Ba Jin and Russian Literature – People’s Political Consultative Conference

Author: Yu Ping (Heilongjiang University Lecturer) Because of the distinct revolutionary and combatability, Russian literature has deeply influenced the writers in China for the May 4th period, and Ba Jin is an ignored one.Ba Jin’s Russian literature is an enlightenment reading, indicating that he has been influenced by the Russian literary creation in the ideological and literary creation. He said in the "Defense of Accepting the Soviet People’s Excellent Medal", it is a young man to make a young man realize whatIt is a national country, and I feel what is a writer’s conscience, let a young writer understand how to enlighten the people with a conscience to enlighten the people and transform the society.

Ba Jin’s exciting text makes us realize that Russian literature is equivalent to a lighting lamp in his life. It can also see the impact of Russian thinking to him.Bubble.

The teenager is in an incident of Russian papers – "Notice Boy", he said that he repeatedly read this booklet created by Kru Golden in the middle of the night, and his thought is a long time. I want to break through his chest running out, Ba Jin said that these words can always make him tears, each other, since then, I have opened the footsteps of him to Russia. It can be seen that Russian works move and affect Ba Jin, first in its spiritual, ideological, because this happens to fit a young soul who worry about the country, for the world’s cognition, so the main direction of Ba Jin’s early translation is the revolutionary theory and The revolutionary literary works, such as the theoretical works "Bread," Life Philosophy: The Origin and Its Development ", the script" Denon’s death ", memoirs" Twenty Years of prison ". He also clearly stated that its purpose of translation work, never moved, but in the process of translation, there is a personal battle figure in every translation of Ba Jin.

The original intention of Ba Jin’s translation is to promote the revolutionary thoughts, social advocation, and guide the real life and alert readers in paper articles. In this sense, Ba Jin actually struggles with its translation as a weapon, firmly struggled with dark reality, decaying society and fallen human nature. From 1930, Ba Jin selected translation work gradually paying attention to its literature. He is the opening of the literary translation with Gorky’s "Grassland Story", which translates many writers, but as "China’s 20th Century Foreign Literature Translation History" Chapter 5, Ba Jin’s translation object is mainly concentrated in "Russian realist literature" ", This also makes us see that its translation is indeed deeply affected by politics and era trend.

The enthusiasm of Ba Jin’s translation is always a, even if the old age is decreasing to give up the translation of Hull memories, the translation of the third volume of the Memory, and still urges the successful translation work. The responsibility of its work, the enthusiasm of emotions can be seen.

Ba Jin not only dedicated to the translation of Russian works, but also actively promotes and disseminates Russian works.

In his "Cultural Life Book" and "Translation Series", Russian works accounted for more than half of the total number.

Not only that, Ba Jin also trushed the translation of the colleagren to translate the Russian work. Under his encouragement and support, Julong translated Chekhov, Gao Zhi translated Tolstott …. Visible, Ba Jin collar the first, A great contribution has made great contributions to the development of Chinese literary vision and promoting China Russian literature exchange. Ba Jin has repeatedly visited the Soviet Union. During the visit, the excitement of many travel prose is overflowing: Ability to visit the "dream hometown", walk through the road that has been embarrassing, the way to take the book, I have read it in the book. People, things, things, and their joy, you can see you.

These travels are along with his knowledge in other countries, and assembled the "Journey of Hair Missing" and "Journey" and other prose works. However, we also know that the novel is the largest works of Bajin’s influence, Ba Jin’s novel works, its theme, character image shaping, is affected by Russian literature or remarkably.

Ba Jin found a spirit of spirit in Russian literature, and has a strong resonance, especially the revolutionary battle of Russian literature, reflect on the criticism of reality, the concern for life.

Ba Jin also wants to spread these ideas through their own literary creations, expressing the relevant claims, and ultimately realizing the development of the social and transforming the writing. For example, "Dear" "Rapid" "Snow" "Tolden Night", these works expressed the strong disgust of the darkness of the darkness, the deep concern about the youth generation of the youth in the era of the disease. In terms of theme ideology, Bajin has absorbed the strengths of Russian literature. At the same time, its novel characters have also learned and transcended in Russian literature.

After reading many revolutionaries and revolutionary works, Ba Jin created the image of the revolutionary in his novel, such as: "Thunder" in the "Thunder" created by Emma Gao Dehman; by Sophie Asia Pelovskaya image developed into the female hero in "Sea’s Dream", she abandoned the nobility life of the benefit, angry and participated in the revolutionary battle; "Electric" hostess Li Peizhu is a "nearly sound "The revolutionary, Ba Jin said when talking about shaping the inspiration of this character," This is a ghetty woman, I created it. When I wrote her, I didn’t have a ‘model’. But I The biography of the female revolutionary readers have given me great help. "Ba Jin’s work also involves China’s intellectual image from Russian classic characters -" excessive people ", which has ideals The ambition is also talented, but the heart is full of hesitation and embarrassment, making them eventually unable to move toward the revolution. Water in "Fog" is a seven-year intellectual study in studying abroad. With the ideal returns to the country, it is always hesitant and weak before action, which is the Tianting shaped with Tutuene. The image of "excess people" and other "excess people" such as Lavrezki have a close relationship.

In addition, Ba Jin also arranges its character’s person because of the influence of Russian literature, self-shaping the hero’s personality that is brave enough to dedicate the revolution. It can be said that the works inside and outside, Ba Jin gives Russian literature, and the Russian revolutionary is very respectful and concerned.

Ba Jin scored Russian works, from his pen plowing, translation, and literary creation, you can promptly see its response to Russian literature spirit. Ba Jin be overrides the framework of the original Russian literature or work on the basis of imitation and learning, combined with the national conditions of the time, fully reflecting a literary, everyone’s ideas and behaviors, also communicating between different cultures. Provide a good reference path with interaction. "Guangming Daily" (November 18, 2021) Editor: Guo Siki.