The door opens,It didn’t take a while,Liu Ying walked in with Yao Chunni’s son,She laughed and said:“I have to prepare,They get off work in a while”

“Then i’m leaving,Boss Wang is going to bother you”Yao Chunni said,Took the child from Liu Ying,Left without looking back。
Liu Ying glanced at Wang Youcai’s expression,Asked with a smile:“What happened?Good things haven’t been done!”
“how do you know,Our good things are not done”Wang Youcai asked with a smile。
Liu Ying is packing up the dishes,Said with a smile:“Both of you have on your faces,Do you still have to ask me?It’s a pity Chunni,Marrying such a useless husband。And you are hot and cold to others,You say she is so young,How to live!”
“Ok you just,You are not here yet”Wang Youcai glared at Liu Ying and said。
Liu Ying said unconvinced:“I am old now,Want nothing。When people are young,But I didn’t suffer like this”
“Go! Go! Go!Hurry up and cook your meal!You are still old,Isn’t it in your thirties??What are you getting old,Is the heart old?!”Wang Youcai said to Liu Ying with a little disdain。
Liu Ying took a long breath,Left with the bowl。Wang Youcai lay down again,He was so bored that he had to turn on the TV。
For watching TV,Wang Youcai really doesn’t like it,Haven’t watched it for a while,He fell asleep。Until the night Tian Wa and Liu Changgui were talking,So I woke him up。
Wang Youcai sat up straight,Glanced outside,Said with a little disbelief:“it’s dark?I don’t even think。Since you two are here,Let’s have a small meeting。Mr. Hu just called,Say that the customer is telling us”
“what!Someone complained to us?What happened?”Liu Changgui asked blankly。
Wang Youcai sighed and said:“Still old question,Said that in the saplings we sent,With dead saplings。I have said this many times,Must add,But not too much,There must be a degree in everything”
“I know Brother Wang,We will pay attention to this”Liu Changgui said,Take a look at Tian Wa。
First1931chapter Bombing
On the second day after Chen Erniu and the others jointly petitioned,Xia Jian was released。The result is after investigation,The facts reflected in the materials are purely fabricated,Make up。
Xia Jian was in isolation for more than ten days,Can’t call,Can’t go out。The room where he moves is only in which room in the hotel。Anyway, Xia Jian thought it through,If you have a sentence, you will clear it up.,He is about to pass this investigation by the Commission for Discipline Inspection,Give him a good reputation。
With such an idea,During his stay in the Yingbin Building in Pingdu,Eat as you please,Drink it。Eat and drink,He fell asleep。