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Break through your paranoia into the crowd

Break through your paranoia into the crowd

Do you often feel stubborn and can’t listen to other people’s advice, do you think that others always want to hurt you, harm your interests, and cause many unfavorable challenges for you, do you think that this world is dangerous and good?And lonely and sad. Well, you don’t think about it. If you really have these illusions, then it is likely that your personality has deviated.

Don’t think that I am alarmist. Come with me to see what the paranoid personality disorder is. You know where the problem is.

  Paranoid personality is also called delusional personality.

  Its behavioral characteristics are often expressed as: extreme allergies, guilty of fraud, insults and injuries; ideological behavior is stubborn and rigid, sensitive and suspicious, narrow-minded.

  Love you, feel nervous about others’ achievements or honors, burn in a bonfire, not to seek quarrels, to say cool words behind the scenes, or to openly reject and blame others.

  Self-righteous, pretentious, overestimated in their ability, accustomed to blaming others for failure and responsibility, often exaggerated in work and study; at the same time very inferior, always too much to ask others, but neverTrust others’ motives and wishes, and think that others are bad.

  It is impossible to analyze the scales correctly and objectively. It is easy to proceed from personal feelings and subjective one-sidedness. If you establish a family, you often suspect that your spouse is infidelity.

  People with this kind of personality can’t be at home with each other. They can’t get along with friends and colleagues, and others have to stay away from him.

  First, the performance characteristics In order to facilitate the diagnosis, the “Chinese Mental Disease Classification Scheme and Diagnostic Criteria” describes the characteristics of paranoid personality as: 1. Extensive suspicion, often misunderstanding other people’s unintentional, non-malicious or even friendly behavior as hostility orDiscrimination, or lack of sufficient grounds, is suspected of being exploited or harmed, so it is excessively vigilant and defensive.

  2, the surrounding objects are interpreted as “conspiracy” that does not conform to the actual situation, thus becoming a concept of overvaluation.

  3, prone to morbid hazards.

  4, over-confidence, if there is setback or failure, it is blamed on people, always think that they are correct.

  5, so terrible to hate others, can not be tolerant of others’ mistakes.

  6, from the actual arguments and hostility, stubbornly pursue the “rights” or interests of individuals not reasonable.

  7, perspective or do not believe in objective evidence that does not correspond to the patient’s ideas.

It’s actually hard to change the patient’s mind with reason or fact.

  The patient’s symptoms must be at least three of the above items in order to be diagnosed as a paranoid personality disorder.

  People with paranoid personality rarely have self-knowledge, and they have a negative attitude toward their partial execution. Therefore, the number and proportion of people in the society are indeed unknown.

According to data from the Shanghai Youth Mental Health Survey conducted in 1988, the number of such personality disorders accounted for 5 of the total number of mental disorders.

8%, the actual situation may exceed this ratio.

In the investigation, it was also found that people with paranoid personality disorder were seen by men and mostly with biliary or extroverted personality.

  Second, treatment methods for the treatment of paranoid personality disorder should be based on psychological treatment to overcome suspicious sensitivity, stubbornness, insecurity and self-centered personality defects.

There are mainly the following methods.

  1, cognitive improvement method.

Because patients don’t trust others, they are sensitive and suspicious, they will not accept any good faith advice. Therefore, they must first establish a trust relationship with them, exchange emotions on the basis of mutual trust, and introduce them to the nature, characteristics and harmfulness of their own personality disorder.And corrective methods, so that they have a correct and objective understanding of themselves, and consciously intervene to produce a desire to change their personality defects.

This is a prerequisite for further psychotherapy.

  2, dating training method.

Encourage them to take the initiative to make friends, learn to trust others in the dating, and eliminate the feeling of uneasiness.

The principles and essentials of dating training are: (1) Sincerely meet each other and be honest.

I must take a sincere and sincere attitude and actively make friends.

Believe that most people are friendly and better, trustworthy, and should not be biased and distrustful to friends, especially close friends.

It must be clear that the purpose of making friends is to overcome paranoid psychology, seek friendship and help, exchange thoughts and feelings, and eliminate psychological barriers.

  (2) Try to give all kinds of help to close friends during the interaction.

This helps to change hearts, gain the trust of the other party and strengthen friendship.

Especially when others have difficulties, they should be more helpful, knowing the truth in adversity, in order to gain the trust of friends and enhance friendship.

  (3) Pay attention to the “Psychological Coherence Principle” character of dating, the similarity and consistency of temper, help psychological compatibility, and make good friends.

In addition, gender, age, occupation, cultural accomplishment, economic level, social part and hobbies also have “psychological compatibility” problems.

But the most basic condition of psychological compatibility is the similarity and consistency of the evaluation of ideology and outlook on life, that is, “like-mindedness.”This is the psychological basis for developing cooperation and consolidating friendship.

  3, self-therapy.

People with a paranoid personality like to go to extremes, which is associated with irrational ideas in the mind.

Therefore, to change the partial execution, paranoid personality patients must first analyze their own irrational concepts.

Such as: 1 I can not tolerate the slightest infidelity of others.

  There are no good people in the world, I only believe in myself.

  2 For the attack on others, I must make a strong counterattack in advance, let him know that I am stronger than him.

  4 I can’t show tenderness, which gives people a feeling of being not strong.

These concepts are now being modified to remove the extremely extreme components.

  5 Good and bad people exist in the world, I should believe those good people.

  6 Attack on others, immediate counterattack may not be the best policy, and I must first identify or really be attacked.

  I dare not express true feelings, which is itself a manifestation of weakness.

