At this moment,Kim So Yeon smiled apologetically:“President Lu has ordered,Only Wang Shaoxiao from the Finance Department and I know about this,No one else knows。”

In an instant,Uncle Jihu、AhV,There are a few other people who all have a bad face。
Lu Menglin smiled:“In fact, this project has already started,CCity Electronic City is the first pilot,Wang Shaoxiao was in charge at that time。As for projects in other cities,It was done by Kim So Yeon.。”
What he said,Everyone immediately understood,Everyone always felt that Kim So-yeon was not doing business,Did not show strength,It turns out that they really have another task。
Lu Menglin’s trick to repair the plank road,Dark Du Chen Cang,At least he caught Yao Baldou, a big gangster,It’s quite successful。
After a brief digestion by the media reporters present,Rushing forward,Ask Lu Menglin about the concept of the first year of this home computer。
And Chen Tianjiao and Yao Bald head took advantage of this opportunity,Quietly withdrew from the crowd,Left Menglin Group。
anyway,At least we won the entire Internet cafe market,It is equivalent to winning the distribution channel of the entire game industry,What if Menglin Group starts to push personal computers now?
This stupid way of rebuilding new rules,Chen Tianjiao doesn’t bother to do it!In his eyes,The battle with Menglin Group is over!no doubt,I am the winner。
however,Things are like chess,Change。
No one expected,In just one month,First case“SARS”Appeared in Shunde, Guangdong。