No matter how strong the chubby face is to fool people,To meet Li Dahai in half an hour,And put out so many trade secrets,Totally impossible!

“Chubby face?”
Qiao Tianyu thought for a while,An idea came to my heart。
You are loyal or evil,This trip to Boston,Let’s see the resolution!
Qiao Tianyu just made up his mind,Suddenly heard the door of the apartment ring,Then chubby face shouting“master”the sound of。
Qiao Tianyu knew it was the chubby face back,Hurry up and hide the two jade bracelets,Exited the room。
“Where’s GEODIS?Do you know where he went?”
Qiao Tianyu pretends to be calm,Pretending to be looking for GEODIS。
“Didn’t he come back and call his hometown??Not at home?”
Little fat face doesn’t seem to notice Qiao Tianyu’s abnormality,She hurriedly pulled Qiao Tianyu to the sofa to sit down,Report to the boss。
“master,I checked the information at the company just now,Have some ideas,You help check。”
“Okay,You said。”
Qiao Tianyu examines the fat face,I feel that something is wrong with this girl。
“I have new ideas so soon?impossible,Could it be that she had considered it a long time ago?Maybe it’s a pit,Be careful!”Qiao Tianyu thought to himself。
“Why do you look at people with such a god,Scared to death!”
Little fat face was stared at by Qiao Tianyu,Gave Qiao Tianyu a look。