but,Under normal circumstances,Lu Menglin believes that the incoming person should not be of the level of Venerable Secret Medicine,Because the Venerable Secret Medicine has a high status in the Secret Medicine Group,Usually they are stationed on the turf they control to suppress all parties,Rarely move easily。

Not to mention just for a transaction,The chance of Venerable Secret Medicine dispatching is not too high。
“Report chief instructor,About the specific content of the transaction,The intelligence department did not make it clear,They only said it was a weapon deal。”Combat staff。
“Arms deal?Trading weapons with arcana?Or use something else?”Lu Menglin asked in surprise。
The combat staff shook his head.,Tao:“do not know!Superior task instructions,Just want us to defeat both sides of the transaction,Take back trading items。”
“Ok!Since the information is limited,Then we can only act by chance。I will hold the battle for you,Who will do this task?”Lu Menglin said lightly。
“I go!”Zhang Qingtan was the first to shout。
“Can you do it?Let us go to the third group?I’ve already developed strength,Meet the Purple-Eyed Warrior,Not empty!”Gong Hu holding his arms,Complacent。
Liu Yi scratched the back of his ear,Smiled:“Stop bragging。That’s the purple-eyed warrior,You probably won’t work!Let’s go to the first group!With me and Fat Dun joining hands,Foolproof!”
Zhang Qingtan looked up:“There are chief instructors,Just give us the second group to practice hands。Chief teacher
official,You have to give me this chance!”
“It’s better to give us!If you let the chief instructor take action,What’s the point of going with you??”Gong Hu laughed loudly。
After this time,The strength of Gong Hu and their third combat team has been significantly improved,He can’t do it except the fat in the first group,Miaoping in the fifth group can’t do it,He doesn’t care about others。
And he is still a little careful,I wonder if the third group succeeds in this task,Maybe next time in the big competition,It’s time to move,Became the second combat team。
In contrast,Zhang Qingtan and their second combat team are slightly weaker,Zhu Jian, his deputy captain,Although it has already broken through Gang Jin,But the age is old after all,Like Fat Dun, they are stuck before they can train Gang Jin through the whole body.,Instead of those young people practicing fiercely,Fast progress。
“Since Menglin is going,Then we won’t go to the first group,Stay at home and practice seriously!”At this moment,I didn’t expect the fat but rare open mouth。
His thoughts are different from others,for him,Protecting Lu Menglin used to be his personal mission,Lu Menglin is stronger than him now,He followed Lu Menglin again,No longer makes sense,So it’s better to spend this time training hard,Catch up soon。
Liu Yi heard what Fat Dun said,Naturally will not object,So nodded and smiled:“also!You go to meet the world with Instructor Lu!Don’t say that our first team doesn’t give a chance。”
Speaking of this,Only Miaoping from the fifth combat team hasn’t commented yet.。Everyone couldn’t help but cast their eyes on him。
Myoping palms together,Smiled:“The little monk won’t go!I wish you all success,Everything goes well。”