Liao Wenjie can’t see the head,Decide tomorrow and clock,Let the professional Taoist walk away,Maybe I can find the truth。

【Net world】Award,Liao Wenjie walking,Black gas is constantly collapsed。
unconsciously,Fifteen layers empty,He stepped to the first floor hall。
Evil sticks,One side of Liao Wenjie,Sweepe glass,Survival。
The security guard on duty does not know what happened on the side.,Sitting at the desk,Cold coffee cup。
Polar differentiation,Comparison is very obvious。
Several devils launched against the death,Even Liao Wenjie did not encounter,Directly in three meters into black fog。
Solve these people who are looking for a substitute,Liao Wenjie pushes turn around,The top is like a weight whistling,His footsteps make the opening five meters。
The girl in the red clothes falls from the sky,Falling a few pieces。
Don’t want to think,It must be done by Lyon.,Unlikely, choose Jumping Building。
“You only,Can you leave the building,Tell me,how did you do it?”
Liao Wenjie,Lift the girl’s head,Give:“I am different from the fierce above.,I tell,speak out,I can consider letting you a horse.。”
It is a speed of high-altitude fall.,Liao Wenjie didn’t think,Post-withdrawal,Standing in the safe area。
Dynamic ax,impartial,Put the female ghost skull。
“This bastard,Is it so anxious??”
Liao Wenjie,I read the borders of the ghosts.。
Chapter 125 Say good, don’t deserve it.
“Lyon,The girl in red dress,You are too fast.。”
Reention,Two people go to the coffee shop,Liao Wenjie frowned:“As far as I observe,In addition to the ghost,Other evil spirits can’t leave Huo Guang Building,should……”
“No need to,The girl is jumping in the building.。”
Lyon direct interruption,Anxious:“She is looking for a substitute,Just hook a little handsome guy,Fortunately, I arrive in time.,Otherwise, it’s not her.。”
Related to ghosts,Nine Uncle Zeng and Liao Wenjie said,Some traveled ghosts,A complaint,Calling is not going to leave in the dead place。
I want to get out,Just find a deceased,And can’t kill,Death method must be the same。
But this situation is less,under most circumstances,Be a water ghost、Hanging ghosts,The ghosts gathered in the Hunguang Building significantly exceeded the standard。
Liao Wenjie tells the doubts,Lyon shook his head。
“This is not clear.,I am a ghost expert,Not a spiritual detective,Let the old clock to see it.,Maybe it is Feng Shui problem,He is more good at this。”
“what,You are not compared this time.?”
Liao Wenjie,Lyon is very high,Let him bow down to the soft throw more difficult,Active compliment clock whitening realist head。
“Lightweight is proneous,I still have a big matter to do,Face not to。”
Lyon pushes ink jug,Intuitive telling him,Tonight, a small amount of small coupon。
Not Hu,Every time he has this intuitive,Will you want to think,Never lost。
Two people walk into the cafe,I saw it on the window side of the window.patThree people,Action,Both hands are put on the table holding a coffee cup,Involve or call。