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China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch: Focusing Main Industry Advantage Construction High Quality Insurance Guarantee

  The staff of the China Life Baunan Long Nance Service Center handles long-term insurance services for the public. China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch is introduced to Chongqing urban custom insurance to introduce co-insurance models, and give full play to the main advantages of relevant commercial insurance companies, and better serve Chongqing citizens. Last year, Chongqing […]

Dalian Petrochemical MES system deepened the application and speed up

  Since this year, Dalian Petrochemical Company has deepened MES system applications from public engineering data, and early warning monitoring management, adding new means to produce refined management.   It is understood that Dalian Petrochemical Company has improved the automatic acquisition function of public engineering data by using on-site data such as hydropower to access on-site data, […]

collect! These baby care information, is your get?

  Actively cooperate with pre-prenatal screening and diagnosis, pay attention to infant demand expression, cultivate its own customs and drinking the habit of drinking white water … May 15th is the 28th International Family Day, Chongqing Municipal Health Citory organized children’s health, nutrition , Preschool education and other fields have written and publish the core information […]

Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Tibet Peace Liberation: Collection of Snow Plateau Beautiful New Blueprint

  On the morning of the 19th, dressed up a new Budala Palace Square gathered into a happy ocean. More than 20,000 people from all walks of life in Tibet gathered together to witness the exciting moments of "70 years of peaceful liberation of Tibet".   At 10 o’clock in the morning, the guards guarded the bright […]

Repair a highway to drive a industry

On the large screen of Changshun County Smart Transportation Center, Guizhou Province "Four Good Rural Road" integrated management system pages right, "1. More than 3 days away from the newspaper, 18 hours". It is reported that according to the requirements of the Provincial Highway Bureau, local transport authorities must report the progress of rural road […]

Shanghai National Accounting Institute’s 4th Intelligent Financial Summit Forum

Professor Liu Qin, deputy dean of Shanghai National Accounting Institute, Professor Liu Qin, introduced 2021 China Intelligent Financial Development and Intelligent Finance Research Institute. He said that as an important part of the national political, economic and scientific and technological development, the informationization, digitization and intelligent in accounting industry have been developed in recent years. […]

The Fifth Congress of the Communist Party of China

The news conference site. People’s Network Zhao Zu Le photographed the People’s Network Chengdu November 26th, November 25th, the Fifth Representative of the Communist Party of China closed. That night, the CPC Ziyang Municipal Party Committee held a press conference, a member of the Municipal Committee, and the Standing Committee of Jiao Yang, in accordance […]

Tibet Autonomous Region Mountaineering team launched rocks into campus activities in Ali

  On November 10, the Tibet Autonomous Region Mountaineering team launched the "Star Yao Tibet, Climbing Campus" activities in Gul County, Ali District. It is designed to make students feel close to the distance, and zero distance experience the charm of rock climbing.At the event, the mountaineering team of the autonomous region is patiently guided by […]