These skin care details are ignored by 90% of women!


These skin care details are ignored by 90% of women!

Immaculate skin can’t be separated from daily maintenance, but many people have a fixed procedure for skin maintenance. It is not known whether the skin is good or not.

In fact, in skin care, 90% of women will forget these details.


Drinking water: Get up to drink 2 cups of water a day, a cup of water, and another cup can add some salt, which can achieve the effect of clearing the stomach.


Daily sun protection: No matter what season, remember to wipe off the sunscreen and sunscreen before going out, because UV rays are always present.


Daily makeup removal: Whether or not makeup is applied, remember to remove makeup daily before washing your face. This will prevent the chemicals in the sunscreen from damaging the skin.


Wash your face alternately with hot and cold: Do not superstitize cold water when washing your face, use warm water first and then cold water, as this can not only make the skin cleaner, but also have the magical effect of shrinking pores!


Work and rest rules: Do not stay up late, and it is advisable to eat less fried things, and pay attention to keep the skin clean.


Skin care with yogurt: After washing your face at night, pour the yogurt product (approximately one sixth bottle each time) onto a cotton pad, and apply it directly to your cheeks. You can also apply it on your forehead and chin, which will whiten the skin. Skin, but also has a certain auxiliary effect for spot removal!


Make a mask frequently: Before going to bed, use a thin slice of cucumber as a mask, place it on the abdomen, remove it and wash it. Keep it for one month, and your face will be white and tender.


Learn to apply a wet pack: If you are too lazy to make a mask, you can use a cotton pad and lotion to completely wet it, and apply it for about 20 minutes before and after. Keep using 3 times a week, your skin will become unexpectedly clear and clear.Oh!


Don’t ignore dead skin corners: 80% of women ignore these important parts and make them moisturizing dead corners. These parts are: eyebrow center, behind the ears, nose, eye corners, neck and neck, elbow and knee joints, and 7 hands.highest.


Exfoliation: For better absorption of skincare products, you must not forget to exfoliate.

However, exfoliation can be done at most once or twice a week.