Want to get a higher salary-

Want to get a higher salary?

Faced with several companies inviting you for interviews when switching jobs, do you often worry about how to increase your salary?

Don’t know how to negotiate with the company and dare not ask for it?

Experts tell you six cheats to get you the salary you deserve: 1.

Ask bravely, otherwise it will never be yours: Usually when manpower supervisors recruit new recruits, they will not actively give new recruits higher salaries and benefits, because this is a burden for them.The company has an existing system and business as usual. When we are interviewing, don’t hesitate to put forward your requirements, so that people can understand your ideas and have room for consensus.


Understand the market situation: “Know yourselves and know yourselves, you will never be overwhelmed.” When you want to increase your salary, it is a good way to understand the salaries of other colleagues. When you have these data, you can objectively overcome yourself to the dueBenefits.


Never give up lightly: Although the company executive cannot give you the salary you want, you must also push hard, because sometimes your company can keep pace because of your persistence.


To be honest: When the company you are interviewing asks you about your last salary, the best strategy is to be honest, because when you use deception to obtain high salaries, once you are found to be bad for your credibilityinfluences.


Earn the hearts of future bosses first: The first secret is to convince the future company: you deserve every penny they spend on you.

Be prepared before the interview, show your ambitions and expectations, let them like you first, feel that you must hire you, and then make your salary requirements.


Timing is the most important: the time to make a request is important, and the best time is when the future boss is ready to hire you.

One of the major mistakes most people make is accepting employers too quickly.

Of course you want to show your enthusiasm and determination, but you don’t have to be too reckless. “Can I think again?

“Is the best response, and proper vagueness is harmless.