Although he is the friend of Duan Yu,And from state,Do not affect Duan Yu inheritance,But Chu Deirers don’t want Duan Yu, no more peaceful life.,Encounter this change。

Last time,Duan Yanqing probably feel this distance,No someone chases up,Some deer is expected、With gentle……Good end put him。
“Who is your mother??”
Chu Deman:???
Although Duan Yanqing will never have any changes,Belly language is always a secret meaning,But at this time, the look is clearly somewhat.……Warmth?
“Cough,The predecessors were wrong.,I am not surnamed,I have nothing to do with me.……”Chu Deirers said he was embarrassed by him.。
Although I don’t seem to be such a sense.,But Chu Deirers still don’t want to use this way to get out。
Segment Yanqing’s temperament,Suddenly cold three points:“Then how do you know??Who is the Guanyin Bodhisattva?!”
Dali segment is worthy of Buddhism……
Seeing Chu Deirers don’t talk,Duan Yanqing lifted the cane and poked him,Chu Deiren shouted:“Stop stop!Don’t ask me how do you know?,I just know it,And I also know that person in the year.。”
Duan Yanqing’s,Some changes in the eyes,But still have to ask the Chu Deirers.。
“I tell you,That person is very good now.、very good,Eating and drinking、Children and Sun Xiaobang。Do you think you should go to her now??”Chu Deman Test Road。
“Humph,Boy,Do you want to see the old man now?,I am……Um,Since you know what year,I should also know my identity.!I will take it back everything that belongs to me.!I am the emperor of Dali.,Will you also match her??”Duan Yanqing is very confident。
Chu Deee is silent again,What seems to be considered?,Duan Yanqing’s dead is a long time,However, this time is not anxious to break the thinking of Chu Deirers.。
Duan Yanqing now knows how the truth will?
Tianlong line original,At the mandarian tragedy,Several lovers in Duan Zheng,Time to see Duan Yu also wants to die,The knife and Fengfeng gave Duan Yan to read the birthday gold medal of Duan Yu.,Duan Yu’s life is exposed。
And Duan Yanqing knows the matter,Inspiration instant,And then look at the red dust。
Even think“I have my son, you don’t have,I won me.”、“Dali is returning to my son.,I am not improper emperor is very happy.”……
Afterwards and Duan Yu“You don’t recognize me,Big can be used to kill me,Trust for Duan Zhengqi and your mother”Cloudy cloud。
Experience his identity in Duan Yu,Don’t shoot him,even more“Heartmaking”Departure。
Means of,Duan Yanqing’s violent emotional changes,More sources are not a knife, white phoenix,But because I know that I have my own people.、Have a son。
the most important is,At that time, because there were other big master of China.,Talk to Duan Yu,Duan Yanqing specially used the voice into,It can be seen that it is a reputation of Duan Yu——It can be seen that the paragraph Yanqing should also understand the depths of yourself.,How can his 帝?Even if it is known to Duan Yu,Not letting outsiders know well!
“Preference,If I tell you,You have a son,Now long-awaited、Martial arts,Good life,What would you do?Destroy all the life now,tell him、You are his biological father?”After the Chu Deirers hesitated or asked。
If it is not a Chu Deirers and Duan Yu,Not a handsome,Not like a family of family members,Just I have already denied,I am afraid that Duan Yanqing wants him to“Noise”……
Nineteenth chapter Plastic star Dafa
“joke!My son is now tall.,I can personally teach it.?After finding him,I will not only teach him a pool of a yang.,Let him get out of blue,After waiting, I am defeating in the future.、Duan Zhengqi brothers sat on the throne,Also pass Dali’s Jiangshan to him!”Duan Yanqing impassioned abdominal。
Chu Deirers look at his eyes,Heartway:What you said,Looks like you,Duan Yu can also get……
At the same time,The old guy is not near the breath.,Indeed。
So Chu Deirers a bit bite,Directly:“That senior dares dare not play a bet.?If I said who your son is,And your appearance will only make him worse.,You will not be able to recognize him.?”
At this time, the Chu Deirers already have eight points.,Duan Yanqing does not consider obsessive disorder,It is still in the temperament,Jimei,Guide a small monk with a photo with a voice,Is the best example。
But then,From the virtual bamboo to make Duan Yanqing to see this,His appearance should be really not good,No wonder no cliff will disappear……