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“Let’s go to the restaurant,Many choices。”Hui suggested,She knows that Chen Wenjin doesn’t want Xiao Gao to spend too much money,And Xiao Gao doesn’t want to eat too routinely,Choose what you like in the restaurant,And put it together at a table,The price is not too expensive,Couldn’t be more suitable。

Unanimous vote。 Eat the whole layer,There are a lot of people at this time,But there is still room,Later,That’s congestion。 This is also the benefit of eating earlier,The evening meal can be followed in advance,Anyway, I had a late night snack,Time is fully connected,And avoid the crowded situation。 A group of people turned around to see […]

Guo Rui once again had the urge to scold his mother:How do I feel that your COMAC is giving us alms331plant?

I think that COMAC will use foreign currency as the settlement method for purchasing engines,Guo Rui kept telling himself in his heart:That’s the dollar、GBP、Yen Franc and even Mark……The fastest web update Computer: “That turboprop—9And scroll—8Technical improvements?”After a while of silence,Guo Rui finally spoke。 Chen Geng’s heart was overjoyed! What Guo Rui said,Obviously, he acquiesced to […]

His wealth is not enough,Of course I don’t know the origin of the jade box,But Lu Menglin and the others knew。

Chen Jiannan’s eyes widened,Can’t help but cast the inquiring gaze on Lu Menglin,Mean to ask,This is your arrangement? Lu Menglin shook his head mercilessly,Said he didn’t know。 Zhu Xiaoguang and Wang Shaoxiao looked at each other,The two just vaguely guessed what was in the jade box,But they themselves have less contact with that thing,Not sure,Don’t […]

And when I heard Qiao Tianyu call himself“What the hell”,Dabang?Song Kan frowned,His face was full of unhappy,He hasn’t heard others dare to say that for many years。

“Qiao Tianyu!”See dabang?Songkhan’s expression changes,Michelle was shocked in a cold sweat。 What happened to Qiao Tianyu today?,In the past, he was the most respected teacher,But how can he say that about Master Songcan today?,This is too much? “Qiao Tianyu,What the hell are you doing?!” Michelle was very angry and yelled at Qiao Tianyu dissatisfied。 “Today […]

Myth and legend,Drifting was originally an official of the heavenly court,I was demoted to the world because I broke a glass cup。Although this is a myth,But it also shows the preciousness of colored glaze。

Hu Yang looked back at the stall owner again,Open road:“That person is not easy。” “Tomb robber,Don’t negotiate too deeply with them,it does not matter。”Shen is always an old world,Of course I can see。 Hua Zi and Fitch were surprised,Can’t help but look back。 “Hey!Don’t look back specifically!With that expression,You owe it?”Old Shen glared at the […]

“We are not asking this,It’s about awards related to your profession。”The interviewer smiled at Naihe,Continue to wait for Chen Amei’s favorite answer。

A-mei Chen’s cheerful smile immediately ossified,Thought for a while,Said:“You mean computer,This one,I have not、Haven’t won an award yet?” “Oh,I seem to understand。it is good,you can go now,Next person。”The interviewer said。 Chen Amei took a few steps,I went back to the interviewer,This kind of bold and straightforward questioning of the examiner is rarely seen among interviewers。 […]

But even though my heart is broken,Millhouse knows better,Orchards that need pesticides,Definitely the biggest weakness of this property,No matter who wants to buy this property,As long as I find this weakness,Don’t catch the bargain,Then I’m sorry。

“Mr. Millhouse,I’m going straight,In order to ensure the health of my employees,In addition to this health center,I want to put around5Bought acres of land,And you need Mr. Millhouse to use your energy to help me change the land use,As for the price……I only give you60Ten thousand U.S. dollars。” Before Chen Geng’s voice fell,Millhouse almost jumped […]

“will not!”Before Anderson finished,Chen Geng’s sure way:“Unless Michael is an idiot。”

“what?”Anderson froze,The boss is so sure?Frown,Anderson asked puzzledly:“Why not?” “I ask you,Does Michael know that it is more profitable to sell the parts apart??” “should……Yes right。”Scratch your head,Anderson Road:“It’s more profitable if you don’t find the parts disassembled and sold,It is impossible for him to allow others to pay for the parts。” “well,Since he knows […]