Monthly Archives: January 2022

Sichuan: Applying the Tianfu Family Style in-depth to conduct a family tutorial education

Original title: Applying the Tianfu Family Storm to carry out the family tutorial home style, the provincial discipline committee, the provincial party organization department, the provincial party committee, the provincial supervision committee, the provincial civilization office, the Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Department of Education issued " The Tianfu Family Pavilion in-depth, the notice […]

Tangshan Smart Market Supervision Platform Realization Drops

  The reporter learned from the Tangshan Market Supervision Bureau that the bureau continued to deepen the Internet + smart supervision reform in the field of food safety, and built a smart market supervision platform. As a supervision subject, all the city’s food production operations are all incorporated into the platform to implement supervision. As of […]

People’s Daily: Jiangsu Deepening the Dress Reform High Frequency Service Matters One Limited Time

Original title: High-frequency service matters a limited time to run a "People’s Daily" 2021 September 06, the 15th version of the screenshot original: Jiangsu Deepening the tube Reform High-frequency service matters a limited time to complete the newspaper Nanjing September 5 Electric (Reporter Yao Xueqing) Recently, the relevant departments of Jiangsu Province issued the implementation […]

Tibet Autonomous Region Mountaineering team launched rocks into campus activities in Ali

  On November 10, the Tibet Autonomous Region Mountaineering team launched the "Star Yao Tibet, Climbing Campus" activities in Gul County, Ali District. It is designed to make students feel close to the distance, and zero distance experience the charm of rock climbing.At the event, the mountaineering team of the autonomous region is patiently guided by […]

The 11th Issue Emergency Management Department of the Safety Production Assessment Group of the State Council, the safety production work of the National Mining Safety Supervision Bureau

[] According to the unified deployment of the State Council, from 18 to 21, the eleventh group of the State Council’s Safety Production Assessment Group, the Emergency Management Department, the National Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, 2020, safe production work. On the afternoon of May 19, the safety production work assessment report was convened, and the […]