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State Drug Administration: "Little Gold Shield" is not a child cosmetics quality certification sign. Some merchants intend to confuse meaning

The investigation problem is loaded, please wait. If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page in December 2021, the State Drug Administration released the child’s cosmetics logo- "Little Golden Shield", which aims to improve children’s cosmetics recognition and protect consumers’ right to know. On March 7, the State Drug Administration […]

Because the opponent’s attack trajectory can be predicted in advance,So Wang Santong’s several attacks did not fall on Qin Hao.。

At this time,Wang Santong’s cross punch,Li Chao on the right kicked,A heavy blow from the back of the long pants。 short time,Qin Hao can’t effectively avoid,Can only choose to resist one’s attack。 Qin Hao wants to trySKing Kong Immortal Golden Body。 One use the King Kong Immortal Golden Body,Qin Hao suddenly felt a lot […]

At first sight, three wonderful metaphors, understand why the General Secretary Hearts scientific and technological innovation

  On the afternoon of April 10, General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected the Yazhou Bay Seed Laboratory and the Sanya Marine Research Institute of China Ocean University in Sanya City, Hainan Province to learn about Hainan’s support for the innovation and development of marine technology in Hainan. Standing at a new historical starting point, "my country’s […]

Hebei Province launches R & D investment promotion actions

Original title: Our province conducts R & D investment enhancement actions. Hebei Province carried out research and development investment improvement operations in 2022 arrangements for special funds for special funds for enterprise R & D subsidies, and 10%of the 10%of the new R & D investment of the enterprise. The foundation is an important indicator […]

Lin Ye squinted at the beautiful and supported starting surface,Quite appreciated,“Help,Lijia also has a smart daughter.,There are more than a few daughters before the daughter in Bis Ting.,Also pleasantly。”

Ou Jing looked at him,“Look?” Lin Bao Shoulder shrinks,Look at him:“It seems that I really seem to be like it.。” Jiefin:“Total forest,Time is up。” “Hey-hey…”Lin Ye belly,Looking at Liuxu in the video:“Small beauty,excuse me。”With the sound,He pressed the Enter key。 “All right,Be,Waiting for so many days,Just now it is gently dark。”Lin Ye is a relaxed […]

Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development: Fully promote the safety production governance of housing municipal engineering

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 31 (Reporter Wang Youling) The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development emphasized on the 31st that local governments should soberly understand the severe and complexity of the current safety production situation, and effectively carry the political responsibility of preventing the hidden dangers of […]

Summer that just entered the valley,It is also a browning。

“Gale……coming,Zhantai is coming,How to do?” Wang Hao’s body trembled,The sound is also trembling,Face of fear and happiness。 He knows very early,Summer has a seventeen 阙 主 主。 Be more,Seventeen watches in countless years,It is controlled by another female fairy.。 But those who come up,Fut-rising urine,Faceless。 “it’s not a big deal,Nothing to do again。” Summer […]

Stress is easy to cause spleen and stomach deficiency? 4 methods to warm the spleen and stomach! -Lishu News

[Abstract] The spleen is the foundation of the day after tomorrow. It can biochemize qi and blood, transport subtle substances to various organ tissues of the whole body, and maintain the normal operation of the body. However, overeating, irregular meals a day, preferred cold and cold foods to easily hurt the spleen and stomach, which […]

Even if Hanjiang slipped away after agreed, there was no way to find it.,The other party said,It should be really important.。

“That line,I also take a break tonight.。”Ji said again:“You are also the first time to come to the city.,Needless I need this acquaintance to take you to play?” Han Jiang stunned,This is said? “Is such that,The above party is a person in charge responsible for this case.,Also my old friend,She only arrived today,I have a […]