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Optimize digital social environment (people’s point of view)

Original title: Optimizing the digital society (people’s point of view) Digital society has not only huge development vitality, but also has significant innovative energy can be made up and down in terms of optimizing service supply, improvement governance. Digital service is more temperature, digital governance is more accurate, and the digital society will continue to […]

The Chinese national folk dance in the contemporary development of cultural confidence

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation requires the prosperity of Chinese culture," proposes to "enhance cultural consciousness and cultural confidence". The Chinese nation creates and has accumulated colorful cultural art treasures in the process of thousands of years of history. It is still very charming today. For the […]

The latest road conditions are caused by foggy weather, and the high-speed station in Hebei is closed.

  Tang Cao Express (S41): Tang Cao Express: Due to the fog, Caofeidian Wetland Station, Caofeidian Station, Fengnan Industrial Zone Station, Nanbao Development Zone Station, Caofeidian Industrial Zone Station Tangshan Direction.   Coastal Expressway Caofeidian Branch (S51): Cao Cao Expressway Beijingha to Coast Section: Due to the fog, Dong’an Village Station, Lezhuang Station, Zhangzhou West Railway Station, […]

Shanghai Minhang District Science and Technology Commission – Shanghai Channel – People’s Network

Institutional situation: Minhang District Science and Technology Commission, the Science and Technology Committee of the Association of Science and Technology, a set of teams, the Informatization Committee, the Intellectual Property Office, Earthquake Office, respectively, corresponding to the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Municipal Science Association, Municipal Economic and Information Commission , Municipal Intellectual Property […]

The scale of assets exceeded 200 billion yuan Tianjin Binhai Rural Commercial Bank developed a new starting point

Recently, Tianjin Binhai Rural Commercial Bank discloses operating results in the third quarter of 2021. The total assets have reached 100 million yuan. The first breakdown of 200 billion mark; deposit, the deposit deposit is stable in more than 10 billion yuan; loan than a balance billion;Assets, the scale of deposits is greatly improved. Behind […]

The fight against SARS is the battlefield performance of their duties positions

  Septuagenarian, still retrograde off; sudden illness, adhere to struggle in the front line; participating in traditional Chinese medicine hospital shelter set up; has been invited to the overseas video connection, provided China "prescription" for the global fight against SARS …… he is the National People’s Congress , Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tianjin University of Traditional […]

Shanxi: College graduates founded small micro enterprises to maximum loans 3 million yuan

  Original title: College graduates found small micro-enterprises, the highest loan, 3 million yuan, October 22, the Provincial People’s Social Security Office interprets the university graduate employment entrepreneurship policy, which conduct individual business graduates, can Apply for a startup guarantee loan up to 300,000 yuan. If you create a small micro business, you can apply for […]