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“You don’t even know about the Legion?”Zhang Song explained:“The Legion System in the Gun of Glory,It’s about the same as the union in other online games,Players can choose the right legion to join,By participating in legion wars or elite missions,Increase honor value。Honor value is a reflection of the contribution of the legion,A straight is kicked because the honor score is too low。”

“It’s not normal to be kicked if the honor score is too low?Can’t you find another legion??”Cao Anna asked。 “The key is that Shunzi is in the legion,The cadre sees that you are a novice and excludes you when doing tasks or launching a legionary war.,Don’t give new phones when you brush honor,Kicking people all […]

Young man gritted his teeth,A trace of cruelty flashed in his eyes,Head down,Still not talking。

Sheng Guangda next to him is about to attack,Gu Changfeng waved his hand,Sign not to worry,Then trouble the police to take the young man Wang Bing。 Sheng Guangda’s anger is obvious,It’s not easy to attack Gu Changfeng,Then several people were tried,Are all bewitched peripheral personnel,When making trouble, one by one is very arrogant,Being locked in […]

Seeing Li Ming,Pop up with one finger,A hole in the sky will bring the dharma body of the King Sparrow into it。

Unexpected,Li Ming looked at a place in the void。 He faintly felt a sense of voyeurism,But this feeling of voyeurism is completely different from the one I encountered before,Without a trace of threat or malice。 —————————– Daomeng Palace,The leader of the nine major factions of the Dao League。 Not established,No sect,But far surpasses the other […]

“In the middle of the first floor in the second row from the left,The third row on the right, the third floor, the first from the left!”Go to the one on the left,After picking it up,Surprise flashes in my eyes。

“Flash of lightning-Suitable for large weapons,Put its power,Combination of speed,Concentrate power on your right arm in an instant,Inflict a devastating blow!” “Fuming swallowed,What a tyrannical combat technique,On technology is not as good as hurricane war dance,But argumentative strikes are not as good as flashing thunder,And the hurricane dance must cooperate with the hurricane to attack,Larger […]

“Can’t catch up with,what can I do。”

Yan Bixia flipped over white eyes,Suddenly see the beads on the small frost wrist,Exposed color。 No wonder Liao Wenjie short hair,No wonder that most of the night, secretly touching the chest,It turned out to be a good monk,I can’t finish the quotes too long.。 That’s it,He is very accurate,Unfair。 so,That one glance,Liao Wenjie is touched。 […]

As soon as Ou Ling heard that human players came,Suddenly my eyes shine,Long sword supported on the ground,Stood up laboriously。

I:Oring,What are you doing?You have injuries。 Oring:Since there are human players,I should go to support,How can you stay out?This injury is nothing。 I feel speechless,My personal grievances with the arrogant group are nothing in Oling’s position,But from my standpoint,These guys want my life! I secretly scold Oring you as a traitor in my heart!In the […]

Chapter 38 Bloodstone Society

In the desolate rolling mountains,Sparsely populated,The rock of the mountain is a kind of strange rock with a light black luster。 This is the realm of life,On the west side of Ruishan Mansion, the southernmost tip of the ancient continent,More famous【Black Jones Mountain】,The mountain is completely composed of black jade。In the world of life,Heiyu is […]

So many needles,Xia Jian has never felt the pain like today。He gritted his teeth,Silent。Wang Huimin is getting a needle,Whispered:“I can’t help but yell out,Not so exciting,The poisonous gas in your body won’t break out,So it can’t achieve the full discharge effect”

Wang Huimin said,Two fingers fiercely,A silver needle almost stuck into the meat。suddenly,Xia Jian yelled,Opened his mouth sharply,A mouthful of blood spurted into the basin under the bed。Suddenly an unpleasant smell came out。Guo Meili couldn’t help covering her nose。 “Drain away,Change another basin of water”Wang Huimin said,Two fingers pressed Xia Jian’s Mingmen point。Xia Jian snorted,Then climbed […]

Although he admits that Zhou Li is his mother,,But there is no indication,Even if it’s an affectionate look。The children are extremely cold towards Zhou Lixian,It’s like seeing a stranger。

“Don’t worry,Sit in the house”Sun Yuejuan glanced at Zhou Li, who was crying,Whispered to her。 Zhou Li nodded,Followed Sun Yuejuan into the living room。Just when Sun Yuejuan was making tea for her,Zhou Li suddenly thumped and knelt behind Sun Yuejuan。 Sun Yuejuan was shocked,She put down the tea cup in her hand,Quickly lift Zhou Li […]

“The other is,Pingdu City is located in the transportation hub of the eastern part of our province,No matter from the agricultural development,Or tourism development,All have unique geographical locations,You said that such a place does not develop,What else can be developed?”

Hu Huiru talked about these things,Talk freely。She said the truth,Let Xia Jian listen attentively。So that the car stopped,She doesn’t even know。 It seems that I am really out of date,Just thinking about how to have a small abacus in my heart,It seems that there is still a big gap between him and the boss of […]