Once this sentence comes out,Lu Menglin immediately understood,Why when entering the city,The entrance fee they paid,Is paid with clean water。

“The commander was sent by the host country,If he died,Without password,We will soon face the dilemma of water shortage。This gathering point will soon be deserted。”
When Zhong Ming is talking,The officers behind were all downcast,Face as gray,obviously,They all know this。
“You can’t contact Ye Korea,Let them open the sluice again?”Among the crowd,Linguist Mi Xiaochong is surprised,Can’t help but ask。
Zhong Ming shook his head,Wryly smiled:“The leader sent by the host country,Is sacred。Any gathering point,As long as the leader dies,The host country will never turn on the water,This is the harshest punishment。People who stay in this city,All will die。”
“What kind of shit country is this?Don’t they care about the lives of the people??”Mi Xiaochong filled with indignation。
“People?This adult,I’m afraid you have misunderstood!This is the hunting area,We are not the children of Ye Korea,We are just slaves in their captivity,Cannon fodder on the battlefield at any time。”Zhong Ming smiled bitterly。
Gao Dajin listened for a long time,Finally frowned and asked:“Why don’t you find those oasis?Those places don’t seem to lack water。”
The oasis village where everyone passed through the desert,There is no water shortage at all,That’s why Gao Dajin asked。
Zhong Ming looked miserable,Shook his head:“That won’t work!Not to mention our people,How many people can pass through the desert by chance,Find the oasis。And even if you can find it,Those oases have limited water sources,Can’t support too many human races。”
An officer next to him interjected:“I know those oasis villages,The pilots of the host country often go there,Burn, kill, loot,Can do anything bad。The people in those villages are not doing well,And there is no self-protection,Not as good as those of us staying at the gathering point,At least there is a minimum order to observe。”
But now,Because the commander was suddenly killed,Resulting in no password,Korea will cut off the water here at night,The people at this gathering point will soon escape,Most of them will die in the vast desert,Only a few people can find the village in the oasis,Temporarily harsh,Will be slaughtered pigs and sheep at any time。