A strong family will never lack competitors,And every big family celebration,Those competitors have never disappointed in the spoiler。

Before Xiang Chen came to Zhu’s house to be reasonable,Because of the relationship between his daughter and her little princess,He chose to be courteous first,So everyone naturally put all their attention on Xiang Chen。
The truth is also true,If there is no block from Zhu Guosheng,I’m afraid that Zhu Shiyao’s engagement ceremony has been turned upside down by Xiang Chen.。
After Zhu Guosheng got Xiang Chen,Although still on alert,But still relaxed,This gives my opponents an opportunity。
Zhu Guoquan looked at Xiang Chen deeply,The title of the master of the heaven island Yaomen is terrible,But make my little princess unhappy,That also has a price!
“not him!”Zhu Guosheng held his second brother,Shook his head slightly。
“Maybe it was because of a coincidence that he was turned into a gun by a child,But based on the relationship between his daughter and Shi Yao,He won’t be an accomplice of others,Not to mention that in terms of revenge,I’m afraid I don’t even bother to join hands with others!”
Zhu Ruzhi looked towards Xiang Chen with a smile on his face,Xiang Chen also gave the old man a thumbs up。
Zhu’s father and son were relieved,Isn’t Xiang Chen unable to move,Just moved too much,Now he admits that he will not interfere,Nature is the best。
“My vacation will end tomorrow,There should be no difference between saying goodbye now and saying goodbye tomorrow!”
Lan Youmeng glanced at Xiang Chen,Affectionate when talking。
“Don’t do stupid things!”
Xiang Chenxu51titun.Frown,I can vaguely guess what Lan You dreams of。