Ask the politics Shandong | 20 meters "Broken Road" has not been opened for two years? Weifang High-tech Zone: "Broad Road" full zero road overall upgrade

Tonight, "Police Sheng Shandong" broadcasts No. 118, conduct the second national high-tech zone to see the special program, Weifang High-tech Zone, Jining High-tech Zone, Taian High-tech Zone, Dezhou High-tech Zone, to come to the scene, accept asked Polite.

Weifang City High-tech Zone Huixian Road is the north and south, run through Weifang City High-tech Zone, to Northern Weifang City, Hanting District. In an early interview in the reporter, Huixian Road in the Hanting District has been repaired, but there is a 20-meter connection part in the high-tech zone. It has been consumed for more than two years, and has not been repaired, it has become a broken road. This breakage has brought great impact on the life and work of nearby residents. On November 5, the reporter once again came to this Huixian Road in Weifang High-tech Zone. As seen at the on-site reporter, the rectified Huixian Road was re-laying a layer of asphalt, and all opened, normal.

At the same time, the Weifang High-tech Zone Management Committee also conducted a holistic upgrade in other important roads in the jurisdiction, further increased traffic travel efficiency. Nearby residents said in an interview: I have been working every time, or go out to do things from the west, take more km. Now fix it, travel or life is very convenient. Merchants are also pleased: After passing, the road is also wide, after the passers-by, our business is much better.

Li Tao, deputy director of the Weifang High-tech Zone Management Committee, said: After the last request, we also refoughtful.

The problem is in two aspects, one how to find problems around the people, how to effectively solve the problems around the masses.

To this end, we have established a comprehensive platform for urban management. We use all 1328 projects in the top 7 of the top 7, and we have discovered problems, positioning problems, and the masses to monitor problems.

On the other hand, in order to promote problems, we specialize in urban management office, the Urban Construction Office, and promote the entire city construction in the process.

We take this as an opportunity to invest 100 million, and have opened 20 breakways. At present, the main road of Weifang High-tech Zone has no broken road. Lightning Journalist Hao Yu Wang Xiaoming Wang Wenlu report.