Adhere to the principle is an important element of the Communists

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the Central Party School (National Institute of Administration) in the autumn school (National Institute of Administration) in the autumn school (National Administration): "Adhere to the principle is an important element of the Communists. It is an important standard for measuring whether a cadre is competent.

"Party members and cadres must always adhere to principles, dare to make a clear, dare to be more realistic, and the actual actions of loyal and clean, fight in the new journey of socialist modernization in the whole, and build together.

  Adhere to the principle, we must first adhere to the people’s position.

The people’s position is the fundamental political position of the Communist Party of China, which is a significant sign from the Marxist party to other political parties.

The Chinese Communist Party always represents the fundamental interests of the broad masses of the people, there is no special interests, never represent any interest group, any power group, any privilege of any privilege, but always adhere to the Chinese people, for the revival of the Chinese nation The initial mission. It is because I always adhere to the people’s position, in the revolution, construction, reform of all historical periods, generation, one generation of Chinese Communists always loyal to the party, not negative people, giving the responsibilities assigned to the party and people than Taishan, put personal fame and fortune In addition to the degree of displacement, the strong warrior who adheres to the principle will make persistent principles become an important character of the Communists. In the history of our party, many older generations of revolutionary people show what they have insisted on their actual actions, what is the party loyalty, leaving us a valuable spiritual wealth.

Party Central Committee, who is the core of Xi Jinping, has always emphasized to adhere to principles. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "To strictly implement the party constitution about political life within the party, dare to adhere to principles, courage to carry out criticism and self-criticism, take the lead in carrying forward the righteousness, resist the evil spirits." "From strict management cadres, always want Strengthen ideal beliefs, strengthen moral development, standardize power exercise, and cultivate excellent style, so that all levels of cadres consciously fulfill the responsibilities given by the party constitution, strictly follow the party’s principles and rules. " General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "The people give power to us, we must be in the party to the country, the party is reported to the country, the thing that should be done, the people who have a definition", showing a clear firm The position of the position, the brave, and the struggle to promote the anti-corruption struggle, and also set up the elements of the new era of the Communists to adhere to the principles.

  Adhere to the principle, it is necessary to make a banner against good people.

Comrade Mao Zedong’s "anti-liberalism" in 1937, the classics of good people can be described as three points: "Because it is an acquaintance, homology, classmates, a close friend, dear, old colleagues, old, knowing, and different In principle, debate, let it go, seek peace and intimate.

Or talk about it in a light, don’t completely solve it, keep a group and gas.

"For the Communists," Good Mr. "is not a real good person. Hao people are used to encounter contradictions around, encounter the people’s appeal to hide, afraid to complain about the enemy, afraid to fire, as long as there is no matter, I would rather not Officer.

People who pursue good people, there is no conviction, only selfishness, no righteousness, only the rustic, good, bad is the wind, is a career.

If the root causes, good people is the vulgar philosophy of personal interests, and it is a thought of cartilage disease. It is an embodiment of the spirit of struggle, seems to be a group and gas, in fact, to destroy the party’s political ecology.

  At present, our party group leads the Chinese people to set foot on the second hundred years of struggle.

Based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, promote high-quality development, requires the majority of party members and cadres to continue to hit the principles, perform their duties, diligent dedication, actively, and interture.

Adhere to the principle, we must keep in mind the party’s tenet, always put the people at the highest position in the heart, the principle is not facing, talking about the party’s sex, and does not use the party’s sex to change the humanity, take the principle to do transactions. The Communists will talk about party spirit, and the principles must carry forward the spirit of struggle, improve the struggle, dare to fight, and be good at struggle.

It is very big in front of the big mistake, and there is also a problem in the small event. It must not be vague on the principle issue, and it will never be refunded, otherwise it is not responsible for the party and the people, or even a crime. The bottom line, the rules, cautiously, carefully, carefully, truly loyal, clean, responsible, and constantly enhance the bottom gas and qi of the principle.

  (The author is a deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.