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Fang Fang took a sip of water,Big eyes blinked twice and said:“What else?Idle,I am not as beautiful as a parent,tender,Not considerate,Can’t do anything yet,Only fists”When the girl talked about fist,Also made two gestures。

Xia Jian helplessly shook his head,She understands that Fang Fang is eating Zhou Li’s jealousy,This woman’s mind may not be too small, right! Xia Jian’s Thoughts:“How about you being a bodyguard for me for a month?One month is over,Let’s choose from both sides” Chick,Fang Fang squirted out the water he drank in his mouth,She laughed:“Stop […]

Liao Wenjie can’t see the head,Decide tomorrow and clock,Let the professional Taoist walk away,Maybe I can find the truth。

【Net world】Award,Liao Wenjie walking,Black gas is constantly collapsed。 unconsciously,Fifteen layers empty,He stepped to the first floor hall。 Evil sticks,One side of Liao Wenjie,Sweepe glass,Survival。 The security guard on duty does not know what happened on the side.,Sitting at the desk,Cold coffee cup。 Polar differentiation,Comparison is very obvious。 “Hear————” Several devils launched against the death,Even Liao […]

Two people walking out of the restaurant,Xu Yan didn’t mean to continue talking,It’s about to happen“bid farewell”This step,Yu Zhe decided to take the initiative。

“A bit embarrassed to say。”Yu Zhe was embarrassed,Hesitating did not get to the point,“Can you……Please?” “Just say,I will help you do it!”Xu Yan patted his chest,No matter what Yu Zhe is going to say,Agree directly。 “I just arrivedLcity,Haven’t come yet and book a hotel,If it is convenient……”Yu Zhe left the second half without saying,Want to […]

Xia Jian smiled and said:“You Village Chief Chen looks honest,Actually understands diplomacy,Send a beauty here,You say i can’t agree?“

“You mean yes?That’s great!“Chen Xiaolan heard Xia Jian say this,Look very happy。 Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“The elementary school in your village is really bad,I can only refurbish you first,Wait for the project to stabilize,Rebuild a new school building“ ———— First0794chapter Royal civil strife Late autumn morning,Has a little coolness。 Wang Degui […]


“We are now going to conduct an extended search,Bring your climbing tools、Bows, crossbows, and insect-proof snake powder are borrowed from us!” Mountaineering tools、There is no shortage of crossbow police,It’s mainly used to prevent insects and snakes.。 Worm on the mountain at night、There are so many mosquitoes,Scarier than wild boar,The police force brought those spirits、Mosquito repellent […]

Zheng Tiancheng saw two beautiful eyes and got all the time.,He nature knows that he is also unwelcome.。

I immediately laughed:“I still don’t drink it with you first.,Someone waiting for me over there?,The most important thing is that my light bulb is a bit bright.,Will be troubled。” Finish,Zheng Tiancheng has directly rushed to Zhao Wuji.。 Meet,I haven’t waited for Zhao Wuji,Zheng Tiancheng took the lead in opening。 “You really make sure that I […]

and,This time reward,Actually it came very well。

“Unexpectedly,The reward I got this time,There is a building here?” “if so,Then it is more convenient for me to carry out various actions!” See here,Now,Wang Teng’s heart,Even more eager to try。 Other things,In fact, there is nothing to consider for the time being。 But the next thing,How to arrange it。 Leave nothing else,But such a […]