And looking at it all,Now,Wang Teng just thinks about it,Currently like this,It’s very interesting。

Chapter 189 Show them something awesome
“Elder,These people are simply too much。”
at this time,Wei Tenglong’s side,People,Don’t forget to say here。
Actually this scene,Wei Tenglong has seen it too。
But for these,Wei Tenglong doesn’t feel much at all。
Just looked over here,at this time,Wei Tenglong did not forget to wave his hand at the people around him。
“Nothing,Don’t have to be so troublesome,By the time,Show them something good!”
When Wei Tenglong’s words are finished,no doubt,Such a thing,Actually Wei Tenglong himself,Don’t think,How much impact。
slowly,Looking at these。
Actually from the current point of view,Wei Tenglong himself,Even shrugged slightly。
“but,This kid,I will let him know,Offend us,What is it。”
It’s not just Wei Tenglong’s thoughts。
Just the people around,They all looked in front of them。
After all, I won’t talk about other issues for now,But from now on,Such a thing,It’s actually quite straightforward。