Thirty thousand years have passed,He almost forgot how to introduce himself,Oh yes,Need to shake hands。

“Wu Xing,Nice to meet you。”Su Xiaoli didn’t expect this handsome guy to be so active,Very gentleman’s hand,I suddenly felt that I was going to be captured,There are stars in both eyes。
“I am also glad to meet you。”Wu Xing smiled。
“Wow,This smile is so warm,Ok,And this feel,Softer than mine,Don’t know how to maintain it。”
Wu Xing’s smile fascinated Su Xiaoli。
And Wu Xing after shaking hands,According to the memory,It’s time to withdraw your hand,Especially in front of girls,But when he wants to take it back,But found that the other party didn’t seem to let go,Can’t help but look at each other。
This look,He couldn’t laugh or cry suddenly,Look at each other’s expression,Obviously when I was in Tiancheng,Like the little angels I met。
At first he thought he had remembered wrong,Have to hold for a while……
“Cough,That li,you……”Wu Xing who noticed this,Deliberately coughed,Reminded。
“what……Oh!Sorry,I just thought about things。”Only then did Su Xiaoli react,Can’t help but blush,Quickly let go。
“……”Wu Xing。
“Over,Over,This first time left a bad impression on the handsome guy,There is also a live room,All my actions fell into the eyes of the audience。”
Su Xiaoli can’t wait to slap himself。
chapter Ten:Vai Kesha
“6666,A certain anchor live broadcast is a nympho,Monthly income。”