Guo Rui once again had the urge to scold his mother:How do I feel that your COMAC is giving us alms331plant?

I think that COMAC will use foreign currency as the settlement method for purchasing engines,Guo Rui kept telling himself in his heart:That’s the dollar、GBP、Yen Franc and even Mark……The fastest web update Computer:
“That turboprop—9And scroll—8Technical improvements?”After a while of silence,Guo Rui finally spoke。
Chen Geng’s heart was overjoyed!
What Guo Rui said,Obviously, he acquiesced to the piston—6Request for improvement,Said immediately:“Scroll shaft—8aAnd turboprop—9Is straight—9And luck—12Supporting projects,As long as the product meets the product quality requirements in the previously signed contract,Of course we continue to perform the contract。”
It’s almost。
See Chen Gengken’s admission,Guo Rui feels better。
But just when he wanted to say something,Chen Geng spoke again,He sincerely said to Guo Rui:“Director Guo,I’m telling the truth,fory11、y12as well asz9These three airplanes,I have high hopes for their performance in the international market,And as the most important supporting subsystem,The overall performance of the engine directly affects the reputation of an aircraft、And affect long-term sales,So i have a suggestion,Would you like to listen?”
Although Chen Geng had just gotten a handful,But now that Chen Geng has said so,Guo Rui can’t help but give this face,Nod reluctantly:“Please say。”
Chen Geng:“In order to see the scroll as soon as possible—8And turboprop—9Fully localized,Our COMAC Group can provide certain financial and technical support,in case331There is a need here,We can also give a certain galaxy—iComputer time。”
Guo Rui’s eyes rounded!
For Chen Geng’s remarks,Guo Rui’s first reaction was“What a joke?!”,Followed by“Could this guy have some conspiracy waiting for Lao Tzu?”
Chen Geng continued:“I know,It sounds weird,but if331The factory can realize the turboshaft as soon as possible—8And turboprop—9Localization,It is beneficial to our COMAC,Even for our own interests,We will try our best to help you。of course,Since we paid such a big price to help you,Then renegotiate the individual details of the engine supply contract,This is normal too?”
I heard that Chen Geng will revise individual details of the engine supply contract,Guo Rui was relieved。
You can understand even with the soles of your feet,If it really is what Chen Geng said,COMAC pays、Human resources and even computing resources to help331Plant realizes turboshaft as soon as possible—8And turboprop—9Localization,They must have their own interests,Request to revise the contract,As long as the core supply terms are not revised,It’s actually not a big deal,but……
Guo Rui thought for a while,Finally nodded:“In this case,It’s not impossible to discuss,But I must tell you in advance。”