In an instant,Lu Menglin suddenly appeared on the right side of one of them,Reach out,So he pulled out the man’s saber from his waist。

Followed by,Lu Menglin’s whole body exploded,A terrible coercion rose to the sky,Lock the four people’s minds firmly,Total suppression。
This moment,Like in front of four people,Suddenly there was a big mouth in the blood basin,A prehistoric beast is opening its mouth,Swallowed four people in one bite。
The four of them were under this sudden mental pressure,All stiff,I can’t even turn my eyes。
Lu Menglin said nothing,Slash。
boom!After a loud noise,The entire ring was directly split in half by Dao Jin。
This powerful sword strength,It was cut from among the four,The knife is strong but not scattered,Highly focused,There is hardly any excess energy collapse,That’s why it can produce such a shocking effect。
A hard arena specially blessed by magical energy,Harder than fine iron,But was split by this knife。
A knife mark about three feet long appeared clearly on the ring,And the four seed players of King Ning’s Mansion,It was just the blast of air that was generated after being swept across the border by the sword strength, which pushed the life away,Didn’t suffer any damage。
Such a domineering and fierce knife,But it’s so precise,Explain Wu Hao’s control of power,Has reached a point of horror。
If this knife doesn’t hit the ground,But sweep the past,I believe that apart from being severely cut off,There will never be a second end。
The four of them were enthusiastic,I can’t wait to fight with that Wu Hao,But after this cut,Like drinking ice,The blood is cold in an instant。
Four people stood still,Weak legs,Obviously Wuhao is right beside you,But he can’t bring up fighting spirit,This feeling is really desperate。
See this scene,The three princes in the stands,All stood up at the same time,Even the King Fu who has been playing soy sauce in half asleep,Also stood up,Staring intently at Wu Hao below。
Because all three of them have great strength,So just in that moment,At the same time I felt the power that Wu Hao burst out,Enough to threaten them。