  It’s not that I don’t mean a one-of-a-kind king. Other people’s occasional infidelity should be forgiven.

  As a result, when the situation relapses, the modified rationalization concept should be memorized once, so as to prevent its extreme behavior.

Sometimes I unknowingly show a biased behavior. Afterwards, I should re-analyze the thoughts at that time. I came out of the irrational concept at that time and then reconstructed it to prevent the next crime.

  4, hostile corrective training method.

Patients with paranoid personality disorder are prone to hostility and distrust of others and the surrounding environment. The following training methods are used to help overcome hostile confrontation.

  (1) Always remind yourself not to fall into the whirlpool of “hostile psychology”.

Self-reminders and warnings in advance, pay attention to correctiveness when dealing with people, which will obviously eliminate hostility and strong emotional reactions.

  (2) It is necessary to understand that only by respecting others can the basic truth of respecting others be obtained.

Learn to say thank you to those who have helped you, instead of not screaming, but you can’t ignore it.

  (3) Learn to smile at everyone you know.

You may not be used to it at the beginning, it is not natural, but you must do it, and try to do it well.

  (4) Learn to be patient and patient in life.

Living in a complex world of big conflicts, conflicts and frictions are inevitable. At this time, we must be patient and restrained. We must not let the anger of the enemy stunned and anger.

Summer heat to prevent overheating and cold

Summer heat to prevent overheating and cold

With the gradual arrival of the hot summer season, if the indoor and outdoor working environment is completely different, the resulting dysfunction of the body (such as heat stroke and air-conditioning disease) will bring certain harm to people.
Therefore, we should raise awareness of such diseases and prevent them from happening.
  Heatstroke Professor Gu Xiaohong from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine suggests that the main manifestations of heatstroke patients are headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and elevated body temperature.
Some patients may also have thirst, chest tightness, pale, cold sweating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, weak or slow pulse, and even coma.
The body temperature of a normal person is regulated by the body temperature center of the brain.
Use urination, breathing, and sweating to maintain a constant body temperature.
When the ambient temperature is too high and exceeds the control range of the body temperature center, it will lose its normal function, and the body will not be able to perspire. At this time, the body temperature rises sharply, affecting the respiratory cycle center, causing respiratory, circulatory failure, skin flushing or dryness.Heat, headache, nausea, general weakness, loss of consciousness, shock, etc., serious or even death.
  Heatstroke is easy to occur in the sweltering summer, especially in the sun without sunshade, such as laborers or walkers in the field, construction sites are very easy to heat stroke; in the high temperature (room temperature > 35 ° C) environment, heavy physical labor, such asPeople who are engaged in heavy physical work when the indoor temperature is high and the air humidity is high and the ventilation is poor are also prone to heat stroke; those who are sick, over-fatigued, hungry or suffering from diseases such as heart, kidney and liver are also high-risk people with heatstroke.
  Heat stroke can be treated with Chinese patent medicine or diet.
  ★ Chinese patent medicine Huoxiang Zhengqi water (or pills, soft capsules, etc.), ten drops of water (or capsules), Liuyisan, Rendan, Qingshu Yiqi pill, noon tea, and topical cooling oil, wind oil and so on.
  ★ diet → mung bean glutinous rice porridge Take 50 grams of mung beans, 100 grams of glutinous rice, crystal sugar amount.
First cook the mung beans, add the glutinous rice after the green beans are boiled, continue to cook until the rice is cooked, then transfer the rock sugar.
Take one dose a day and take it twice.
  → lotus leaf bitter gourd soup Take 150 grams of fresh bitter gourd, 1 fresh lotus leaf, seasonings.
First cut the bitter gourd and remove it, then wash the lotus leaf and tear it into small pieces, then add the appropriate amount of boiled soup and add the seasoning.
One dose a day, take a meal.
  → To prevent heatstroke, Gu Xiaohong said that in the summer, attention should be paid to indoor ventilation, and the overalls should be loose and the color should be light.
The high temperature working environment should adopt measures such as cooling, ventilation, humidity regulation and isolation of heat source; reasonable arrangement of work schedule, extension of noon break time; strengthening of personal protection, wearing a sunhat for outdoor work; reasonable supply of beverages, such as salty refreshing drinks, eating more peachesBananas, apples, grapes, watermelons, etc., because they contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, can improve the body’s tolerance to high temperatures and prevent heatstroke.
  Air conditioning syndrome Air conditioning room and outdoor temperature difference is large, often enter and exit the air-conditioned room, it may cause cough, headache, runny and other cold symptoms.
If you stay in a low-temperature air-conditioned room for too long, and the clothes are thin, it will cause joint pain, stiff neck, heavy back, heavy hips, limb pain, dizziness and so on.
This is the air conditioning syndrome, commonly known as air conditioning disease.
  Air-conditioning diseases can be treated with proprietary Chinese medicine or diet.
  ★ Chinese patent medicine Huoxiang Zhengqi water (or pills, soft capsules, etc.).
  In addition, ginger has three functions: sweating, warming, stomach vomiting and detoxification.
People in an air-conditioned environment often drink ginger soup, which can effectively prevent air-conditioning diseases.
If you have an air-conditioning disease, you can go to the acupuncture clinic and ask the doctor to do acupuncture treatment.
  ★食疗   →风热表证型(表现为发热、微恶寒、鼻塞、流涕、咽喉痒、痛、红、干、口渴欲饮水、咳嗽痰黄,舌苔薄白、脉浮数)宜选用Xinliang divergent, light and digestible food and medicated diet.
  Sangju Zhebei tea 100 grams of mulberry leaves, 50 grams of chrysanthemum, 50 grams of Fritillaria.
The above raw materials were ground into coarse powder, and they were packed in gauze bags, 15 g per bag, 1 bag each time, put into a cup, brewed with boiling water, and frequently consumed.
  →Shutness and exogenous type (expressed by poor heat, slightly aversion to cold, sweaty and hot, headache, heavy head, heavy sleepiness, chest tightness, vomiting, loss of appetite, pale and sticky, short red urine, yellow greasy moss, pulse 濡) should choose the heat-clearing table, food and medicated diet that is easy to digest and absorb.
  Lentil lotus leaf porridge lentils (pod) 15 grams, 1 fresh lotus leaf, 100 grams of glutinous rice, sugar amount.
Wash the glutinous rice and lentils and add the boiled porridge.
After the porridge is cooked, add an appropriate amount of sugar, stir evenly, cover the porridge with lotus leaves while hot, until the porridge is light green, discard the lotus leaf and serve.
  Gu Xiaohong suggested that after staying in the air-conditioned room for a long time or after entering the night, do not adjust the room temperature too low. Generally, the temperature is constant at around 24 °C, and the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is not more than 7 °C. In this temperature range, the human body temperature centerCan be adjusted freely.
The air flow rate of the air-conditioned room should be maintained at 0.
2 seconds / meter or so, if the air flow rate exceeds this value, the pressure of cold air on the human body will be greater than the body’s ability to withstand, over time, it will become sick.
Whether it is a desk or a bed in a room, you should stay away from the air conditioner.
The closer the air conditioner is, the faster the flow rate of cold air will affect the human body.Those who work in air-conditioned rooms for a long time should have some clothes that are easy to wear and take off, and the brakes can be added at any time.

