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But this is a subject,All right。

Test yourself to defeat the demon dragon to the bottom of the state explosion,Still relying on true hard strength。 If he can defeat this intensity twice,Then prove that he really has this hard strength.。 Continue—— Chapter 120,Chessboard presents the state of mountain collapse,Dragon dance,Fall down from the center of the chessboard,Just look down to fall,Who […]

Day night,In order to make up for the last task celebration,Also celebrate the reasons for the rehabilitation of Ji,De Lisa has organized a gamepatry。

Qi Yana and buds also have Bronia to make the dormitory and the festival.,Ji Zi entered the door, immediately put the fireworks,Congratulations, Gong Xi Ji’s body rehabilitation。 When eating,Ji Zi poured a glass of wine in three or two1.,Drink all。 “Wow!This is called life.,I can only drink pure water in the hospital.,Let me start to […]

Watching some familiar scenes,Leo breathed a sigh of relief,The place is right。

There are actually many empty islands,The sky above Gaya Island is just one of them。 Sky Island is not so mysterious,In fact, many people in the sky will still go to experience,It’s just that when the previous life manga was in the sky island chapter,Forcibly exaggerating,Later I found that the sky island is nothing。 […]

Looking at Li Hui’s pour,Another attitude,Liu Zhiming also nodded:“Xiao Li can,Where is this pouring posture??

It’s okay now.,We are modern people,It is necessary to do something modern.,Don’t restrainly。” “There is also what you said customers.,I am the boss,Customer is God,I should give you toast according to the reason.,From this level of perspective,Your kid is a loss。” Listening to Liu Zhiming’s analysis,Li Hui is also a smile。 “Disadvantage is a blessing,Loss […]

Wang traffic is in the same place,A face is messy,He didn’t go home for a year.,It’s rare to come back,His gates have not yet progress,I was taken by a side?

Do you want to be so true?? The king is a little crying.,Shake your head,Turning and running。 “Bother,Small stream is back?” “Yes,Come back for a year,Liu Shu is good for the New Year.。” “it is good,You are also good for the New Year。” “Small stream,When you come back?” “just came back。” “Bother,Wang always came back,I […]

Poor is the position of the inspection,The face of the three people in the week is cloudy.,Faintness。

They have been in the past.,And responsible for judging the potential of various avenues。 Results The governor did not hesitate to negate it.139Taoism disciple efforts and potential。 For the summer this congenital blood,It is even more contemptuous on the speech.,Extremely degenerate。 However, I didn’t think of it.,He actually flew away,Become a presence。 Now now,The […]

“Let those people leave?”Some funny in the Qing Dynasty,“The unrelated people involved in this event,What is the obligation to help you block such strong power??”

“you”Brunette girl,After half-embarrassing, I said that I was very annoying.,“But clearly you just” “Don’t give me so much tall tone。”Qing Palace is awkward,“Look at the equipment that you drive,should be‘Cows’People?” “How do you know??”Girl is obviously shocked,Look at the eyes of Qing Palace, also vigilant。 “Enterprise private security maintenance force‘Gossip’。”Taoist laughter,Pupil in the pupil is […]

Three people appeared at the same time in a dark alley。

“You will also see,This is my previous experience.,Let you know how ridiculous and stubborn in the past。” “Don’t dare to face reality,I don’t dare to accept the world alone.,Hide like a frightened rabbit in the dark corner,That is the real poor,Truly sad!” This place Han Jiang has seen,It is a weekend of Fuhua transfer to […]


First2076chapter Break in When I heard the words Qin Xiaomin,Xia Jian couldn’t help but trembled。The fact that he did this is a bit too much,Anyway,He has to show up and explain this to others。 Where is Xia Jian sitting,I don’t know what to say for a while。Xi Zhen ordered two cups of coffee,Accompanying Xia Jian […]