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Bassing Cup Teen Basketball Tournament 12th

  In the last month of 2021, the exclusive competition of the basketball of primary and secondary schools had to start. 2021 The 6th Beijing Evening News Bass Cup Teen Basketball Tournament Sunday, the children will show up in three weekends, enjoy the happiness brought by basketball. The contest was hosted by Beijing Evening News, Beijing […]

Beijing: More than 80% of respondents are satisfied with the city’s business environment

  More than 80% of the visited enterprises expressed satisfaction with the municipal business environment, 82 regulations for policy measures and 194 supporting policy documents, the convenience of government services and remarkable improvement are significantly improved … Yesterday morning, the Tenth National People’s Congress Standing Committee At the thirty-two meetings, Li Yingjin, deputy director of the […]

Peng Qinghua has been investigated in Dazhou Guang’an, emphasizes the implementation of the "Plan Outline" to learn and improve, concentrate on the end of the year, to ensure a good opening of the "14th Five-Year Plan"

  On October 27th, Peng Qinghua, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, was in the Chengda Wan high-speed rail control project in Dong’an Town, Quxi County – Huaji Mountain Tunnel Construction site, and visited the project. Reporter Ouyang Jie took the October 26th to 28th, the Provincial Party Committee Secretary Peng Qinghua went to Dazhou City, […]

39 difficulties in Yucheng received sporting goods

On October 12, the autonomous region, Laibin City, and the Yucheng County Guan Congress have launched the "Caring for the next generation of Delta" 2021 "Caring for the next generation", "I have donated 39 difficult students. Value of sports equipment supplies. On the day, the "five old" personnel of the Autonomous Region, Lingbin City and […]

Shenzhen: Ancient Ring Ying Moon Shadow Huadao Yao Xinqiao

  5 folk artists sing in the ancient rules of Qingping.   Have a history of more than 200 years, namely "Shenzhen Four Ming Dynasties", located in the Qing Ping of Xinqiao Street, Baoan District, opened. Recently, "Qingping Market, Summer Tourism Association" opened. Every Friday, Saturday, Japan 17, until August 15th, the public can come here, experience […]

This "Niangzi" is the "Sin Self-help" of the service battlefield.

  In the face of high-pressure attacks in the construction of defense projects, this "Niangzi" put all the efforts to work, undertaken more than 10 military scientific research projects, which is called the "sages of the battlefield."   A typical ◎ Zhou Yang Wang Lei Ben reporter Zhang Qiang has long heard that the Roost Research Institute’s […]

The establishment of party construction in Gonglings, leading the urban and rural grassroots governance "1 + 5 + 2" supervision system

In order to fully implement the party building to lead the mission of urban and rural grassroots governance, the task of promoting 5 special working groups is declined, strengthening the coordination between departments, effectively forming work, and establishing party construction leading the party building leading to the city and rural grassroots governance "1 + 5 […]

People’s Daily: Jiangsu Deepening the Dress Reform High Frequency Service Matters One Limited Time

Original title: High-frequency service matters a limited time to run a "People’s Daily" 2021 September 06, the 15th version of the screenshot original: Jiangsu Deepening the tube Reform High-frequency service matters a limited time to complete the newspaper Nanjing September 5 Electric (Reporter Yao Xueqing) Recently, the relevant departments of Jiangsu Province issued the implementation […]

Cangjiao God,More than 20,000 demon kings,Less than half of the dead,There are only four great formations of Cangjiao。

However, the long-dormant Cangjiao Heavenly God himself showed great power,After separating the four clones,Control the Cangjiao array as a clone,Suppress the Yuchen Tianshen and the three-party disgusting fire formation,It also exposed a second soul,Casting spells offsets the advantage of the restraint spells cast by the White Rainbow True Immortal and Dongyu True Immortal。 now,The two […]