The knees can also be warmed by bath towels, knee pads, etc.

My child refuses to increase fat

My child refuses to increase fat

According to a pharmacy salesperson in Shuimohe, Chengdu, most of the fattening drugs are targeted at women, but many buyers buy them for their children.

In the pharmacy, a couple with their five-year-old son to buy medicine, they said that the child did not eat very much, the body has been very thin, and often caught a cold, the pharmacy salesperson listened to recommend a kind of fattening pills.

The child’s mother was hesitant and asked the salesperson’s child if he had a fattening drug. The salesperson pointed to the instructions on the box and said, “The children on the instructions are in the first place. Why can’t they be used?

According to media reports, at present, the fertilizers in the cabinets in Chengdu have water, pills and capsules. Although the “applicable people” of these fattening drugs include children, the author sees in the instructions for drugs.The function of the fattening medicine is mainly for adult women. Some medicines on the packaging indicate that the medicine has the therapeutic effect on the female abdomen and the developmental delay, and some also indicate that there is drowsiness after taking the food.

Among these fattening drugs, except for the supplementation of a fertiliser in Hong Kong to children under the age of 8, the rest did not indicate the child’s dose.

Most parents buy anti-fertilizer drugs, mainly for the appetizer and spleen, and solve the anorexia function.

  In response to the phenomenon of children taking fattening drugs, the expert opinion is that children should not be allowed to take it.

They believe that fattening drugs for adult women, although there is appetizing and spleen, the role of anorexia, but also treat women’s abdomen and flat chest, children may lead to precocious puberty after eating, boys appear feminine characteristics.

Children are anorexia and do not buy medicines indiscriminately. The doctor should diagnose the prescription.

After the holiday, adjust your diet to clear your stomach and follow the instructions.

After the holiday, adjust your diet to clear your stomach and follow the instructions.

After a few days of work, I am still used to it. Every time the festival is fat, three pounds, this fat, every year, there is no end, one touch, the stomach, the stomach, the stomach, the stomach is not good, after the end of your stomach, how is it? Hu eat the sea and drink the stomach burden.After the festival, it is time to wash the bath in the stomach. How to adjust the stomach after the festival?

1 to the bowl of nourishing porridge festival family reunion, it is inevitable to raise a cup to congratulate, open a drink, and alcohol has a stimulating effect on the digestive system, especially it will hurt the liver and stomach.

Suggestion: It is best to drink some porridge for a few days after drinking.

A bowl of hot porridge can nourish the gastrointestinal tract, and can also supplement nutrition, like pumpkin porridge, yam porridge are good choices.

2 Vegetables, Dunton, chicken, duck and fish have always been the protagonists on the holiday table. As everyone knows, the replacement of “fat and greasy” will increase the burden on the stomach.

Suggestion: After eating a “fat” holiday meal, you may wish to eat more green leafy vegetables to help supplement vitamins and minerals.

Vegetables can be mixed with cold, stir-fried when the fire is fried.

3 times the spicy and salty holiday table on the table with a lot of color and flavor, many can not be separated from pepper and salt.

“Spicy and salty” has become a trick for many people to cook, but salt and pepper eat too much, easily lead to high blood pressure, increase the burden of high blood pressure, will hurt the stomach.

Suggestion: It is best to control the amount of salt per person per day to 5 grams. The festival is salty, and after the festival, try to eat “no salt meal” and reduce the intake of pepper.

4 coarse grain sings the protagonist festival, bacon fried rice, fragrant milk taro, fried cake . These staple foods are too fine, and added oil, salt, sugar, eating too much is easy to make people fat, it may also cause digestive problems such as constipation.

Suggestion: After the holiday, the extra person feels full in the stomach and does not want to eat the staple food. In fact, the main food after the holiday is not less. It is best to use cereal grains as the main grain. Corn, oats and other coarse grains are mixed into the fiber to promote gastrointestinal motility and reduceconstipation.

