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Wang Youcai thought about it,Then put the phone through,Hu Huiru on the phone asked with a smile:“All right!Your second brother has that virtue,Timid,So he can only be the mayor of your small place,If he can be bolder,It’s not impossible to go up”

“Damn!Leave him alone,Are you looking for me”Wang Youcai said impatiently。 Hu Huiru smiled and said:“come on!To Yulan Pavilion on the second floor of Meiweizhai,I ordered a table of meals,Let’s have a supper together! I know,Maybe you haven’t eaten it yet!” This is really a vixen,She even knew he didn’t eat。What Hu Huiru said,Wang Youcai’s belly […]

Neither Achong nor Amao have reached the level of 9th-level cultivation,Competitive punch is naturally not the boss’s opponent,But the two of them are more Chen Xiu learning Tai Chi,Tai Chi is always the best“Overcome strength with softness”、“Four or two”,Boss’s Zhen Qi is cultivated to be higher, the two,Plus Tai Chi, he has never seen it before,But I can’t take two people for a while。

Stayed and fought with the two for more than 20 strokes,The boss is getting used to Taijiquan,Seeing Chen Xiu and not taking action,Get rid of the timidity,Thought in mind:“Since he is only an expert,,I happened to capture these two little bunnies,Let him throw a rat,Or let our three brothers leave this ghost with hidden weaponsiVillage!” […]

Young man gritted his teeth,A trace of cruelty flashed in his eyes,Head down,Still not talking。

Sheng Guangda next to him is about to attack,Gu Changfeng waved his hand,Sign not to worry,Then trouble the police to take the young man Wang Bing。 Sheng Guangda’s anger is obvious,It’s not easy to attack Gu Changfeng,Then several people were tried,Are all bewitched peripheral personnel,When making trouble, one by one is very arrogant,Being locked in […]

After that, through the things of Fuyang,Cao Zhengyi acts more and more——The ministers worry about letting God,会 阳 易 主,In addition, Mongolian iron hooves are driven directly into,Do more to Cao Zhengyi。

Cao Zhengyu has directly investigated the Raolong Villa.,Excavated the basement of Shenhou stores confidential files.…… The world’s first Zhuang is because of the strong shelter of Thirty thousand,Temporarily。 After getting many confidential information collected in the Leung Shanzhuang weekdays,Cao Zhengyu uses the minister of China、Crime of the gentleman,Threats them、Force them to rely on East Factory,At […]

“will not!”Before Anderson finished,Chen Geng’s sure way:“Unless Michael is an idiot。”

“what?”Anderson froze,The boss is so sure?Frown,Anderson asked puzzledly:“Why not?” “I ask you,Does Michael know that it is more profitable to sell the parts apart??” “should……Yes right。”Scratch your head,Anderson Road:“It’s more profitable if you don’t find the parts disassembled and sold,It is impossible for him to allow others to pay for the parts。” “well,Since he knows […]

“Too cheating!Too cheating!”

“We are all fooled!” . The entire trading command hall was boiling in an instant,Everyone aimed at Qiao Tianyu again,Point at Qiao Tianyu,Berated Qiao Tianyu for deceiving everyone。 Actually for everyone,Failure is not terrible,There are always winners and losers in the investment field,There can be no victorious general,But what everyone is dissatisfied with is that […]


Longquan has no airport,I heard there is preparation for construction,Hu Yang plans to get off the plane,Rent a car directly in Wenzhou,Go to Longquan first,Played for two days before returning to Wenzhou,Also play for two or three days。 this time,Invited him to Longquan,Not a fan friend,But a peer,An anchor。 He has already contacted the local […]

That tyrannosaur fist just now,Just knocked the opponent to the ground,Did not break through the opponent’s defense,So that person can immediately regain his combat power,Such an effect makes Lu Menglin very dissatisfied。

In fact, one punch can defeat the opponent,Just because the power burst is not enough,That’s why Lu Menglin uses the cat-like body technique,Move around behind the other person to take that one。 And Lu Menglin was suspicious,That person was scared by himself,Hit again,If you only use fists,Although I will not lose,But it’s hard to win,In […]

Zoomlion (000157) Interim Review: 19H1 profit increased by 198% and continued to lead the growth rate

Zoomlion (000157) Interim Review: 19H1 profit increased by 198% and continued to lead the growth rate 19H1’s profit increased by 198% and its competitiveness increased. It is expected that the growth rate will continue to lead the company to release its 2019 interim report and achieve operating income of 222 in the first half. 62 […]