Give your child a loving home

Give your child a loving home

A few days ago, a senior girl jumped from a 30-story-high building and ended her mother’s endless silence about her academic performance with her flowering season.

According to an insider, the girl ‘s mother has always demanded the child ‘s learning requirements. As soon as the child ‘s grades decline, she is particularly irritable and painful. She keeps calling the child ‘s teacher and nagging in front of the child.Show great disappointment with the child.

The last time the math test score was unsatisfactory, the mother’s desperate tone made the child determined to go home.

When the child left, his underwear was not as dirty as it appeared, and it seemed that he hadn’t changed it for many days.

  I remember the scene I saw in the United States.

Although I don’t think that home education in the United States is perfect, this scene makes me unforgettable.

In a community antique swimming competition, the young players were struggling to swim, and the parents desperately shouted to cheer.

When the last one came to the finish, the little guy’s parents and uncle rushed to hug the child and praised him as “good!


“”I am proud of you!

The little guy was also excited and kept saying: “Thank you!”

“As if this is a champion.

  Of course, the swimming competition in a community cannot match the established ratio of our college entrance examination, but I think that the attitude of American parents to their children deserves recognition: children, you have participated, and worked hard, we will affirm you and value you!

Failure this time, maybe success next time!

This positive and encouraging mentality transcends in such amateur competitions, and in all aspects of children’s growth.

  Many of our parents have appointed this kind of mentality. Merging did not give our children enough time, love and encouragement, replacing us and eager to achieve success. I want to let the children excel in their own glory.

When the child was still learning the language, he was busy teaching the child to read characters. As soon as he was two or three years old, he was looking for a foreign language class, for fear that the child would lose on the starting line.

When the child is older, various specialty classes are booming. Some parents do not consider whether the child is suitable or not, and they forcefully give the child a “specialty”. The purpose is clear: examination, award, and certificate.

Then aimed at key middle schools, key universities.

As long as the children’s academic performance can be improved, as long as they can get high scores, everything is at their disposal.

As soon as the child’s grades went up, the whole family smiled, and when the grades were not good, the whole family became cloudy and cloudy.

As a result, the child’s learning pressure is too heavy, and the psychological pressure is “overloaded”. In the last “safe haven” of the family, effective shelter cannot be obtained. When the wind blows, there are often unpredictable problems.

Isn’t it too late when children tell us the failure of home education at the cost of leaving or ending their lives?

  Are we really thinking about children?

When we advocate people-oriented, are we child-oriented?

It is true that today’s children have a richer material life than ever before, but today’s children are facing unprecedented pressures for academics, further studies and employment competition.

Failure is almost a required course for every child to grow up.

This poses unprecedented challenges to our home education.

If our family education is still accustomed to the traditional “nothing is impossible”, we blame children for mistakes or failures in a simple and rude manner, do not know how to respect children, and master the laws of children’s growth.Finally, he was eliminated from the competition.

  I have observed some children who are excellent in all aspects, mental health, and active children, and found that they have a high degree of consistency in the family environment: family harmony, parents and children communicate emotionally and psychologically, and do not require learningHarsh, especially when children make mistakes, such families often adopt tolerance and encouragement.

Some problem children often come from problem families.

As an American father said in the book “Boy Boy”, a firm parent and a harmonious family are the beginning and guarantee of a good education.

  Home should be the harbor of the child’s soul.

Children are innocent.

All children have the right to ask their parents to give them love and encouragement. This is the responsibility of parents.

If we love children, then we will do our best to create a family environment full of tolerance and encouragement. Even if the children compete outside and are injured, they can return to the warm home and have parents heal him and encourage him again.Stand up and head for the new battlefield.