“Let’s go to the restaurant,Many choices。”Hui suggested,She knows that Chen Wenjin doesn’t want Xiao Gao to spend too much money,And Xiao Gao doesn’t want to eat too routinely,Choose what you like in the restaurant,And put it together at a table,The price is not too expensive,Couldn’t be more suitable。

Unanimous vote。
Eat the whole layer,There are a lot of people at this time,But there is still room,Later,That’s congestion。
This is also the benefit of eating earlier,The evening meal can be followed in advance,Anyway, I had a late night snack,Time is fully connected,And avoid the crowded situation。
A group of people turned around to see the food,I picked my favorite food one after another,Hui suddenly greeted Chen Wenjin and said:“gold、front,Rice noodles in front。”
Hui said,Like anxious,Holding Chen Wenjin’s hand and walking forward quickly。
Xiao Gao saw,I just didn’t see it。
Chen Wenjin didn’t break free immediately,Instead, he withdrew at the stall selling rice noodles,Hui doesn’t seem to care,Just looking at the production process of rice noodles,ask:“Do you feel delicious?”
“The taste of rice noodles in these places is average,Can eat spicy,Add some other spicy and spicy dishes together and it’s delicious。”Chen Wenjin sees that the chili sauce used in the stall has some basic spiciness,Just let it be spicy,Hui chose the spicy ingredients next to me,They are all Chen Wenjin’s favorites,And then asked him:“Anything else?”
“that’s it,But double the amount。”
Hui told the boss,Picked another one,Plan to eat together,Finally:“Should be almost there,Xiao Gao doesn’t think it’s too everyday?”
“Ok。”Chen Wenjin agreed,But I feel that Hui has consciously wanted to behave like the past,This is obviously Hui’s temptation。
If you acquiesce at this time,That’s the wrong hint to Hui。
Waiting for the boss to make,Chen Wenjin asked Hui said:“what happened?Not used to the sense of distance after breaking up?”