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Beijing Winter Olympics Technology Highlights is expected

Original title: Beijing Winter Olympics Technology Highlights During Beijing Winter Olympics, the road to all venues and connecting venues in the 2nd place will implement 5G full coverage; the Winter Olympics will achieve "100 meters, minute" Accurate meteorological forecasting; Will Cloud Transport Technical Tournament will cooperate with Olympic Broadcasting Service (OBS) to provide "Bullet Time" […]

Dalian Petrochemical MES system deepened the application and speed up

  Since this year, Dalian Petrochemical Company has deepened MES system applications from public engineering data, and early warning monitoring management, adding new means to produce refined management.   It is understood that Dalian Petrochemical Company has improved the automatic acquisition function of public engineering data by using on-site data such as hydropower to access on-site data, […]

360 college won the "2021 Excellent Competitive Financial Science and Technology Influent Enterprise"

, Automotive, banking, insurance, medical, TMT, energy, new consumption and other industries, inviting more than 100 key media in China, focus on global economic changes, and talk about China’s high-quality road. In the institutional selection activities, after professional selection institutions, the selection and online voting, 360 college won 2021 Excellent competitive technology influence enterprises. 360 […]

China called on the new situation to effectively contain and combat threats to global terrorism

People’s Daily NIC November 4th (Reporter Li Xiaohong) November 4, China, China’s resident, deputy resident, said in the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Counselor of the Counsel, the international community should sum up the experience of counter-terrorism and improve The anti-terrorism work is effective, enhances national response capabilities, effectively curbing and combating global […]

Close-up: "I found a dream stage in the mainland" – the Taiwan Taiwan is shared with moving stories in the Taiwan Forum

  Xinhua News Agency, Xiamen, December 11th: "I found a dream stage in the mainland" – Taiwan in the Taiwan Trust Xinhua News Agency reporter Xue Xueyi, Deng Qianqian, "90", "Northeast"In the entrepreneurial atmosphere of Taiwan, I boarded the "elite list"; a Taiwanese student, because learned Marxism to the mainland, found that Taiwan youth has a […]

Aid Xinjiang Red Shandong Aid Management Cadre: Desert Hinterland Australian Lobster Try Now

As a result, the Yun Yidong began the water quality of these ponds, and the water temperature data tracking and monitoring. He was surprised to find that the conditions were in line with shrimp farming requirements, so they launched the white pearl shrimp, Roche Maimi, Claw shrimp, Aquatic varieties such as Australian crayfish are evaluated, […]

De provincie Shanxi financierde rechtstreeks 15,8 miljard yuan in de eerste drie kwartalen

  Originele titel: [Nieuwe gegevens Nieuwe punten] De eerste drie kwartalen van onze provincie rechtstreeks van 158.3 miljard yuan op 16 november, de verslaggever die is geleerd van het Shanxi Gedrag Regulatory Bureau dat de eerste drie kwartalen in de eerste drie kwartalen, de kapitaalmarkt van de provincie rechtstreeks financiering Miljoen Yuan, jaar-op-jaar groei% Het biedt […]