Passing by a boutique,She couldn’t help but went in and bought a doll。Mother Luo knew that the little girl had been greedy for a long time,But the sensible girl dare not ask。

Populus euphratica bought a few catties of fruit。
When they return to the village,Almost everyone in the village knows such a news,Luo family sold 800,000 copper coins,Everyone came to ask Luo mother。
After confirming that Luo Mu really got 800,000,,They envy,And some people are happy and comforted:“look,Good day is coming?”
They don’t bother Luo’s mother cooking to greet Populus and his party,To such tourists,Everyone feels good。
Yinyin is so happy,Holding the rabbit puppet,If it wasn’t for Luo Mu’s face to say her,,I’m afraid I have to hold it for dinner。
Children’s small wishes are actually easy to satisfy,The requirements for food and accommodation are not high。
After meal,Luo Mu and others have been talking with Populus。At this moment,Uninvited villagers,With some old things,A little embarrassed,I came in bitterly,An awkward smile。
I learned that a young man would identify treasures,Many people can’t sit still,Who doesn’t want to be like the Luo family?Hundreds of thousands of money?
“These pots and pots,I think it’s almost 30 or 40 years ago,Although it’s a bit old,But worthless。Mainly because the craftsmanship is not good,Can’t be a work of art。”Hu Yang said to them。
The person who was ordered was a bit disappointed,Although when I came,Already mentally prepared,But still can’t help being lost。
Several people were persuaded to leave,Everyone realized,Antiques are not so easy to obtain。The people behind are a bit retreat,Lest you lose face。
“Little brother,My thing,Is really hundreds of years old。”An old man confidently showed the objects he brought。
That was when he was young,At home,Listen to my grandpa,It was passed down by grandpa’s old lady。Then,It’s been hundreds of years, let alone?
Something so long,It must be antique!