5 daily eating fruit chips, popcorn, all kinds of candy are the must-have holiday snacks for many families in the Spring Festival.

When watching TV and chatting casually, people will unknowingly eat a lot of snacks.

Suggestion: Snacks should be eaten at zero, not a substitute for dinner. It is best to use nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, pistachios, etc. instead of candy to help supplement micronutrients.

Eat more fresh fruit. After the holiday, an apple can help to supplement vitamins, minerals and fiber.

6 Adjust the eating point to visit relatives and friends, travel entertainment, eating is difficult to press on time, overeating is a common occurrence.

After 7 days, some people’s eating habits were completely disrupted. They didn’t eat in the morning, and they ate early in the morning.

Suggestion: After the festival, you should start to adjust the three meals according to your own life rules. Every meal is eaten regularly, and the amount of three meals is 3:4:3.

If you are hungry in the middle, you can add food flexibly. At 10:30 in the morning and around 3:30 in the afternoon, you can eat nuts, fruits and yogurt properly, which can alleviate the sense of obesity and avoid eating too much.

7 Red meat turns white meat “New Year’s meat, Tim Futian”, “People have seventy without meat and no food”. From these traditional folk customs, it is not serious. The Chinese have regarded meat as food since ancient to eat.

In several major types of food, the replacement of red meat is the most likely to be excessive. Once it is excessive, it may cause hypercholesterolemia and cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Recommendation: Eat less pigs, cattle, sheep and other meat and internal organs after the holiday, eat more white meat, such as chicken, duck, fish.

Steamed fish can not only reduce oil and salt intake, but also preserve nutrients. It is a good choice for regulating the stomach after the holiday.

Five kinds of diets help you clear the stomach 1. Lily almond porridge materials: pear, 20 grams of hazelnuts, 12 grams of almonds, 15 grams of lily, 50 grams of previous rice, honey amount.

Practice: Wash the lily and almond; peel the pear and diced; cut the diced fruit, decoct the lily, almond and the previous rice with martial arts, stir while cooking, until the rice begins to swell, and replace the rice with water.Heat the sauté, then add the pear, diced, stir a little, wait until the porridge is good, and simmer in the bowl. When the temperature is a little cold, add honey to taste and serve.

2, dry scallop tofu Western cabbage 羹 materials: 2 large tofu, 30 grams of dried scallops, 2 egg whites, 400 grams of watercress, 3 slices of ginger.

Practice: Tofu is slightly boiled and dispersed; the watercress is washed and chopped; the egg white is added to the water and mixed well; the dried scallops are slightly soaked.

Add 1250 ml of water (5 bowls) to the wolfberry, and ginger, dry the scallops, boil, add tofu, watercress, slowly mix the egg whites, mix the appropriate amount of salt and sesame oil.

For 3-4 people.

3, hawthorn Chenpi cabbage tofu soup materials: 1/4 of dried tangerine peel, 24 grams of malt, malt, 9 grams of white, 15 grams of hawthorn (Chinese medicine shop can be sold), 250 grams of cabbage, 30 grams of northern mushrooms, 2 pieces of tofu,4 slices of ginger.

Practice: Everything is rinsed.

The dried tangerine peel is soaked in the clams; the cabbage is cut into sections; the northern mushroom is digested.

Add 2000 ml of water (8 bowls) and herbs to the corrugated pot. The fire will be boiled for 1 hour, and the next mushroom, cabbage and tofu will be rolled for about 20 minutes.

Is 3?
For 4 people.

4, hawthorn lentils, gold and silver soup materials: fresh duck 肫, 2 duck 肫, 200 grams of pork, 50 grams of fried lentils, 3 slices of ginger, 30 grams of hawthorn, 1/4 of dried tangerine peel.

Practice: Wash all the herbs, soak, tangerine peel to go simmer; fresh duck simmer washed and cut, go dirty, can not peel off the duck gold, wash; wax duck immersed in warm water, wash; pig sputum wash.
Put the above materials into the corrugated pot together, add 2,500 ml of water (about 10 bowls of water), and after the fire is boiled, change to simmer for 2 hours and transfer the salt.
This amount can benefit 3-4 people.

5, grain bud malt beef belly soup material: grain bud, malt 15 grams each, 1 tripe, red dates (nuclear) 6, ginger 3, yam 30 grams, tangerine peel 1/4 practice: wash all herbs, soaked slightly; wash the beef belly, roll for 5 minutes, pick up the knife and scrape the black coat, wash the slices.

Put all the ingredients together in the corrugated pot, add 2500 ml of water (about 10 bowls of water), and after the fire is boiled, change to a simmer for about 3 hours, and mix the appropriate amount of salt and oil.

This amount attracts 3-4 people.

(Click on the picture to enter the mall) Clear the stomach and eat five kinds of foods. 1. Sour plum soup is a very delicious drink with a stomach and digestion effect.

Made from ebony, hawthorn and dried tangerine peel, the sour plum soup is an alkaline beverage that neutralizes the acidic effects of sugars and lipids, accelerates its decomposition, and has a greasy effect.

After eating big fish and big meat, if you feel stomach upset, you can drink some sour plum soup to make your stomach comfortable immediately.

2, barley tea barley tea is a healthy health drink, is now the preferred drink for many people health care.

Barley tea is made from roasted barley, which contains various trace elements, amino acids, unsaturated molecular weight and substituted fibers, etc., and barley tea has very low sugar content. If it is greasy,If the fried food causes food accumulation and retention, you can properly replace the barley tea, get greasy, help digestion, and strengthen the spleen.

