Chen Geng is satisfied:“right now,We can talk about the price。”

Beyond Chen Geng’s expectations,Nicholas·Malinkov did not immediately discuss the price of the transaction with Chen Geng,But asked Chen Geng:“Mr,Do you know the republics of the former Soviet Union,Which country is the messiest??”
“Uh……”Chen Geng is really not sure which franchise republic is more messy,He thought about it,Tentatively asked:“Ukraine?”
“Do not,Are five countries in Central Asia。”
Chen Geng’s Different Ways:“Are the five stan?”
“Yes,Are the five stan,”Nicholas·Malinkov said solemnly:“Do you believe,Just two months ago,I got the message,In Kazakhstan,They lost at least10Nuclear warhead。”
Chen Geng didn’t know what to say for a while,Although as a military fan,He has read some information,About after the collapse of the Soviet Union10Years,The Soviet Union15Franchise republics have lost more than300Nuclear warhead,And it’s the kind that has no trace,When seeing these reports,Chen Geng is a little confused:The Soviet republics during this period,Already chaotic、**Is it this way??
But now,Nicholas·Malinkov told Chen Geng in his capacity as Deputy Minister of Internal Defense of Russia,He just received the news,Kazakhstan lost at least10Nuclear warhead,Really……
Even now across the Pacific Ocean,Chen Geng still has the urge to be run by a group of alpacas on his head。
“give me600Ten thousand U.S. dollars,I promise you have a lot of things、Reasonably and legally in your hands,”Nicholas·Malinkov said solemnly:“And I promise that the age of the aircraft will not exceed5year。”
“600Too much,”Chen Geng thought for a while,Going up is a cut:“300Ten thousand。”
“300Absolutely impossible,at least580Ten thousand!”
After a lot of bargaining,,Finally420$10,000 price reached a deal,The moment when the two agree on the price,Chen Geng’s head is a bit trance:420Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Got it myself12Plane?!
Nicholas·Malinkov will at least take away from it at least100Million?Such a country,It doesn’t make sense not to collapse。