I call directly to ask the nurse’s desk.!

Zhou Yewu again entered the second medical record number,Go to see the patients under the next consultation。
Is a serious complaint“Hand morning1Hour。”of67Old woman。
The complaint is the main symptom of the patient’s hospitalization.,Clinical term。
“Nima……Cow。”Zhou Ye is thoroughly speechless。
When this breath is a rheumatoid immunoceal?,How to stiff1Hourly also came to consultation!
“Still a diagnosis of rheumatism immunology。”He again, the department of the consultation is actually still a rheumatism immunology。
Is this not their specialty??
Let’s still call the doctor at other departments.?
Zhou Ye went carefully to check the medical record,I found that the patient has low-fever,He understood him at once.,It seems that it is suspected that there is a tuberculosis.,So calling consultation。
Because it is going to screen,Take a process。
After all, the infection is called,Urgent consultation is too slow。
So I called the relatively idle respiratory department……
NS32chapter Strange slow resistance
“It’s not early.,Early running,Get it early。”
Zhou Yewu expressed a lazy waist,Sitting in the office chair for a long time,Some backache。
This office chair is too bad.!
The whole acid is dead!
Hard Bangbang。
It should be supportedUThe shaped pillow and the cushion are only!
Zhou Ye,When you print the meeting, you will go to the ward.。
The old ward is the first stop。
After all, just send a ventilator.,Yes, you can do it.,Isn’t it a courier?!
Zhou Ye is running to the nurses of the respiratory department,A sentence“elder sister”Call,Grandfather telling his grandmother,Only let the busy duty nurses help him introduce a long-standing ventilator from the warehouse.!
This ventilator is not used for a month.,Standby,Because the breathing in the respiratory ward is more,It’s hard to say that it will not be available.。
“Thank you sister.。”Zhou Ye pushed the ventilator,Also don’t forget to pat the gardies of the nurse。
This kind of thing is coming……Next time, if you still borrow this,Still need nurse help。
After all, this kind of thing is not their job work.,Warehouse is so big,Nothing to drive a little familiar nurse to find,It’s really not easy to find this stuff.。
Zhou Ye quickly pushes the only alternate useless ventilator in the room to the elderly ward。
Senior ward18building,Just in the top of their hospitality。
Zhou Ye has just went to the elevator door,A middle-aged doctor in a strong eye is waiting for him.。
He looks a bit anxious,When I saw Ying Ye, I pushed the ventilator.,Ask:“Respiratory duty doctor?”
Zhou Ye has a bit deficiency。
This is said that,Still not yet?。
He nodded slightly。
Zhou Ye is thinking about how to answer,In the process of support,The elevator is just coming.,The middle-aged doctor did not say that he entered an elevator.。
Middle-aged doctor’s cardboard written,1702,Hospitalized,Ma Chao,Old discipline。
This makes Zhou Niwu are somewhat surprised.!
It seems to be at least in this face.40Hereon!