3, most of the foods eaten during the Apple holiday are high in calories, and relatively greasy, after eating, you should eat some foods that can clean the stomach.

For example, apple is a very healthy and low-migration fruit blended with fiber pectin, which is a very good food for cleaning the stomach after the holiday.

Apple can help improve the body, increase the resistance of the stomach, and can effectively prevent constipation, etc., can regulate the stomach, but also make the skin more shiny and moist, and the effect of weight loss.

4, Hawthorn Hawthorn is also a very good fruit to regulate the stomach, it can especially help to improve the symptoms of gastrointestinal dyspepsia, has a very good digestion and help digestion.

Hawthorn contains up to 20% of crude fiber, which effectively promotes intestinal peristalsis, increases pepsin activity, promotes mild decomposition, and helps to quickly digest food.

Hawthorn has a good effect on dialysis of high blood lipids and high blood pressure and cardiovascular protection.

5, papaya often eat papaya can not only beauty, but also help regulate the stomach.

Papaya can be greasy. When eating a small amount of fish, eating some papaya after meat has great benefits, and papaya also contains a kind of papaya enzyme, which can decompose protein, sugar, aunt, can avoid micro-hoarding and cause obesity.

Eating papaya can also promote metabolism, can replace excess waste in vitro, and has the effect of treating gastroenteritis, indigestion, and preventing cancer of the digestive system.

(Click on the image to enter the mall)

Gu Yu season health certificate to make up for the weight

Gu Yu season health certificate to make up for the weight

April 20 is the last solar term in the spring – Gu Yu, meaning “rain and hundreds of valleys.”

When the spring and summer intersect, the temperature rises faster and increases. At this time, the South has the custom of drinking “Gu Yu Tea”. The legend “Gu Yu Tea” can clear fire, evil spirits, and eyesight; in the north there is a custom of eating fragrant rice.When the toon has a high nutritional value.

In this spring and summer season, the health certificate is to make up for it.

After the rain, the rainfall increases, and the humidity in the air gradually increases. At this time, the crops need rain and moisture.

During this period, people have gradually increased their outings, and the amount of activity in the body is large. The whole body is prone to anger and anger. Especially for patients with yin deficiency, many of them are due to the yin and yang, and the sputum is suffocated, and the dry mouth is dry and the nose is dry., tinnitus, etc.

Diet should be “four low” Wong Chun diet, should pay attention to consider low fat, low sugar, low cholesterol and low stimulation.

Low fat is to eat less fat, oil is added more than 30% per day. Low sugar is to eat less free sugar, too much sugar will affect the health of the human body; low cholesterol is to eat less high cholesterol-containing animal foodBecause high blood pressure can lead to arteriosclerosis and various diseases such as heart and cerebrovascular disease, the daily carnivorous food can not exceed 300 grams; low stimulation means eating less spicy food.

Scallop food is highly recommended here, combining these four aspects.

Scallop phospholipid carotenoids, unsaturated fatty acids EPA and DHA.

EPA can greatly reduce the formation of blood clots and hardening of the arteries.

DHA can promote intellectual development and improve IQ, and can reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease.

A glycoprotein extracted from the scallop occipital muscle has the effect of destroying vitamins.

Qingbu to the spleen valley rain yang gas rise, ordinary dialysis of people with accumulated heat once the diet is not easy to get angry, and even cause spring diarrhea, gastritis, stomach ulcers and other diseases.

Diet can eat low-fat, low-protein, high-vitamin vegetables, such as leeks, spinach, citron, dandelion, etc., have the role of heat and bonfire.

Gu Yu season tonic supplement – soil eyebrow bean pig spine soup, soil scent is delicious and clean, eyebrows can be smashed by athlete’s foot, water, wet, pig spine tonic, three of them together, spleen and qi,Heat and dampness.

In this way, the effect of replenishing temper can be achieved.

Xuanbu to raise the liver and spring season, flowers and trees gently shake with the wind, stretch and grow.

Chinese medicine believes that spring gas and liver correspond, and it is advisable to maintain a smooth liver.

Such as liver qi stagnation, it is as if the grass is tied and can not grow, causing depression, sadness and other emotional growth, and even suffering from mental illness.

At this time, people can stand in the distance and look to others for their bad feelings, or shout and sing when they are outing, and vent their bad emotions in time to stretch their liver.

You can also massage the ten Xuan points (10 tips on the left and right sides) to ease the heart.

In this way of venting, the air machine can be combined to supplement the effect of nourishing the liver.

Eat less hot and cold in the spring should choose to eat a small amount of low-micro, high-vitamin, high-mineral foods, fresh vegetables, including leeks, spinach, Malan head, fragrant scallions, dandelion, etc., which can clear heat and detoxification, cool blood and eyesightTongli two will, the role of spleen appetizer.

Eat less acidic foods and spicy foods in spring and summer, otherwise it will cause more liver fire and hurt the spleen and stomach.

In the spring season, in addition to eating high-quality protein foods and fruits and vegetables, you can put green bean soup, red bean soup, sour plum soup and green tea to prevent heat build-up in the body.

It is not advisable to eat mutton, dog meat, spicy hot pot and pepper, pepper, pepper and other big heat, to prevent evil heat, causing sores and swelling.

Note that indoor warmth often feels that the room is colder than the top, and often feels cool.

TCM theory believes that cold and heavy, cold hands and feet are qi deficiency, qi stagnation, blood deficiency, yang deficiency, which is the performance of kidney yang deficiency, to discharge cold, only rely on “nurturing”, raise enough blood, make up yangGradually remove the cold from the body.

