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“We owe him too much。”The king said to himself sincerely。

“perhaps,But he is the one you like,It’s a matter of course to experience these。” The white-haired old man is thinking how to comfort the monarch。 “Hope,If he is still willing to set foot in the middle domain,Mr. Trouble, help more,It’s time to solve some things。” “Yes!” Except for the most mysterious place in Dahua Country,And […]

A strong family will never lack competitors,And every big family celebration,Those competitors have never disappointed in the spoiler。

Before Xiang Chen came to Zhu’s house to be reasonable,Because of the relationship between his daughter and her little princess,He chose to be courteous first,So everyone naturally put all their attention on Xiang Chen。 The truth is also true,If there is no block from Zhu Guosheng,I’m afraid that Zhu Shiyao’s engagement ceremony has been turned […]

now,Inside Legend Pictures’ panic,The average employee does not know that the company has been targeted by Tuoba evil,I just feel that many senior executives suddenly asked for leave,The progress of many projects in the company has also been suspended。

They don’t know what happened,I only know that there is a feeling that the mountains and rain are coming and the wind is full,The atmosphere in the last few days is obviously something wrong。 “Star Lord?Star Lord is here!”In front of Legendary Pictures,An employee suddenly yelled。 Many young employees ran out,Take a closer look,It really […]

That tyrannosaur fist just now,Just knocked the opponent to the ground,Did not break through the opponent’s defense,So that person can immediately regain his combat power,Such an effect makes Lu Menglin very dissatisfied。

In fact, one punch can defeat the opponent,Just because the power burst is not enough,That’s why Lu Menglin uses the cat-like body technique,Move around behind the other person to take that one。 And Lu Menglin was suspicious,That person was scared by himself,Hit again,If you only use fists,Although I will not lose,But it’s hard to win,In […]

but,Under normal circumstances,Lu Menglin believes that the incoming person should not be of the level of Venerable Secret Medicine,Because the Venerable Secret Medicine has a high status in the Secret Medicine Group,Usually they are stationed on the turf they control to suppress all parties,Rarely move easily。

Not to mention just for a transaction,The chance of Venerable Secret Medicine dispatching is not too high。 “Report chief instructor,About the specific content of the transaction,The intelligence department did not make it clear,They only said it was a weapon deal。”Combat staff。 “Arms deal?Trading weapons with arcana?Or use something else?”Lu Menglin asked in surprise。 The combat […]

So no matter what the final result of this battle is,,Can get first-hand information for the rear in the first time,This is the maximum benefit Carlo can think of。

There are the last three seconds,The flies around are getting more restless,They have smelled dangerous,Knowing that the next energy shock will be extremely scary,They may fall because of this impact,That’s why they are so emotional。 suddenly,Carlo found that Lu Menglin’s expression was something wrong,The other person’s eyes,Not the look of death,But the winner,With confidence,And with […]

No matter how strong the chubby face is to fool people,To meet Li Dahai in half an hour,And put out so many trade secrets,Totally impossible!

“Chubby face?” Qiao Tianyu thought for a while,An idea came to my heart。 You are loyal or evil,This trip to Boston,Let’s see the resolution! Qiao Tianyu just made up his mind,Suddenly heard the door of the apartment ring,Then chubby face shouting“master”the sound of。 Qiao Tianyu knew it was the chubby face back,Hurry up and hide […]

“Stay suspense,Leave some fantasy,The future will be better。”Chen Wenjin tactfully refused,Divergent thinking made him think of a word:Start a family,Why do you get married before?Just look at these two,If you don’t have a family,How can they think about starting a career??

The game hall is a place for recreation,Play well and create in this place‘Prestige’,Some make money。 A leopard is the kind of level that can quickly lose money after continuous coin,Di is much better,But his character is very open,Yell every time you win,I don’t care about others’ mood at all。 Chen Wenjin recalls the past […]

Netizens began to sigh again,Good men belong to others,All the scumbags belong to his own family!

“Don’t express such feelings,To be a successful woman who trains a scumbag into a good man!” I joked with netizens for a while,After eating, I visited the company’s cafeteria and other places in the headquarters! Old Huang’s management looks very casual,Never care about special details。 but,The place to manage is very good。 No preparation needed,Go […]