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and,This time reward,Actually it came very well。

“Unexpectedly,The reward I got this time,There is a building here?” “if so,Then it is more convenient for me to carry out various actions!” See here,Now,Wang Teng’s heart,Even more eager to try。 Other things,In fact, there is nothing to consider for the time being。 But the next thing,How to arrange it。 Leave nothing else,But such a […]

Xia Jian took a long breath and said:“No need to! What the hell is going on,How do I feel like this is a dream”Xia Jian said,Shook his head vigorously。

“Humph!I have handled cases for many years,It’s the first time I saw it like this tonight。This Hu San seems to have read too many books,Even the crime is imitated in the book。But he was a bit hasty,If he is patient,Come here in a few days,It’s really dangerous,Most people can be scared“Captain Wu gave a cold […]

“You don’t even know about the Legion?”Zhang Song explained:“The Legion System in the Gun of Glory,It’s about the same as the union in other online games,Players can choose the right legion to join,By participating in legion wars or elite missions,Increase honor value。Honor value is a reflection of the contribution of the legion,A straight is kicked because the honor score is too low。”

“It’s not normal to be kicked if the honor score is too low?Can’t you find another legion??”Cao Anna asked。 “The key is that Shunzi is in the legion,The cadre sees that you are a novice and excludes you when doing tasks or launching a legionary war.,Don’t give new phones when you brush honor,Kicking people all […]

“Let’s talk after leaving the valley!”

Gu Rimo pulls up Chen Xiu,The two rushed to Taniguchi,I left the valley for several kilometers before stopping。 “What happened to that mammoth,This thing shouldn’t be extinct!” “That’s not a mammoth。” Gu Rimou shook his head and said:“Beasts taking sapphire flowers will turn on spiritual wisdom,It should have taken the sapphire flower in the valley […]

“He didn’t use any magic on me,He just told me,If I continue to stay at GE,My achievements will never surpass Li·Alcoca……”

Never surpass Lee·Alcoca…… Caroline finally realized where the problem was,I also know why my husband has such a big mood swing。 Yes,If the husband takes over the chairmanship of General Electric step by step,There is no doubt that he will be considered outstandingCEO,But that’s it,Just like GE has servedCEOsame,Respected,But only respected,But it is absolutely impossible […]

Because everyone knows,Chen Qingyun is right!

As long as he is still the world’s strongest,As long as he is still sitting in the position of the coalition commander,No one dared to jump out against him! Fools like Fat Dun and Liu Yi,After all。 “Ha ha!Really boring!That’s why I don’t want to join the Earth Alliance。”Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled。 “Speak more,Do it!As long […]

“This is a confidentiality agreement and a letter of responsibility,”Chen Geng thought for a while,Turned around and took out a document from the filing cabinet:“If you sign this document,can……”

Before Chen Geng finished,Ferruccio·Lamborghini snatched it,He didn’t even look at it and signed his name on it,Asked:“Can i do it now?Can i see your chassis?” “……”Chen Geng was speechless,Your signing speed is quite fast。 Take Ferruccio·Lamborghini came to a door with a combination lock in the repair shop,Chen Geng entered the password to open the […]

Yunnan Baiyao (000538): New Baiyao whose performance exceeds expectations is worth looking forward to

Yunnan Baiyao (000538): “New Baiyao” whose performance exceeds expectations is worth looking forward to 1H2019 results are lower than our expected 1H2019 results announced by the company: Considering the absorption and completion, the caliber of the same period last year has been adjusted, and the 1H2019 company’s revenue is 138. 9.7 billion, a comparable caliber […]