The unique bioactive substances in sea cucumber can directly act on the various gonads of the human body to regulate endocrine!

The endocrine is normal, the metabolism is normal and the organs can work normally.

The spleen has a strong hematopoietic function, and the blood is too much, and the yang will not be damaged.

The rainy season is the last chance for us to adjust our body in the spring. I hope everyone can catch it and let the body adjust to the best state to welcome the summer!

Add vitamins, drink with boiling water, can dissolve toxins, and help to keep health

Add vitamins, drink with boiling water, can dissolve toxins, and help to keep health

Vitamins are an important ingredient in the body, and the best way to supplement vitamins is to eat vegetables and fruits.

Fast foods, snacks and barbecued foods that modern people eat every day do not contain vitamins. Long-term consumption of these foods is not conducive to the health of the body.

In general, eating ordinary fruits can supplement the various vitamins needed by the body.

The three kinds of fruits introduced here are boiled in water, which can not only discharge toxins, but also soften blood vessels, which is beneficial to health and health.

1, Sydney pears have the effect of thirst, heat and detoxification, but some people have weaker gastrointestinal function, eating raw Sydney is prone to diarrhea, then add Sydney to boiled food, it will not cause stomach upsetIt is also able to clear the lungs and expel toxins.

In addition, adding rock sugar to Sydney, adding different ingredients, and boiling the medicine, it also has the effect of the drug.

2, grapefruit grapefruit has a high nutritional value, can be stored for a long time, the vitamin C content in grapefruit is extremely high, the vitamin C content per 100 grams of grapefruit reaches 30-60 mg.

Grapefruit skin contains many active substances, which can reduce the viscosity of blood, soften blood vessels, promote blood circulation and reduce the formation of blood clots.

In addition, it can effectively prevent the occurrence of stroke in middle-aged and elderly people.

3, apple apple is a cheap and delicious fruit, red apple can lower blood fat, soften blood vessels, and green apple has the effect of nourishing liver and detoxification, can also prevent depression, so it is more suitable for young people to eat.

Drinking water with apples has the effect of stopping diarrhea and detoxification, and is easier to digest. It is suitable for people with weak gastrointestinal function.

As the saying goes, one apple a day, the doctor left me.

Eating apples often helps prevent various diseases and is good for health.

Drink more than these 3 kinds of fruits to replenish most of the vitamins needed by the body.

Boiled fruit is suitable for people with weak gastrointestinal function, but it is not suitable for a large number of diabetic patients, because the sugar content of the cooked fruit species will be greatly increased, which is not good for health.

Also, do you know other fruits that are supplemented with vitamins?

More warm water health care

More warm water health care

In our lives, there are a lot of vital things that affect our bodies, and in addition to the idioms you know every day, it can have other effects, just like we have to touch every day.water.

What is the magical use of warm water? Let’s take a look at it.


hzh {display: none; }  水,是生命之源。Boiling water is a “vigorous fluidity” that cannot be shared in the body.

Gradually developing the habit of using warm water in daily life has an incredible effect on the health of the human body.

  Warm water, that is, the boiled water, in the container, let it slowly cool down to about 25 degrees, just suitable for the mouth temperature, smooth and comfortable placed warm water body.

It is also possible to pre-cool the boiling water and add new boiling water to the palatable temperature when it is used.

Perseverance in the use of warm water will bring unexpected benefits to body health.

For example, we use “warm mouthwash, gentle gastric lavage, warm brushing, warm throat, warm and soft stagnation, warm hangover” for warm water. It is a simple and convenient method.

  Warm gargle every time you eat food, repeatedly use warm boiled water to rinse your mouth, can make food residue smooth removal, is a good way to clean the mouth; before eating, use warm boiled water to rinse off some of the dirt in the mouth; sleepBefore, use warm water to rinse your mouth, wash away the strange smells such as the smell of the mouth, and wash away the food residue of the throat and throat, so that you can go to sleep in a clear and refreshing way.

When washing the mouth with warm water, the mouth is long, and the tongue is repeatedly “stirred” in the mouth to roll the “tidal”.

Nasal air, into the chest, and then hold the gas, make a sudden burst of external spray, water and gas volley, heart and chest and nose feel refreshed!

  Gentle and rush into the early morning, take a cup of warm water, warm and soft feeling, the stomach is most comfortable!

Just like sending a cleansing team to your gastrointestinal tribe, when the warm water reaches the approach, it is washed away, injecting the residuals of a night’s movement, flowing through the gentle water flow to the “downstream”.Quickly merge with toxic gas such as feces and excrete from the body.

  Warm brushing teeth Many people often use “cold water to wash their face, warm water brushing teeth” as a morning life homework, this is a good scientific habit.

Warm boiling water brushing not only has a multiplier effect on removing dirt between teeth and in the mouth, but also warm water body rushing through the teeth to protect the gums and the nerves of the teeth.Got it.

  Wenrun Tong throat We are in the process of eating, often due to accidental, causing temporary throat congestion in the throat, do not blindly digging, damage the esophageal tissue.

The best way to do this is to swallow with warm water and wash off the residue.

 Water, almost like a blade of warm “soft knife”, has a good “special function” in dredging the esophagus of the throat.

  Warm and soft plugging and blocking the middle-aged and elderly people often cause the phenomenon that the esophagus “adds and blocks” because of eating, and some people will form a “thoracic blockage” because of the tangled mood.

At this time, use a soft cup of warm water to slowly swallow, and you will feel refreshed and open-minded, and your heart will be smooth.

  Warm feelings, drunkenness, many drinkers are easy to get drunk and hurt when they are changing hands.

