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Maybe I don’t want to be forgotten,Or maybe always want to tell a winner,Zhu Minglang seems to be able to hear the mourning of the ancient sword on the continuous sword mound。

A huge cloud,Slowly blocked the strong sunlight。 Jianzhongling began to sink,There is a strange mist all around,Covers everything in Zhu Minglang’s vision。 I don’t know if it’s my own illusion,Zhu Minglang saw the long steps behind him,The woman with a simple picture in the sword spectrum flew out! Every step,There is a simple shadow woman,They […]

“Yes……Yes……”Lin Zhaoda’s teaching looked at Zhu Minglang,I have no energy to speak。

Zhu Minglang only found out,There was a shocking claw mark on Lin Zhaoda’s chest.,This claw mark almost pulled out his internal organs! “I have some ointments!”I wish Minglang go in a hurry,I want to plug the terrible wound for Lin Zhaoda。 “No……useless,I can’t live,I can’t live。Be careful,There are others……There are others here,Very strong,Very strong……”Lin Zhaoda […]

I didn’t expect Xia Jian’s voice just fell,Wang Lin laughed loudly。She smiled and said:“I knew you would think so,So I tell you very seriously today。About property management fees,Water fee。My family opened a special payment account,Automatic deduction every month”

“And the money I deposited in this account,It doesn’t matter if you deduct these expenses for more than ten or twenty years。And my dad isCDHometown bought a house,Won’t come back here。Because I will tell them when I go back,The house in Bucheon has been disposed of” Xia Jianyi listen,It’s not interesting to say:“Wang Lin!Buy if […]

First,He said that he is here.“Large manager”,what is“Large manager”Woolen cloth?that is“ConvincedXXmilitary”,Means of,Battlefield here,All military affairs,Both people are always responsible!

In this sentence,Solitary correspondence is not refuted,He became a subordinate of Gao Baoyi。 Just say that it is still in the top of Jincheng.。 the second,Gao Biyi said that the rescued army came so late,Because Duan Yue“It is very urgent to attack the city”。What is the meaning of saying?:I haven’t been late.,It’s too fast to […]

“United V- Specializer,Don’t the Hurricane Action Team and the Killing Action Group don’t work??”Fu Ying Xue asked,

“Snowman,Not a matter of people now,But we need a chance to be in one hit.。” “Is this Ding Mun Village action greet with special high school??” “Even if there is a action, it is also called the special class before action.,And the insider is then one or two people,So we have no time to prepare […]

So badly injured,Even zombies can’t bear it,Fell to the ground and died。

Li Ming is carrying a middle-aged Taoist,Stabbed to death with a single shot that has an innate realm,A big toast with the courage。 Two and a half hours later,It’s dawn,Chen Guangxi Wei。 Wumu City has woken up,But some businessmen found,In that case, the little spice seller did not come。 While in the city,Some beliefs‘Almighty’Believers,But it […]

“no problem,When you speak,This time passes really fast,Hongyu is going to college“Xia Jian said and glanced at his watch,I found it was past six。

“Come on, Hyemin,Go down and watch everyone get off work,Then lock the door from the outside,I’m sitting in the office waiting for Rong Sisi to come back“Xia Jian said with a smile,He knew that Wang Huimin had to rush to cook for Hongyu after get off work。 Wang Huimin responded,He closed the office door and […]

Wang Youcai thought about it,Then put the phone through,Hu Huiru on the phone asked with a smile:“All right!Your second brother has that virtue,Timid,So he can only be the mayor of your small place,If he can be bolder,It’s not impossible to go up”

“Damn!Leave him alone,Are you looking for me”Wang Youcai said impatiently。 Hu Huiru smiled and said:“come on!To Yulan Pavilion on the second floor of Meiweizhai,I ordered a table of meals,Let’s have a supper together! I know,Maybe you haven’t eaten it yet!” This is really a vixen,She even knew he didn’t eat。What Hu Huiru said,Wang Youcai’s belly […]

we can even say,Just because of this policy,Turkic princess will marry Zhou Guo。

now,Gao Bo Yi proposed to follow the trucked mutual city,It can be said that the policy of the grassland nation can be said to be completely overturned.。Imagination,Once the impact of the mutual market in Turkicon and North Qi,Will be difficult to estimate。 North Qi’s economic volume,Most of the North Week,And also carrying the goods from […]

Cangjiao God,More than 20,000 demon kings,Less than half of the dead,There are only four great formations of Cangjiao。

However, the long-dormant Cangjiao Heavenly God himself showed great power,After separating the four clones,Control the Cangjiao array as a clone,Suppress the Yuchen Tianshen and the three-party disgusting fire formation,It also exposed a second soul,Casting spells offsets the advantage of the restraint spells cast by the White Rainbow True Immortal and Dongyu True Immortal。 now,The two […]