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Dit jaar ontdekte Jiangxi de 6342-mensen die betrokken waren bij het netto-geval.

People’s Network Nanchang 10 December (Li Tui) Deze website heeft geleerd van de afdeling Jiangxi Provinciale openbare veiligheid dat dit jaar de provinciale openbare veiligheidsorganen het "Net Network 2021" -specialistische actie hebben voortgezet, focus op de weerspiegeling van de mensen Illegale misdaden, zware stoten tegen online gokken, online fraude, online illegale transacties en schending van […]

Chinese Academie voor Academie voor Engineering Zhu Yong Yong League naar Shanxi Zhendong Group

Op 26 november kwam de Chinese Academie voor Engineering Zhu Yong Yong’s wetenschappelijk onderzoeksteam naar Zidong Group van Yunnan. Het basispersoneel van Zhendong Zhongzhong Medicine Company ging diep in Pingshun County, en ze werd serieus waargenomen, omringd door biologische plantprojecten onder het bos . Aan het einde deelde Zhu Youyong Academicians de wetenschappelijke onderzoeksresultaten van […]

9 cadres in Yunnan were investigated! Alleged serious violation of law

China Economic Weekly Recently, the website of the Yunnan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission issued a news that nine cadres suspected of serious violations of laws and acceptance investigations. The specific content is as follows: Yunnan Provincial Sports Bureau Party Secretary, Director Hong Zhenghua accepts the review investigation and investigation of Yunnan Sports Bureau […]

2020 "Chuangke China" Marine Industry SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition started in Qingdao Blue Valley

People’s Network Qingdao July 15 (Sun Lin) July 14th, 2020 "Chuangke China" Marine Industry SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Startup Ceremony and Press Conference held in Qingdao, Shandong Province. The reporter learned that this is the first national ocean festival since the "Chuangke China" SME Innovation Entrepreneur Competition, July 15th – August 15th is the […]

Shenxiao to "planting Camong" Huangpu strives to create a "first-class" business environment

In 2019, Huangpu District released the first district-level business environmental white paper; in March of the same year, "Huangpu expanded 50", through self-pressurization, further improved the service level for enterprises; June 2021, District "One Netcom" service is upgraded – "Cloud Care Service" and "Policy Space" started. A policy, a measures, which have blossoms in the […]

Shaanxi Ecological Environment Protection Committee held a meeting

Original title: The Provincial Ecological Environment Protection Committee held the meeting of this newspaper on October 27th, the Provincial Ecological Environment Protection Committee held a meeting to conscientiously study and implement the ecological civilization of Xi Jinping, listening to the information of the ecological environment protection work in our province, research and deployment Next work […]

Shanghai Minhang District Science and Technology Commission – Shanghai Channel – People’s Network

Institutional situation: Minhang District Science and Technology Commission, the Science and Technology Committee of the Association of Science and Technology, a set of teams, the Informatization Committee, the Intellectual Property Office, Earthquake Office, respectively, corresponding to the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Municipal Science Association, Municipal Economic and Information Commission , Municipal Intellectual Property […]

Tibet continues to broaden the employment channels of college graduates

  Recently, the "group" market-based employment work in our district "and" group "in Hubei Huangshi was held in Hubei. 7 cities (ground) in the region, 17 tangible provinces and municipal tasters attended the meeting. Employment is the largest people’s livelihood, the party committee, and the government have always attached great importance to the employment work of […]

Rongxian: "Party Building + Family" to promote rural cultural revitalization

In recent years, Guangxi Yulin City, Guangxi Province, the construction of domestic and civilization as an important part of the revitalization of rural villages, fully playing "party building +" role, paying attention to mining local excellent traditional home training, telling the story of home training, carrying forward domestic activities Establish a good family style, good […]