People even have a lot of so-called “solvent recipes”, hoping to get relaxed from the drunken state, but the best way is to let the drunken people drink a few cups of warm water immediately, so that warm water can dilute the consumption of alcohol and protect the human bones.Compensate for the large amount of water lost due to drunkenness and vomiting.

At the same time, you can consciously insert warm water after each drink, replace the amount of hangover in the body, and release the “alarm” of hangover damage liver function as soon as possible.

  Always keep warm water, health care and body protection.

Why can’t you do this?

Old people should eat some sweetness

Old people should eat some sweetness

Sugar is one of the important energy activities of human life. It is the fuel burned by the “engine” of the human body. Too much or too much is harmful to health.

Professor Xiaolin, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diabetes in the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, believes that when people are old, they can change the blood sugar-related plasma, insulin, metabolism and other organs, the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar will be improved, and the glucose tolerance will be reduced, so eatSugar is more cautious than young people, and certainly not at all.

Moreover, the rise in blood sugar is also related to a variety of factors such as heredity, and the problem of double sugar consumption.

Sometimes, although I feel that I eat less sugar, other foods that I eat may be converted into sugar in the human body. This “invisible sugar” is ignored by some elderly people.

The same professor said that the standard for testing blood sugar is the same for the elderly and the young people. In fact, this is not reasonable.

For elderly diabetics, the indicators can be relaxed, and the diet control can be slightly more relaxed.

For those who have normal blood sugar, they can eat sugar as much as young people, without strict restrictions.

  Sugar is not a “flooding beast”. On the contrary, whether it is a healthy person or a diabetic, if there is hypoglycemia, it is harmful to the body.

For example, long-term hypoglycemia in diabetic patients can increase the risk of senile dementia.

It is understood that if the blood sugar of elderly diabetic patients is controlled to be in a normal low state during the day, it will appear at night, and hypoglycemia may occur in the early hours of the morning.

At this time, when people are asleep, they do not notice any symptoms, but they are prone to cause the expansion of brain cells to lack oxygen and sugar. In the long run, brain cells can be damaged.

  The professor reminded that some hypoglycemia is not because sugar intake is too small, but it is just a sign of diabetes.

Because of diabetes, the ability to regulate blood sugar is worse, and the sugar intake is slightly higher than that of blood sugar, and sometimes it is slightly less and immediately shows hypoglycemia.

This part of the patient should go to the hospital in time to check, usually bring some sugar, biscuits, etc., and eat a little when there is hypoglycemia.

Why can the current graphene far infrared fever be healthy?

Give you the most scientific explanation!

Why can the current graphene far infrared fever be healthy?
Give you the most scientific explanation!

With the improvement of people’s living standards, in areas where there is no central heating, the installation and installation of heating systems – electric heating / plumbing systems, has become the choice of more and more people.

In the past two years, due to the pressure of environmental pollution, the country has implemented a coal-to-electricity heating policy in areas such as Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Therefore, electric heating equipment has received great attention.

Compared with the gas furnace, the complexity of the system for producing hot water by air energy machine, as well as the consumption in the early stage, the use of electric direct heating equipment is a convenient installation and an alternative to the whole.

The discovery of graphene is no less than the plastics of the year, which has subverted people’s daily life. The graphene heating will carry out the traditional heating method, and it will be completely subverted. That Langhui Technology was established in 2014 and is domestic.The first to promote the graphene product application platform, the graphene + artificial intelligence application in people’s daily graphene application intelligence company, Langhui Technology also successfully developed the first domestic independent intellectual property rights to graphene materialsBased on graphene heating fabric.

Lightweight, soft, high temperature performance, safety and overall performance, heating components of electric heating equipment mainly include – carbon fiber, graphite heating sheet, resistance wire, graphene-containing heating sheet, summed up are two types of heating materials – carbon and wireHeating materials, due to the heating of the resistance wire in the actual use process, will increase the line loss with time, and it is used less and less in the application of actual electric floor heating. The current electric heating products mainly use carbon.The heating material acts as a heating element.

The heating mechanism of the main heating component carbon heating material In the case of energization, the carbon molecules generate phonons, ions and electrons, and the friction between the carbon clusters, collision (also called Brownian motion) to generate thermal energy, and the thermal energy passes through the wavelength.The 5-14 micron far-infrared method radiates out, and the effective electrothermal energy conversion rate can reach over 90%. For the carbon material with some graphene added, due to the superconductivity of the graphene material, the heat generation performance is more stable, and the electrothermal conversion efficiency is higher.It can reach 99%. Compared with traditional carbon materials, it has the characteristics of large power per unit area and high energy efficiency, effectively reducing paving area and reducing energy consumption.

Heat Transfer Mechanism of Carbon Heating Materials The reason why carbon heating materials can quickly respond to ceramic tiles is that their 100% power input is effectively converted to convert more than 60% of thermal energy and more than 30% of infrared radiation.
This double heating principle allows the heated object to be gradually regenerated and absorb more heat.

After the power is turned on, the carbon heating material generates a large amount of far infrared rays having an upward wavelength of 5-14 micrometers. After receiving the infrared rays, the ceramic tiles can be absorbed and converted into heat energy to raise the temperature of the ceramic tiles.

Its principle is first-class, “sunshine shines everything.”

Practice has proved that in the environment where the human body feels equally comfortable, far-infrared heating is about 2 °C lower than the ambient temperature required for air convection heating.

Therefore, by using a carbon heating material to heat the interior of the room, the human body feels “hot but not dry”, the whole body is warm and the mind is fresh.

