrag Regulatory Bureau dat de eerste drie kwartalen in de eerste drie kwartalen, de kapitaalmarkt van de provincie rechtstreeks financiering Miljoen Yuan, jaar-op-jaar groei% Het biedt […]

AESPA NIEUWE SINGLE "FOREVER" Voorbeeld openbaar cool meisje veranderd in duidelijke dromen [foto’s]

  People’s Network News Recent, Korean New Women’s Aespa opent Winter (Golden Tibet), Karina (Liu Zhimin), Ningning (Ning Yizhen), Giselle (Ning Yose), vier leden van het offici?le SNS-account. Voor altijd (overeengekomen) ".In de pre-suggestie blijkt leden dat ze anders zijn dan de topactie "BlackMamba", en het droommysterie is duidelijk en puur, zodat de ventilator naar verwachting […]

At the 11th National People’s Congk, the 11th National People’s Congk, the 11th National People’s Government, the director of the people’s government, Dai Wujin Rong, the director of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress

Li Zhijian, secretary of the district committee and the elected district government leaders, is elected as the district people’s government, Zhang Fangming, Li Guanjin, Chen Xiaoshi, Zheng Chong, Mo Zhi, Chen Xiao Yin, Linda Xiong is elected as the deputy director of the district People’s Government, Dai Guangrui is elected as a district Director of […]

Chengdu’s first lake underwater tunnel is completed

  On August 9, the reporter learned from China Wuye Group that the first lake in Chengdu wears tunnel – Dong’an Lake Tunnel has been fully completed in the near future, and will further improve the network structure of Dong’an New City.Dong’an Lake Tunnel started in Dong’an Avenue, Taodu Avenue, 1775 meters long, 20 meters wide, […]

Shanghai and Hong Kong and Macao Youth: Strengthening cooperation and exchanges jointly injected "youth power"

  2021 Shanghai and Hong Kong and Macao Youth Economic Development Forum November 29 to form the three wires held in Shanghai, Shanghai and Hong Kong and Macao hundred guests and youth representatives to participate in the forum online and offline manner. Participants believe that the three-seat cities in Shanghai and Hong Kong and Macao gave […]

Optimize digital social environment (people’s point of view)

Original title: Optimizing the digital society (people’s point of view) Digital society has not only huge development vitality, but also has significant innovative energy can be made up and down in terms of optimizing service supply, improvement governance. Digital service is more temperature, digital governance is more accurate, and the digital society will continue to […]

Qinghai Province Local Finance Supervision Bureau measures to promote the development of the financial field

  Since this year, Qinghai Provincial Local Finance Bureau conscientiously implements the provincial government’s provincial government on normalization to carry out the development of anti-evil struggle work, adhere to the goal of "long-lasting often", from mechanism construction, special rectification, popular financial knowledge and other dimensions Start, build local responsibilities, departmental linkage, public participation portrait, horizontally to […]

People’s Network and Zanhuang County signed the Propagation of Media Integration Depth Development Framework Cooperation Agreement

People’s Daily News October 26, on the morning of October 21, People’s Network Co., Ltd. and Zanhuang County People’s Government have signed the promotion of media deep integration development framework cooperation agreements. The two parties agree to play their respective advantages, strive to build a news + government affairs + people’s livelihood + The county-level […]

The 11th Issue Emergency Management Department of the Safety Production Assessment Group of the State Council, the safety production work of the National Mining Safety Supervision Bureau

[] According to the unified deployment of the State Council, from 18 to 21, the eleventh group of the State Council’s Safety Production Assessment Group, the Emergency Management Department, the National Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, 2020, safe production work. On the afternoon of May 19, the safety production work assessment report was convened, and the […]