Visit Shanghai Xinchang Ancient Town, the last authentic original town in Shanghai

Visit Shanghai Xinchang Ancient Town, the last authentic original town in Shanghai

Xinchang Ancient Town is located in Nanhui District, southeast of Shanghai. It is the last original ancient town in Shanghai. It is still not so commercialized because it is still in the development stage. It looks quite random and natural. Usually, there are not many tourists.Don’t worry about the raging crowd.

Recently, because the hot film “Lust Caution” has been famous here, it is famous for its visitors.

  Xinchang Street has a historical archway that began in the Wanli Period of the Ming Dynasty. The owner of the archway is a senior official named Jiuqing.

When I was naturally very proud, I set up a memorial archway to be alive.

At the archway, even the stone abacus, stone beads, and craftsmanship have been carefully crafted.

  This archway, once in the retro bustling and current market, rickshaw driver, tricycle driver, pawn shop owner, handyman, coolie is a common sight in the 1940s.

This should also become one of the most old Shanghai flavors in Color, Caution.

On the set of the board, the “North and South Groceries” four big words are the crew members crawling on the bamboo ladder and writing directly with a brush. One word has a square table.

  Crossing the archway, it seems to enter the retro bustling from the modern city, and the narrow “Xinchang Street” is full of small shops.

There are no other snacks, famous spots, handicrafts, and new stores along the street selling some clothing, toys, shoes and hats, department stores, mostly for the daily life of the town, although Li An to the townAll the households have installed new signboards. After the crew has withdrawn, they only left one signboard.

  Xinchang Ancient Town is known as the “Thirteen Rings of the Nine Rings, the Small New Games in Suzhou”. The archway and arch bridge are the two local prides.

  In the new field, almost every time you walk, you can smash old arches or ancient arch bridges.

Among them, the “three worlds two products” archway is a kind of archway in the minds of new people. Although this archway is newly repaired, its prototype comes from the dynasty of the dynasty, and this huge archway records newThe history of the field is so impressive that it can be seen before it enters the ancient town.

  The arch bridge is also a sight that can be seen everywhere in the new stadium. The meandering river flows quietly, and the small bridges and flowing water outline a style of water township.

The new people call these ancient stone arch bridges the Huanlong Bridge. The most famous in history is the “Nine-ring Dragon”. However, in the new field, although you can see some of the three dynasties left by the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.Remains of the Huanlong Bridge, but most of them have experienced the baptism of the years, leaving a little imprint.

The alley is sandwiched by a green river.

A small bridge crosses every 10 meters on the river, with different styles. The most famous one is Qianqiu Bridge.

The waterfalls on the river have carved stone columns, and the stone stalks are planted with old fragrant eucalyptus trees. When the sun is falling, they are cut into pieces by broken shadows.

  Tips for transportation: You can take the Shanghai Tourism Line 2, Shanghai South Line, Guangye Line, Wilderness Line, Nandu Line, Longyang Road Subway Station and take the Long Muguo Line to get off at the new stadium.

Self-driving through the Lupu Bridge to the outer ring line, turn right at the Shanghai-South Highway and straight ahead.

  Tickets: There is no door biology in the ancient town, no tickets.

However, if you want to visit the Pudong Party Pavilion, the Color Bean Painting Museum, the Dragon Boat Festival Folk Museum, and the New Field History Museum, the ticket is 30 yuan.