Moreover, far infrared ray assists heating, so that the expectation of heating is significantly reduced.

Infrared radiation heat transfer far-infrared and human body action mechanism 01 From the perspective of theoretical physics, any object above the absolute zero will have radiation, in the ideal case can be simulated with black body radiation, the so-called black body radiation is when it reaches the thermodynamic equilibriumAt the time, its radiation is called blackbody radiation, and the distribution of the governing shot can be expressed by Planck’s law.

The simplified Wien displacement law is the relationship between the front end wavelength itself and the temperature of the black body electromagnetic radiation energy density.

The normal body temperature of the human body is around 37 °C, and the wavelength of the electromagnetic wave wavelength calculated by the law is 9.

About 5 μm.

The object is more likely to absorb energy close to the wavelength of its radiation peak, and far infrared rays in the wavelength range of about 8-14 μm are more easily absorbed by the human body.

02 From the perspective of microscopic energy, molecular vibration and chemical action, when the frequency of the energy wave coincides with the frequency of the molecular vibration, resonance occurs, and the energy is absorbed by the molecule and absorbed by the resonance.

The frequency of the 8-14 μm micron far infrared ray coincides with the vibration frequency of the water molecules, so the energy is completely absorbed by the water molecules.

About 60% of the body’s weight is water, and other macromolecules such as DNA, RNA, and proteins also contain a large number of hydrogen bonds, which can generate resonance energy absorption with far infrared rays.

Water molecules quickly spread to other tissues inside the body after absorbing energy, so when heated by far infrared rays, the human body feels uniform heating from the inside out, without the skin burning sensation of other short-wavelength heat sources.

Far-infrared rays are far less penetrating than high-energy rays such as X-rays, but their energy is effectively absorbed by the human body and is not destructive to other rays.

In the human body, the presence of water molecules is usually surrounded by clusters in the form of clusters or clusters around other macromolecules such as DNA, RNA, proteins and a few. After absorbing energy, the clusters of water molecules are destroyed and the activity of the whole system is increased.The effect is equal to the increase in ionic strength.

Human organs are reservoirs of various biotoxins that cannot be immediately discharged and stored in the body, causing disease.

These toxins are also encapsulated by water clusters and captured in the body.

When these toxins accumulate, blood circulation is interrupted and cellular energy is impaired.

However, when these large water clusters absorb a far infrared wave of 8-14 μm, the water starts to vibrate, destroying the cluster, and the toxin can be quickly eliminated from the body.

Infrared radiation imaging of the human body The effects of far-infrared radiation on the human body’s external and far-infrared radiation can increase the temperature of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and promote human health.

The thermal effects of far-infrared ray therapy on tissues, anti-inflammatory effects and promotion of regenerative effects have been clinically affirmed, and usually the treatment uses direct irradiation to the positioning.

Infrared micro-irradiation treatment has a significant effect on the improvement of microcirculation, especially in the micro-blood flow state, which shows that the capillary blood flow velocity is accelerated after the complication, and the red blood cell aggregation phenomenon is reduced, thereby improving the body tissues and important organs.Nutrition, metabolism, repair and function have positive effects.

The far-infrared deep penetration reaches the depths of the muscles and joints, warms the body, relaxes the muscles, drives the oxygen and nutrient exchange of the microvascular network, and eliminates the accumulation of fatigue substances and lactic acid wastes in the body, which is effective in eliminating the internal mass and alleviating the soreness.
Far-infrared rays illuminate the resonance absorption of the human body, which can cause fatigue and aging substances, such as lactic acid, free fatty acids, lipids, excess subcutaneous feces, etc., the activation of the hair follicles and subcutaneous babies, without the kidneys, directly from the skinmetabolism.

Therefore, the skin can be smooth and tender.

The physiotherapy effect of far-infrared rays can improve the heat energy in the body and activate the cells. Therefore, it can promote the metabolism of trace tissues, burn and decompose, consume excess energy, and lose weight more effectively.

Therefore, it is very desirable to decorate the heating tile to warm the floor, especially the electric floor heating product made of graphene carbon heating material. Because it generates far infrared rays during the heating and heating process, it can heat the air and is beneficial to human health.Electric heating products.The author is a doctor of materials science at South China University of Technology, a postdoctoral fellow in biomedical engineering, and a tutor for master’s degree students;

Chen Hao quickly gained 10 kg in short term

Chen Hao quickly gained 10 kg in short term

Directed by Gao Xixi, Chen Hao’s actor’s drama “Drunken Golden Fan” is being broadcasted in Sichuan.

Starring Chen Hao has paid a lot for the show.

In addition to self-sufficient pockets more than 10 months before flying to Shanghai to make cheongsam, it is not counted as an image, for the role of rapid fattening 10 pounds.

  It turned out that Chen Hao was looking to compress the pictures of the historical period in which the “Drunken Golden Fan” was located. He even ran to the antique card of the antique city, and found that the age was fat, and the stars on the month were mostly Zhu Yu Yu Run.

Chen Hao did not reach this standard at the time.

Therefore, after passing through the director, it was decided to quickly increase fat in a short time.

  Chen Hao said: “This play should be the happiest part of the film, because every day after the filming, our group from the director to the actor, after the play, everyone together.

Especially for me, the director allowed me to open up and eat.

Because the filming is very tired, it will generally be thin, and this will make me fat and really want to eat more.

Chen Hao said with a smile: “The actors in the same group were ordered to lose weight because of the director. I am especially uncomfortable with people saying: “Oh, that hot pot is delicious! That grilled fish is really good.”

‘It is bad for people.